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  1. They can make illegal whatever they want, but they will never have your private keys unlesss you give it to them. Bitcoin is decentralized, do not confuse with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), those are controlled by them. For the security, you can store your bitcoin in a piece of paper (containing your private key) and that's it. no exchang. no goverment, only you and your key. You can use hardware wallets, software wallets, etc. You can save your private keys encrypted with a password, you can do many things instead of just the exchange. Also you can trade it for goods or services, no need to covert it to fiat money, it's more practical than precious metals in this case too..
  2. Yes, but still, no illness will stick to you, unless you are a vibrational match. This is a well know book with a list of the mental causes for each illness: https://www.heartlandhealingarts.com/blog/2018/6/19/emotional-and-mental-causes-of-illness-the-list-by-louise-hay
  3. They cannot unplug a decentralized network around the world, and even if that happens, the source code is in every node, so it can be started again and your KEY's would be working. Other advantages of cryptos vs metals is that you cannot run away with your metals around the world, and even if you store them, they can confiscate it. I mean, obviously I would like to have precious metals too, but they are not as secure and unconficable as crypto.
  4. The only way the system will collapse, is if we start using an unconfiscable medium of exchange. If you know any way please share.
  5. All diseases are created in the mind, the body is just a reflection, I don't know if you are ready for such conversation. But no, there is no virus outside, since everything is within.
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