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  1. Was one of them Phil Yates? I bet it was. I hate that guy with a passion. Seems i'm not alone either, some of the comments in this thread are savage.
  2. Tbh i tune out the fundamentals (i just don't know enough to trade based off that) and go with what the chart is saying, the technical picture. If you can do both, great, if you can do only one, imo the price action tells us all we need to know.
  3. Ah good old dodgy Piers Corbyn. Happy to take a 10k bung in order to lay off criticism of Astra Zeneca.
  4. Building a base on the weekly, seeking to make a higher low. The uptrend looks intact so far. Probably hit resistance on the top end of the channel around 80k, but that won't be for a while. Solid buy zone imo.
  5. Another barrage of bullshit from the BBC. Heart problems are unusual they say, in this latest almost daily article now about athlete heart problems. Muamba and Vivien Foe, they prompt the reader to remember. "These are the high profile cases" they state. For the past 6-9 months, they have swept the problem under the rug as we know. You're a conspiracy theorist for thinking there's an up-tick in heart issues. Meanwhile, here's yet another article about heart issues. Remember when they said on one hand, the WEF Great Reset is a conspiracy theory, and on the other emphatically praised the WEF Great Reset? I see the similarities here with athlete heart issues. I'm guessing this is done on purpose to mess with people's minds. Anyone working for the BBC now is dumb, complicit, or lacks the moral courage to speak out against what they are seeing.
  6. This got me wondering where the cash was coming from, as it's not explained in your article. I looked at a couple more, which said that it came from the Airbnb charity, offering to pay for any related expenditures to housing them. Lastly i came across an NBCnews article from late last year, where it explains the charities ultimately receive the money from the federal government. It's no doubt more profitable for Airbnb hosts to take up the incentive. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/helping-refugees-airbnb-tries-mitigate-housing-crisis-researchers-say-rcna4621 --- This thread is depressing btw, i've never posted in it before. Depressing, but necessary.
  7. Sanctions are all they've got, and won't really affect Russia too much. The end of Nordstream would hit Europe harder, as it imports 40% of its gas from Russia. These guys are pro Russia generally, but it's a good breakdown of what's happened so far.
  8. Another day, another article... I don't even want to watch the embedded video. This is vile, knowing what we know. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-leicestershire-60417734
  9. It's a 10 year (minimum) plan don't forget, the die off will be dependant on innumerable factors, such as how resilient the individual is, what underlying conditions they might have etc. I know people now that have just been diagnosed with never before seen heart issues, about 6/8 weeks after their "booster". Perhaps they'll live another 5 years, whereas it could've been 10 to 15.
  10. It's been as windy here in the SW the past couple of days as it was on the day of "Eunice", yet we don't make up a name for it. It's just fucking wind.
  11. Do you mean Quinn moved like a man? I'll have to have a look myself. As far as i can gather, she's had no alterations done, merely identifies as non binary. The moment she has any work done to make her less of a woman she should be pulled from the game. So while not performance enhancing, i could understand why some women would see it as a threat because of the precedent it sets. I'd like to think our women would boycott future games if they were up against a man, or had one shoehorned into their own team at the cost of an actual woman. We'll see.
  12. Another day, another article normalising heart issues. "Vegetables alone not enough to reduce heart risk, study finds" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-60429955 Imagine being dumb enough not to see through this. Poor fuckers.
  13. Hi mods, could i make this thread a personal blog of sorts, and change the title? I want a more general music production/sound engineering thread that people could come in and discuss, critique mixes and so on.
  14. Could be, but i suspect misdirection and theatre. Covid is "over" because they got what they wanted, to jab a large % of the population, the fallout from which will be ongoing for the next 10 years, and from then on who knows where we'll be at. For me, them getting their mRNA tech inside people and kids is the number 1 issue we're still facing.
  15. After a quick search i'm guessing you mean "Quinn", who removed her first name it seems after "coming out". I'm having trouble understanding what exactly has changed though, because she still has all the woman parts just with short hair. My mrs said that 20/30 years ago she'd just be called a dyke, lol. Try reading this bbc article without feeling sick https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/58061475 I think that's to be expected though. Muscle mass/testosterone would be positively selected for in woman's footy, perhaps more so. But they'd still be at a disadvantage to above average men pretending to be women.
  16. Well, what's been happening the past couple of years? Governments have declared war on the people. Evil seeks to destroy not only our way of life but our humanity with it. How does that make you feel? If you say that it merely accentuates those feelings, are you then letting them win, letting them dominate your spirit and rolling over (in spirit) like a good puppy? You're not a puppy, you're nearly 40 (as am i). You're a lion, and a king (not a lion king; unless that does it for you). A lion or king in the sense of your own spirit, your own consciousness. This is our potential at least. Our life is just beginning if you let it, if you see the urgency to work. We have perhaps less than 10 years in order to ride the wave of some huge, huge changes that are going to affect everything we thought was normal in life. To your internal monologue asking, "is this it?", i would counter, you bet your life it isn't! The real work is only just beginning.
  17. Is it routine to check a player's pulse as they're saying? I guess it is these days what with climate change. Brendan Rodgers says he felt a bit funny. He'll know to keep any explanation at that level of ambiguity in order to keep his job. Regards sleeping sheep, they are probably awakening internally, but too afraid to externalise those thoughts, causing them all sorts of growing anguish. I think vax injury info is being ever so slightly eased into the public consciousness for this reason. I don't think they want people to merely die, they want them to die in fear.
  18. Yep and usually makes said garish artwork the backdrop in his videos. Wonder if he has a Buck Rodgers toilet in an aqua (French for water) bathroom.
  19. Lia Thomas, the brutish long haired guy smashing women in swimming races, colluded with a female-to-male to likely throw a race, in order to show that he could be beaten by normal females. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/penn-lia-thomas-colluded-transgender-swimmer-race
  20. But... the vaccine is "one of the greatest achievements of mankind". Is it not? "The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take their vaccine."
  21. Stay calm. We are united. Everything is under control. Go back to sleep.
  22. Quote from the article - "He is innocent, because he has not been found guilty of anything" Phew, that's settled it then. From now on i'm going to use the Prince Andrew defence... Sex is good. Good things are remembered. I don't remember it, therefore it didn't happen. Better settle with this woman who i don't remember just in case i remember it?
  23. There is a rather nasty side to Belfield, which combined with his predilection towards vapid celebrity culture, means i'm not really bothered about this at all. Yes he makes some good points, in some instances, but so do plenty of others minus the cuntishness.
  24. Glad to see the thread getting some use. Joe Rogan then. Tough one. Erring towards the controlled opposition side, but hesitant to claim that outright. I think someone mentioned it previously, he could do with some guests that challenge the fundamental narrative more, Icke included. He certainly comes off as genuine, and i know that's not a great indicator but i'm going with my gut on this one and saying genuine, until proven otherwise. Hugo Talks.
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