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  1. Well, acting on the presumption that your hypothesis is true, we may use frequencies to combat frequencies. How? Put simply, we can become more conscious. We can. We only can try to do. We will do, or die. As they delve into the depravity of unconsciousness, the resistance grows more conscious by default. But our fate is not sealed by default. We must work. Every moment, every day. Are you the resistance? Then work like hell, or die. Am i the resistance? Irrelevant, i work like hell, or die. Feel free to remind me when you see me slacking (as usual). Posted link scratches the surface. It's an ongoing work, not a 5 minute a day cure-all. https://psychcentral.com/blog/how-meditation-changes-the-brain
  2. Thanks. Pretty terrifying, just another tool in the armoury of control they eventually want over us, if it's not being used already. If it can be targeted individually, tv broadcasters may not even be aware of it. Agents of the state already have powers to break the law in a manner of their choosing.
  3. My old lecturer from over 10 years ago who i kept in loose contact with, was fully taken in by the covid lie. We had a few conversations back in 2020 where i ripped the narrative apart, but it fell on deaf ears. I stopped bothering after a while. He had a doctorate in... wait for it... Criminology. Researching crime and society's response to it. You couldn't make it up.
  4. Here's a mask observation i've made. When people are paying via their phone, they almost always lower their mask when bringing up the app and holding it to the card machine. As soon as it's done they pull the mask back up. Seriously bizarre because it's not just one or two people, it's nearly all of them.
  5. Well, they've gone all in for sure. Whether they've messed up is one to debate. As far as i can see, everything is going to plan. Where do you see the errors?
  6. Gotta admit that weekly close doesn't look great - bearish pin below some key EMAs. Don't be surprised to see a fake out candle at some point dipping below 33 and rising sharply again. Alternately a breach of 29 confirms a macro bear market. It's fair to say i'm not as confident as i was 2 weeks ago what with everything going on right now. With fear comes opportunity though.
  7. Really, got a source? I'm going to take a punt on it being revealed by wikileaks.
  8. Jabbed? More than likely. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1579721/Justin-Bieber-wife-Hailey-hospital-brain-condition-blood-clot-Covid-news-latest
  9. Haha not at all, balance is normal. The results of all people generate a bell curve distribution where the frequency drops off at either extreme, so actually most people just have a moderate tendency for one or the other, with fewer people very strongly one or the other. All tests aren't of equal validity and it's a bit unfair of your tutor to suggest you cheated when a balanced score is just as legit as one to the extreme.
  10. @Ethel these 8D audio tracks are panning everywhere! I don't know where to listen (nice tunes though!)
  11. To achieve peace we have to first recognise we're in a war, otherwise we're just getting punched in the face, repeatedly.
  12. Disgusting isn't it. 52 again (what's that about?) Mainstream press (particularly the BBC because i watch them like a hawk) love to gloat about the negative consequences of the reset agenda on regular folk(see bottom left of your article about fuel), promote the agenda at the same time, all the while pretending they're disparate and unconnected pieces of news.
  13. Descriptions are loose-ish. Individual differences can never be accounted for in a broad typology for obvious reasons. That said, you should be somewhat like the description. Try breaking it down into components rather relying on a broad description of what is really a collection of different facets, and is open to the interpretation and bias of the writer. Are you more introverted than extraverted? Do you prefer to live in the 'real' world of concrete; sensory data rather than abstractions and theoretical constructs? Do you tend to be on the disagreeable side, preferring facts over feelings? Are you fairly conscientious in your day to day life? (eg, scheduled, organized, a planner) If you answer yes to these, then you are likely an ISTJ, but don't let that 4 letter acronym or some internet type description confuse the fact that these traits merely happen to align with and are organised under this type. We are more than types and descriptions.
  14. Brand was pushing controlled opposition talking points from the start, loosely connected to what the media portray as alt-right, which is interesting as i always thought he was a leftist. He claims not to have an opinion on things, merely bringing the information into discussion. After all his videos and research however, one could genuinely ask how he does not have a opinion on something like the jabs. Perhaps he does now, now it's safer for controlled opposition to do so and remain on mainstream platforms.
  15. Typologically then, that would the "guardians" or "SJ" types https://psychology.fandom.com/wiki/Guardian_temperament In other words, people scoring low on openness to experience, and high on conscientiousness. No hard and fast rules here either though. My mum is an SJ and has been aware of the scam from the start.
  16. Indeed. It is possible to correlate agreeableness (and the other 4 of the "big 5" facets) with the other typologies you mentioned. For example, agreeableness with myers-briggs "feeling" types, and enneagram 2s and 9s mainly. One would think on the outset, that agreeableness would be a major indicator for narrative susceptibility, but i've thought about this in relation to people i know and am drawing a blank. It may be a contributor but certainly not the be and end all, as i know enough disagreeable types fully indoctrinated, and plenty of agreeable types that see through it. There is something else involved which i cannot pin down with certainty, hence your earlier comment intrigued me. It's almost like susceptibility to hypnotism, which i don't know if a personality correlate can be ascertained with any confidence. A few abstracts from studies i've just read suggest a weak correlation also.
  17. Well this got me on a bit of hunt as it was a new concept, and i've been scratching my head looking for correlations between narrative acceptance and personality. I can see some similarities between outer (or "other") directed and an external locus of control (although i don't think they are necessarily the same thing), and also someone with a high degree of agreeableness. There appears to be a social component to being outer directed as well, so it might be the case that a generally 'disagreeable' person with an internal locus of control, but who also has a strong social component or fixation to their character, will be inclined to fall in line as much as anyone else. This would be a brilliant thing to study if we lived in a free society, although we wouldn't then have live test subjects!
  18. I think destroying trust in authority is a necessary part of the reset. In any case, this guy shilled the jabs, was promoted in youtube feeds to do so, and only now once a large % of the population has taken it, is expressing concern. Perhaps he's there in order to destroy trust in authority. By that of course i mean the masses (because fringe minorities like us have never trusted authority). My trust in anyone shilling these jabs at any point, for any reason, is shot beyond repair. Including "Dr John Campbell", whoever that is. I find it hard to empathize with a ticking time bomb. That's the reality now of a jabbed person who takes serious time to understand what's happening. What goes through the mind of such a person? I guess we'll find out.
  19. Thankfully i've not had to use it in over 2 years. People are coming down with 'covid' again though. Mainly it seems the older ones in work (you know where), and i'm not going to be surprised if one or more of them dies year. The 'increase' in 'covid' cases appears to have come once again after a fresh rollout of poison, and i'd bet money on the cause of these 'covid' cases being the boosta.
  20. If they had to make a point of it, it means there's been enough questioning to prompt it. Otherwise, why would you question whether a heart attack is of natural causes or not? As usual the BBC is light on detail, only ruling out 'foul play'. In terms of hearts attacks, i'd like to ask the BBC what they mean by that. Forcibly held to a power outlet? Zapped with a tazer? Experimental shots with a track record of causing heart issues?
  21. Very clever on the part of the globalists to set this up then, if they have indeed tricked Russia. Given they also rolled out a vaccine program, i'm still suspicious they aren't part of the act. If a country (or country's government to be more precise) could ever be controlled opposition, perhaps it is Russia. Incidentally regarding the Hugo Talks video, my partner and i were just chuckling through an ad break about how many yellow and blue references there are, most without direct relation to Ukraine. I can't unsee it now. Haha.
  22. Possibilities (non exhaustive) - Sheer coincidence - PTB engineered this scenario by manipulating Russia - Russia/Putin a knowing actor in the play
  23. I make that a 50/50 shot at being right, as they usually have him as one of the co-commentators. He's one of those ITV types, moulded into an odious commentator, fawns over celebrity culture, agenda pushing and full of platitudes. Think Clive Tyldesley. The other guy they have on for the snooker, can't remember his name, he's similar but not Yates level putrid. As for Ken Doherty, i don't expect much from him either. Ken is so beta he warms to Yates' bullshit more than the other ex-pro commentators.
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