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  1. But the really important things they tend to ignore. Doesn't make print or tv. Q does and I find that interesting. Convincing people to vote for/become invested in controlled opposition? An extension of the current situation. Food/fuel shortages etc. Though this idea is sort of tongue in cheek, i just think from the ptb viewpoint, if they can get the most ardent liberal to support Trump if would show their total dominance in controlling what people believe. Very 1984-like. Probably just my imagination. I just think it would be both funny and depressing to hear libtards preaching the virtue of Trump.
  2. Well, that and my day job. I guess if the rug is pulled it may include fiat as well as per your comment? You'd think if the internet went down it may signal the collapse of everything else. Difficult to know what to do, so i think a compromise of taking and using profits is the best approach, otherwise yes you just have numbers on a screen which may in reality amount to nowt!
  3. If there really was something to Q, would mainstream publications such as the Mail even be running stories about it, or would they ignore it like they did with everything else that was important over the last couple of years? Q has an air of orchestrated distraction about it. Q is back apparently, just in time to lead the sheep into the next (final?) election of the USA. A pet theory of mine is that they plan to make things so bad that even libtards reverse and vote for Trump.
  4. I'm basically in favour of the woman's choice (within reason; late term abortions are sketchy). Not to be funded by the state as a means of birth control. A woman has to carry this thing for a good chunk of her life; it's a real commitment, whereas i can squirt out a new one every day and think nothing of it. It stands to reason that my choice is less important.
  5. It's an extremely valid concern now. Pre 2020 i would've been happy to hold a bunch of coins, comfortable that they'd be safe for the long term. Now my strategy is short to mid term. The niggling thing is going to be calculating the capital gains theft every year, although i can't imagine going over that limit this year.
  6. Wouldn't that be openly mocking his wife who suffered blood clots? Unless that was a lie too. I dunno. I think they're probably just dumb enough to take the real thing.
  7. Inverse h&s about to pop, some alts already running. May not be the bottom, but if you can make 30/50% on a shit coin i say why not (not financial advice)
  8. Potential of graphene-based materials to combat COVID-19: properties, perspectives, and prospects - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7577689/ Here's how we're going to do it and why, but you're a conspiracy theorist wacko for thinking we're going to do it. It's like the BBC when referring to the Great Reset during 2020: the Great Reset is a far-right conspiracy theory!, and in the same breath with no sense of shame or irony, here's the Great Reset and all the wonderful things it's going to do for us!
  9. Sounds impossible to me. Any sort of large scale revolt can only come out of absolute necessity, and the conspirators are very clever in easing things at the right time to add more restrictions later, when things have calmed. The work of synthesizing resistance is in its infancy, so no need for panic. Things couldn't be any other way without something really unexpected happening in the political/legal arena, which obviously can't be relied upon.
  10. One of those rare times you'll see a white couple in an intimate situation, only they're not physically having or allowed to have sex. Seems like intentional conditioning.
  11. I blame you for making consistently entertaining/informative posts. In all seriousness, you can't force folks to see it that way, otherwise you become what you hate i think. You lead well enough by example and maybe you're stressed that most others don't share the same sense of urgency.
  12. I think you're over generalizing a wee bit, plus you could make the escapism argument for almost anything, any activity. For example, are most people using the internet as cotton wool to shield themselves from harsh truths? Does that mean we shouldn't be advocating it's use either? I don't know any new agers really, well i have done in the past (who i guess you could call new age). I don't think they're my kind of people, even if we agree on some aspects of so called new age philosophy (which is a rubbish over generalized term in itself; as many traditions/practices go back thousands of years). i guess new age is the modern mish mash of all of that? I dunno. Nor do i care tbh. All i'm saying is it would help ourselves and our sphere of influence massively if we strived to become more conscious. This is scientifically and experientially proven beyond a doubt. Nothing in new age philosophy, religion or spirituality is as important.
  13. Indeed. I am saying we can have the best of both, and indeed we should. Right practice in self remembering can only yield better results over time in the physical plane, whatever that intention is. As they (the conspirators) delve further into unconsciousness, delusion and want that for us as well, so we must strive to become more conscious to combat this. Becoming more conscious is the opposite of self denial. And it also comes with fortified harsh truths and vitamins.
  14. But that fad could be anything. I dunno, Zumba or something. The sort of new agers you're talking about, you are right, bang on the money, but i would argue they're ironically not looking at their practice very holistically, in the context of their life and wider world. You have to be able to maintain practice and be functional in the world. Be more functional. Navel gazing meditators are 10 a penny, and i would argue most of them don't know what they're doing, or have any coherent idea of how to put their observations and practice together.
  15. Yeah it is difficult to find info. This very thread came up top in a startpage search. Has a hint of scam coin about it but who knows. Is not listed as CRU either.
  16. I get the general idea i think. I don't know whether consciousness likes change, or whether changes in physical reality even have an affect on something like conciousness. First we'd have to measure it right? And good luck with that, although i think some of the brain scanning research in meditation is about as close as you'll get to a scientific explanation, or at least, the neural correlates of consciousness. In a relaxed state i've found noises are less disturbing, and in some of the research, experienced meditators showed less of a neural disturbance when a random bell or noise sounded, but not because they were tuning out external stimuli, it did not cause a shock to their consciousness or brain activity, because it was already in the present moment and aware. If you get lost in thought, a random bell is going to cause spikes in brain activity. So is consciousness disturbed by change? Are you sure it's not the other way around?
  17. Fair enough. About your opening premise then, where you were talking about finite body minds - do you consider this the ego or something to that effect? And the need for it to arise in order to experience. What do you mean by experience? Doesn't consciousness experience?
  18. A tourist free summer. If you remember the first week or two of lockdown we had some lovely hot weather, so i spent some time at the local beaches and there was hardly anyone to be found, not even locals. In fact i got out quite a bit because the roads were quiet and it was easy to get around. Back then i knew there was a sting in the tail and it couldn't last, already contemplating Agenda 21 at that point, and getting paranoid of passing choppers, which was kinda fun in a dystopian way. I got a lot of "exercise" that summer.
  19. You're both kinda right. These viewpoints can exist harmoniously with some tweaks, which is why people like Gurdjieff devised training in order to cope with the demands of modern life and work on oneself internally. No need for sitting under a tree all day, it obviously isn't practical, but becoming more self aware is something we can do at any moment, whatever we're doing. There certainly are higher states of consciousness we can access and likely it seems higher realities than this plane. but that shouldn't negate what we're doing here right now. It seems that demands on higher consciousness increase not decrease, you become infinitely more responsible and that includes this plane. I think you could be at peace in a death camp but it's unlikely and very difficult. Doesn't mean your practice won't have helped and certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't smash a guard over the head with a shovel if it meant your best chance of escape.
  20. Spot on Anti Facts, and a piss poor world cup should see him off. Who's gonna replace him though? Not Sean Dyche that's for sure. Let Sven have another crack?
  21. I'm a newly made Hungry fan. Some great strikes there. To be fair, Championship level teams could beat plenty of international teams. An organised group often overcomes a disjointed one, no matter how technically gifted the individuals are.
  22. Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my Pfizer face (this vax got me like nobody) pf-pf-pf-pfizer face, f-f-f-fucked his face
  23. Not sure where else to put this but it's a decent interview that was streamed yesterday. Talks a bit about his career and the state of football as well. If mods wanna move it to a better place go ahead.
  24. Yeah i remember him having some funny moments, but i think he let ideology creep in a bit much and i don't whether that was me changing more than him over the past 5-10 years but i just drifted away from viewing... As with anything in the media take what can be verified and leave the rest.
  25. They're not dead, they're just metamorphosing, you bigots!
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