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  1. I'm gonna have to start taking pics of the chemtrails we have in Cornwall. It's getting beyond a joke how often we see a nice morning sky that's soon overrun by a criss-crossing of chemtrails that linger and spread out like a blanket. Then later in the day what should've been a decent summery day turns overcast and wet. This seems to last a few days, and when that's cleared it's time for a fresh round.
  2. Vegans are often sickly, unhealthy and docile. Fact is you just can't absorb the nutrients from plants that you can from animal products. Supplements are ok but shouldn't be relied upon. Even though i'm actually in the business of selling supplements , if you need pills to make up your nutritional requirements you're probably eating poorly. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/7-nutrients-you-cant-get-from-plants#1.-Vitamin-B12
  3. What does everyone think about the recent spate of alleged violence against football players after pitch invasions? It's getting a lot of publicity and it's making me wonder if any of it is engineered/false flagged. Top comments on the sky sports youtube vids of course express the reaction and offer the solutions to the 'problem' - ban pitch invasions, increase security/fencing etc.
  4. All the NWO agents (Biden, Trump, Boris etc) seem to agree on it though. As with anything, it's who's hands the tech falls into. Seems it'll just be used to accelerate the NWO if anything.
  5. Q has looked laughable now for a while. I'm surprised some of you still believe in it after all that's happened. He's not the messiah, guys. Trump will get re-elected to finish the job i'm sure, with the backing of millions of retarded 'conservatives'.
  6. Well not quite. I did get bitten by a monkey in Gibraltar once, which gave some young Spanish nurses a giggle after i told them why i was there for a tetanus shot. You apesolutely are, sit down have a banana and let the chimps fall where they may.
  7. Classic controlled opposition imo. They promote aspects of the conspiracy for ridicule, while concealing other more important elements, and most certainly make no attempt to connect any of it together.
  8. No indication so far as to what caused his car to roll. MSM must breath a sigh of relief every time a normal death happens, but i wouldn't even bet against the cause of this being a jab reaction/heart attack.
  9. That's a buy then lol. I could easily see a little relief rally here before going lower.
  10. Fuck me this is a weird death (if true). Same end result though, which makes me wonder about the rest of it. https://morningexpress.in/dutch-police-investigate-the-death-of-soccer-player-jody-lukoki-who-died-at-the-age-of-29/
  11. Maybe 0.001% of hopium left in me that this is a huge bear trap to make people sell. Btc at critical support.
  12. 14 seems fair. I make the pattern completion target around 16500, so more or less the same. I'm not sure we're using fibs from the same place though, not that it matters a huge deal. I've drawn from the march 2020 lows, and it reaches our target at the 50% retrace. The goldilocks zone, as it were. Doesn't have to stop there of course, but if we continue down to that point i'd expect a nice tradeable bounce there.
  13. Yeah, the good thing is it'll be kind of obvious where we form a base. Hopefully more or less where we're at.
  14. Looking pretty bearish folks. Into "extreme fear" territory on the fear & greed index https://alternative.me/crypto/fear-and-greed-index/?msclkid=6ae9af57cf8b11eca648a6cc246604fc, so typically a place to buy, but i wouldn't advise that without some sort of signal, which just isn't there. Needs a reaction now otherwise it could well slide to 20k. I mentioned bearish divergence on the monthly back in october in this thread. Are we seeing it play out?
  15. Oh don't get me started on that diversity hire the BBC have. Don't know her name. Pretty Indian looking woman but bland and fake as can be. I'd be surprised if she even likes snooker. The absolute best thing about the world's on the BBC though? No tosspot Phil Yates! Vax injury was Scott Donaldson https://metro.co.uk/2022/04/12/scott-donaldson-returns-to-crucible-after-vaccine-side-effect-put-career-in-doubt-16454521/
  16. Yeah, do you ever watch UFC or top class boxing? How good are those guys? I'm half kidding. Cheers. I don't know how i would know if i could change my timeline left or right, because i only know of one path with one set of decisions. The other paths may as well not exist i guess. I'm all for peace and things, but not when people are actively trying to kill you. Seems counter-productive.
  17. As bas as things look, i think it's another buying opportunity. Look for that channel support on btc that i posted back in feb and see how we react there. I don't want to know what happens if we break below 33k. (lol 33, my gematria minded partner would be all over this).
  18. Definitely, though i meant my own decisions through life and any outstanding payment. Stuff i can't blame on anyone else. My actual resolve in regards to the NWO grows stronger with every move they make. Tbh, since 2020 i've never really felt so alive.
  19. I think you're bang on. You hear many stories like you mentioned, and underneath it all i bet you find they lived pretty decent lives without major karmic upsets. I'm fucked, personally, i don't care. I'll go down fighting though because it's basically a VR training exercise at this point. Or Maya, as the Buddhists call it. And i have not much left to lose.
  20. My boss told me today she's a toaster. Who am i to argue? I'm not a toast phobic bigot.
  21. Deaths and injuries seem to have relaxed enough to give them another shot (unintended) at administering another shot in the future, without significant alarm. All going to plan so far. I suspect many athletes (dim witted though the average may be), are just about aware enough not to drink the Kool-aid. Word of mouth spreads of course. You guys mentioned the snooker there. i thought it was interesting how not only did Hazel Irvine explicitly mention one player's serous covid vax injury,but arch "anti-vaxxer" of the snooker world; Peter Ebdon has been mentioned again as he's coaching Jack Lisowksi (can't be bothered to spell check). It's like there's been a green light given somewhere to talk about certain things, since dec or jan.
  22. I suspect only 'Feng Shui' of the mind really matters. Changing your furniture akin to being more conscious of what we eat perhaps. Useful in it's own regard and knock-on consequences. But get your mind in order, and you can live comfortably in a cave, supposedly. Which is where some of us might end up in 10 years time, if we're not dead already. I for one am happy to lead the resistance out of my cave. Providing i can see the shadows as they are, merely representations of reality.
  23. That's the basic premise of meditation. You're further along than most. what if it's easy? A click of the button? Someone getting paid a basic wage to control your thoughts, you're just a number on a sheet of paper? Is it possible? It is unfortunately, and we may not even know it's happening.
  24. I'm not going to read this thread through fully, but i'll say this. About 2 months ago my partner and i were both ill and tested 'positive' for a supposed virus that the test was supposedly designed to test for. Woke up one morning feeling mildly feverish. Went to play snooker with a friend, pretty much all good. Went home to eat, and then felt very feverish, for a couple of hours was shivering and then burning up for the rest of the evening. That was more or less it, though it lingered for a week or more. I tried to call into work on the sunday to get monday off, but couldn''t get through. I figured they couldn't get cover in time, and if i called in i'd have to take the whole week off (which i didn't want to do), so i went in as normal, just feeling very tried at the end of each day (in that week i was walking an hour every day to and from work as well). No cold symptoms what so ever. Just muscle aches and initial fever. So did i have 'covid'? Maybe. But in any other year when covid wasn't a thing, this short illness would have been forgotten about pretty quickly, like any other cold or flu type virus. If someone asked me about being ill this year i'd have vaguely recalled it, not putting much stock into it. Could have happened any year. The fact that i tested 'positive' for something is irrelevant because i have no other data to accompany this one piece of data. How do i know that in previous years when i've had a flu type virus that i wouldn't have tested 'positive' then also? I do not, so i cannot say with any certainty that my result had anything to do with what i tested for. Given that my symptoms were by and large different to other people's, i can't even say for certainty that we had the same thing. In conclusion i got mildly ill. i don't know if it was 'covid'. If it was, it confirmed some suspicions of it being a mild virus. If it wasn't (and the pcr is a fraudulent test - we know it is) then covid was misattributed to some basic illnesses (which you do not take an EXPERIMENTAL gene altering injection for).
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