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  1. But... the vaccine is "one of the greatest achievements of mankind". Is it not? "The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take their vaccine."
  2. Stay calm. We are united. Everything is under control. Go back to sleep.
  3. Quote from the article - "He is innocent, because he has not been found guilty of anything" Phew, that's settled it then. From now on i'm going to use the Prince Andrew defence... Sex is good. Good things are remembered. I don't remember it, therefore it didn't happen. Better settle with this woman who i don't remember just in case i remember it?
  4. There is a rather nasty side to Belfield, which combined with his predilection towards vapid celebrity culture, means i'm not really bothered about this at all. Yes he makes some good points, in some instances, but so do plenty of others minus the cuntishness.
  5. Glad to see the thread getting some use. Joe Rogan then. Tough one. Erring towards the controlled opposition side, but hesitant to claim that outright. I think someone mentioned it previously, he could do with some guests that challenge the fundamental narrative more, Icke included. He certainly comes off as genuine, and i know that's not a great indicator but i'm going with my gut on this one and saying genuine, until proven otherwise. Hugo Talks.
  6. You guys probably caught this example of normalization today, but here it is for posterity https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60358296
  7. Most people are jabbed with poison that Trump says is great. Where's the opposition? Regarding the wall, i thought for a while it was a good thing, maybe it had some good functions especially regarding trafficking. There's just one nagging thought about it though, what if it really is to keep Americans inside the border? Remember the time frame, 2030 they want everything done, more or less. What better way to win over conservatives than to build a big bastard wall (that Obama and Hillary also called for) under the guise of national security. The Biden regime has by most accounts continued the project, under the pretence of not really wanting to do it (but doing it anyway).
  8. Curious! No doubt the lambs will stay silent.
  9. Well this thread bombed so far, lol. I'm going to go with shill, specifically Russian oriented shill. Here he is in 2020 advocating tougher lockdowns https://russia-insider.com/en/russia-has-recorded-zero-coronavirus-deaths-early-and-strict-border-control-working/ri28414 Let's try another... Right Said Fred Philip Schofi... Ok, Tucker Carlson.
  10. I was thinking exactly that when i saw the headline about Russia wanting to install their own puppet. According to 'fact' checkers he had nothing to do with it though. Hilarious.
  11. I agree with Alessio's conclusion here, though i don't use elliot waves myself. I think we'll get going again properly by April. BTC may capitulate to 20k first.
  12. Aim of thread: the next poster determines whether the famous person mentioned in the post above is an NWO shill, merely an idiot, or is genuinely fighting for us. Provide evidence/reasoning if you wish, and then give the next name. Obviously i start. Paul Joseph Watson.
  13. The only people i know that have "had" or believe they've had covid have been jabbed. If there was something going around, having worked around the public for the past 2 years, i'm sure i would've had it, especially given some of my co workers have "tested positive" and been off ill. What's the difference between me and them? Nothing really...aside from an experimental voodoo shot they've all had which i'm not touching with a bargepole.
  14. Gates gets his updates one way or another. Even if you turn off auto updates, it'll slow your system to the point where it's practically unusable. Similarly, he wants to make life itself unusable if you don't update your own OS with his ransomware.
  15. Precisely it. Quality of life depends to a large extent on the quantity of life, and with increasing numbers comes a risk to the sustainability of such quality. I don't want my area to be inundated with large housing blocks and factories full of eastern Euros and Africans, just because it's possible. The roads are jammed enough already. It's hard to find untouched places that aren't farmland or already developed. 70 million people for a country you can drive through in half a day is more than enough.
  16. Anyone remember Spirited Away? This is what old women with masks under their nose remind me of.
  17. Well well, the plot thickens. I'm sure i've been seeing him on youtube more or less since covid began, but i never knew he was a carer. You'd think for someone so apparently aware of what's going on he'd be hesitant to take these jabs under any circumstances (was he so hard up he needed to be a carer? can't have managed his money well from his BBC days and i find that surprising). To be fair, he's not singing the praises of the jabs as far as i can gather, but yes when he needs that booster what is Alex Partridge to do. Is he not aware of the sports injuries? I'm sure he's done something on it. I think you're right, there is more to the guy than he lets on.
  18. It's all possible, i have no special insight into the nature of reality, but i think this maxim is apt here - extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. A lot of the shape shifty videos i've seen i'm not impressed by. There's maybe one or two incidents that really seemed quite weird and not immediately explainable, but the rest are usually poor quality with obvious compression artifacts. If there were so many who apparently shapeshift into reptilians, why are we not seeing it more often with higher definition cameras? (Or are we? I don't know, perhaps there is evidence out there).
  19. Huh. Has he mentioned that before or do you have a source/twitter post or something?
  20. And war with China? This is what i think the controlled opposition are pushing towards.
  21. So have you found your 'true self' and gained 'free will'? Otherwise, on what basis do you believe it?
  22. Belfield is curious. I feel he's a genuinely aggrieved ex BBC employee (à la Partridge), genuinely critical of the agenda, but would sell out (if not already) for the right price. He fits neatly into the controlled opposition side. Vernon presents youtube acceptable resistance, mostly harmless. Hugo doesn't hold back as far as i can tell, openly critical of everything from the start. I follow his videos because he puts the effort into rounding up the latest news which i don't have time to dig for myself. A bit like this forum really. He could easily be someone here.
  23. The vids are all 50 min + in a language i don't understand. How does this prove it? You said it doesn't go against science, how so? You could work all your life and still not get there. If the knowledge is this rarefied it's out of our hands anyway. We may as well focus our efforts on the human actors.
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