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  1. I'm one of those masochistic types that takes note of the BBC most days. Friends close, enemies closer kind thing. Yep this article had to be a response to a rise in talk about it, because even in my everyday life more people are talking about it. What i'd like an answer to is, if chemtrails are so normal and harmless, why are they hidden from sites like flightradar? Flightradar themselves say if you cannot see it, it's either outside their coverage, or "not equipped with a compatible transponder". Or military. Was last night's trail here outside of their coverage? No, because i see other aircraft all the time. Does it not have a compatible transponder? I don't know. Incidentally, what kind of aircraft is capable of making these trails, does anyone know? If it is a modern plane, why does it not have a transponder? as far as i can gather, all commercial aircraft must have a transponder (correct me if wrong). So if it's not commercial, is it military? Or some"private" jet with the intention to remain hidden?
  2. There appears to be a time limit in which one can edit a post. Was there a reason for setting it this way?
  3. Just another PHEIC virus. Tedros has overruled an expert committee who said it should not be classified as an emergency (9 against, 6 in favour). That's democracy for you. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-23/who-declares-monkeypox-outbreak-an-international-emergency
  4. Fixed. I think ghosts are BS personally. A useful marketing tool no doubt.
  5. "quick, more people are talking about what we're up to, release the hit piece" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-62240071
  6. Calm down, it's in "general chat" for a reason. Who gives me the right to judge? Well, me! How do you like them apples?
  7. It's actually a restaurant. It's not vastly inconsistent with the definition and look of a castle, hence it is usually thought of as a castle. If we are naming based on current functionality, it is a restaurant. At some point it was possibly used as a hunting lodge, and before that maybe a chapel. I think the exact history is a little sketchy.
  8. @Bombadil awesome thank you. While the trail was visible this one seemed to spread and blend quite quickly with the dark blueish sky. If they needed to be discrete, this would be a better time of the day than the light blue in the morning when it's clearly visible for ages.
  9. Never actually heard that one. It's got loads of cool rocks, thrown by giants in some stories. The castle is an awesome little structure. I would love to own it and man it with crossbowmen, doing the odd shift myself. I wonder now that their father is dead if the Sawalha sisters would be tempted to sell.
  10. @Bombadil if you're around, can you see the trail outside right now? It's flying over as i type and i have a couple of shots of it. The reason i'm asking is because it looks dark, and i'm not sure whether that's a trick of the light (or lack of), or it could be spraying something else. Hang on, i do think it's the light now having looked from the front of the house. It's flying towards north cliffs but does not appear on Flightradar.
  11. As someone else mentioned, i think it was meant more for the jabbed, not us, as a dividing strategy. Something the skewered can (try to) use against us at a later date. Fortunately, we are armed to the teeth with the real facts and inside info because of the great work the resistance do, in places such as this. Let's make sure we keep disseminating this, and the fact we have more numbers than they admit. I'm sure they are hoping to swing a few fence sitters to their side, but as you said, purebloods are not going to change our minds, because we know too much already.
  12. As fun as it is to think they're killing him off, it's just more propaganda for the next round of jabs - "fully-vaccinated and has twice received booster jabs, is experiencing "very mild symptoms"
  13. It's a bit of a vicious circle. Increased population begets insufficient infrastructure, so you make that sufficient which leads the way for more development and population. Cornwall has typically been underdeveloped compared to the rest of the UK - the EU tried to fill these gaps whilst heavily promoting our regional heritage and of course the EU. It always felt like they were buying us off. Give em a fireworks display every year, some new housing and we'll keep them on our side. Helping to break down any sort of British allegiance was also part of it i think. Not that it was hard because people have a strong identity here, but let's get real, Cornwall was a dark age kingdom that had no chance once there was any kind of centralised control in Britain. That's just life. I absolutely respect the history but don't care for the nationalists. They'd just take us into the EU anyway.
  14. Which groups or people are banned, out of interest? I get that overt racism is problematic, but the line is really blurry. I mean to your average woketard, this site would be hellishly racist, though i don't recall anything i've read here that's been overtly racist, but i know the sort of thing they are looking for.
  15. Stop it you're making me want to start a new Football Manager save :-P
  16. If you see me in and around your place with a shovel i'm just doing general maintenance I went to a wedding at that quoit some years back, well the field adjacent to it. It must be available for hire or something. Cool blog btw, here's another article abut the area being an 'axe factory' https://cornishbirdblog.com/neolithic-greenstone-axe-factory-polstrong-valley-camborne/. I bet there's loads still to find under Carn Brea too.
  17. Whilst not having the exact same symptoms as you, my week has been very much the same. Yesterday was hands down one of the top 10 worst of my life. Left me wondering if people are being targeted, or i'm just paranoid. I really can't think of a good reason why i was so ill. My partner and i have been eating the same stuff, nothing weird. Felt like food poisoning on steroids.
  18. "3m adults have no covid vaccine" - not a false statement. Misleading? You bet. The BBC use this tactic time and time again.
  19. Always good advice, and last night's game did show how poor Norway were in comparison. A lot of Spain's team come through Barca's academy from a young age, making them difficult for anyone to beat. They couldn't stand 5 minutes of the opposition team overloading though. Can't imagine Wankgate drastically altering tactics to send up the big centre back.
  20. Yep, the resistance will have to be local and organic. I just don't think you can risk putting it online. And i'd be wary of joining any such online organisations for obvious reasons.
  21. Perhaps. I'm still of more use not locked up. I think the answer has to be mass non compliance for the meantime. There may be a point where violence is inevitable, and the resistance will form organically.
  22. I'm merely picking holes in your plan. I'd rather stay out of jail and find an alternate solution.
  23. Because that's essentially what you're asking of people, to overthrow the system somehow. It's dangerous territory is all i'm saying, you risk getting shut down and spending your life in jail as a terrorist, and what's more the majority of people will side with the gov because they're so indoctrinated. How will they be initiated into the codewords in the first place? That info will be available somehow, you can't trust private messages either. You risk being infiltrated also.
  24. How will they organise, on what platform? I just think you have to be very careful with organised threats of violence or power grabbing.
  25. What do you mean by "deal with them"?
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