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  1. Full Matt Walsh documentary, What is a woman? Worth a watch, just to see how insane these people are. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ncE7yRZE4HK1/
  2. Says all the right things, though it's right to be sceptical. Perhaps his forum is merely data harvesting (i did make an account but haven't used it). But we also need more reasons than suspicion to believe he's controlled op. Is he leading us down a wrong path, or gatekeeping anything? As far as i can tell, no, but i'm not an expert.
  3. It's a very good double to be fair, looking at older pics and then from these, so good that i'm not convinced by this, although the whole event was suspicious. More a wake than a jubilee.
  4. I watched it quite intently, and it didn't look quite right, there were some weird overlaps with Charles to her right (our left as we watch), and she didn't seem to fit with the rest, though it did look like she was responding to Charles verbally and the others, so i'm not sure about the hologram/green screen theory. I've seen other photos where things aren't matching up quite well with their clothes and then between the railings in front of them. You are suggesting then that there was someone there, but not the queen? They did openly use a hologram for her carriage, but i suspect this is not the extent of that capability, and has in at least one source been used to discredit the view that she's already dead (by claiming that conspiracy theorists believed the carriage hologram to be a genuine attempt to mislead the public when it obviously wasn't).
  5. Ken: and that sil... Yates: the silver lining in this instance, being not simply diversity,but fortitu-u-de fortitude, Ken Ken: absolutely roight
  6. Ken: table's been a little bit pacey this afternoon, players are still getting to grips with it Yates (30 seconds later): this table is running so fast, not even Usain Bolt himself (nor anyone of African descent for that matter), could keep up with it! Ken: yeah good point there Phil Yates: and now Rory McLeod has got it all to do in this final frame
  7. Davis or White (regarding the description)? They're very different, albeit both introverted i think. Jimmy is of the Ronnie/Trump mould, many top sports players share similar psychological facets as them because they are most in tune with their body and physical surroundings https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/the-adventurers/ Steve Davis is cool, classic thinker type and interested in a variety of things. Took the game to another level.
  8. How curious! But if eating shellfish is on a par with pigs on the uncleanliness scale, then i am surely doomed. Are we sure we can trust the word of God through Moses though? He gives me the impression of being a bit of a rogue, or charlatan of his time.
  9. Yeah i guess i would, i don't discriminate too harshly in my animal sources. Look at a jar of muscles and then some crickets. The muscles look weirder but i'd still devour them. If it were my only animal protein source then that's a different matter, might as well just supplement at that point.
  10. The controlled demolition of governments has been something i've suspected since the start, so yes i think it fulfils that aim among others, not to mention twisting the knife in the backs of the jabbed! I really believe our suffering is what they get off on, now the jabbed will be doubly punished by the leaking of this kind of information. It might eventually spread that they need to have another booster in order to keep an immune system intact, or essentially just die. I'm seeing the jab injured everywhere i go. It's not getting better.
  11. @sickofallthebollocks glad the normies are noticing! It really must be getting obvious. Sometimes i look on flight trackers but they're pretty poor for showing everything. I've even seen red & white air ambulances outside inexplicably not showing up online, so i know that much is hidden, even apparently normal stuff.
  12. Indeed that's why it's nice to watch. In real life the game is a BASTARD. An absolute bastard. Haha. I recently went to see Ronnie smash a bunch of local amateurs. One thing struck me watching him in real life moreso than tv - he never hits the ball harder than he needs to. I'm with ant-facts on this one, i don't suspect any major foul play without evidence. As far as going along with the agenda, well some do some don't, some aren't really sure and go along for the sake of their career. It's the agenda pushers which bother me, someone like Klopp. And Phil Yates. Ha.
  13. Yep a good example. I think most managers now are probably masons/cultists, so they may be able to influence things and keep it quiet, but there's always the unknowns of players/staff not in on it that could obstruct any plan. Who knows? Don't even care that much as it died a death to me in 2020 with everything that went on. It's been a globalist vehicle for decades, but never so overtly as now.
  14. Yep, but the evidence needs to come to light for me to believe it happens on a mass scale. I imagine match fixing is quite hard to pull off well, especially at the highest levels where it's more scrutinised, though some VAR decisions really make me wonder. But to change a whole game with that many people involved seems implausible. I would not be surprised in the least if i found out that Pep, Klopp and other top managers were masons/cultists of some type and are there to push agendas as well as coach, so they could influence things under duress, but everyone couldn't be in on it because it would leak, and so you've got too many unknown variables for me. If we find out football has been a con for x amount of years i couldnt care less anyway, snooker's more my game... That is pretty hilarious. I'd love to know a bit more of your rationale for thinking snooker could be remote controlled.
  15. Hard to script so many people and keep them quiet though? Unless they're all freemasons now, and they were made to fuck a pig on camera or something.
  16. I'm liking the look of Eth here for a retrace to the .5 fib level (it often does), from here that's 37%. Price double bottoming at historic support with daily bullish divergence on a couple of oscillators ... perhaps some kind of stop hunting wick to take out those lows first before running higher
  17. I should've added, in my experience :-) Some athletes i gather are vegan, but i'm going to stick a leg out and say they're in the minority and probably fit and healthy enough to deal with an inferior diet. I'm in 2 minds really, i like a lot of the yogic philosophy and they say we can only achieve higher states by going veggie, but i also know what my teeth were made for, and where my body best absorbs its nutrients.
  18. I'm gonna have to start taking pics of the chemtrails we have in Cornwall. It's getting beyond a joke how often we see a nice morning sky that's soon overrun by a criss-crossing of chemtrails that linger and spread out like a blanket. Then later in the day what should've been a decent summery day turns overcast and wet. This seems to last a few days, and when that's cleared it's time for a fresh round.
  19. Vegans are often sickly, unhealthy and docile. Fact is you just can't absorb the nutrients from plants that you can from animal products. Supplements are ok but shouldn't be relied upon. Even though i'm actually in the business of selling supplements , if you need pills to make up your nutritional requirements you're probably eating poorly. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/7-nutrients-you-cant-get-from-plants#1.-Vitamin-B12
  20. What does everyone think about the recent spate of alleged violence against football players after pitch invasions? It's getting a lot of publicity and it's making me wonder if any of it is engineered/false flagged. Top comments on the sky sports youtube vids of course express the reaction and offer the solutions to the 'problem' - ban pitch invasions, increase security/fencing etc.
  21. All the NWO agents (Biden, Trump, Boris etc) seem to agree on it though. As with anything, it's who's hands the tech falls into. Seems it'll just be used to accelerate the NWO if anything.
  22. Q has looked laughable now for a while. I'm surprised some of you still believe in it after all that's happened. He's not the messiah, guys. Trump will get re-elected to finish the job i'm sure, with the backing of millions of retarded 'conservatives'.
  23. Well not quite. I did get bitten by a monkey in Gibraltar once, which gave some young Spanish nurses a giggle after i told them why i was there for a tetanus shot. You apesolutely are, sit down have a banana and let the chimps fall where they may.
  24. Classic controlled opposition imo. They promote aspects of the conspiracy for ridicule, while concealing other more important elements, and most certainly make no attempt to connect any of it together.
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