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  1. Spot on Anti Facts, and a piss poor world cup should see him off. Who's gonna replace him though? Not Sean Dyche that's for sure. Let Sven have another crack?
  2. I'm a newly made Hungry fan. Some great strikes there. To be fair, Championship level teams could beat plenty of international teams. An organised group often overcomes a disjointed one, no matter how technically gifted the individuals are.
  3. Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my Pfizer face (this vax got me like nobody) pf-pf-pf-pfizer face, f-f-f-fucked his face
  4. Not sure where else to put this but it's a decent interview that was streamed yesterday. Talks a bit about his career and the state of football as well. If mods wanna move it to a better place go ahead.
  5. Yeah i remember him having some funny moments, but i think he let ideology creep in a bit much and i don't whether that was me changing more than him over the past 5-10 years but i just drifted away from viewing... As with anything in the media take what can be verified and leave the rest.
  6. They're not dead, they're just metamorphosing, you bigots!
  7. Weren't they part of RT at one point? If i remember it's kind of stock RT talking points and Lee Camp (see wiki early life, hehe) is fairly leftist, the controlled opposition side of leftism that's allowed to criticise Israel.
  8. Do i want an excuse to post this link? Yes. Anyway, yes more shady shit. Enjoying the thread.
  9. "9 deaths" is fucking bullshit and we all know it, probably even some of the shills that get paid to parrot gov approved sources. But even official sources if actually looked properly at instead of ignored by the msm, tear down any shred of credibility these fuckwits make. The Pfizer docs should have been the eye opener to the sheep, but it was not. Or it was, but buyer's remorse isn't an easy thing to admit to. The VAERS in America report 50k kids injured and at least 125 dead as of 3/6/22. Miscarriages everywhere, huge spikes in AIDs... Fucking carnage and I know i'm preaching to the choir here, and it's either a bot or a paid shill i'm responding to, but sometimes you gotta vent. Crypto's fucked and more importantly so is my snooker ability, and i guess i should be grateful for a break of 20 today.
  10. 90's calling, they want their roast of DI back. --- At sammyboy72 here (on the presumption you're a real person asking genuine questions - doubtful, but hey) -- DI is not the sole source of research, activism or evidence for this agenda, nor for jab reactions/deaths, nor the agenda as a whole, in spite of all his research over the years and fantastic platform here in his name. If we find out DI is a shill tomorrow, then it changes nothing about what we know. People are still being killed and maimed by unnecessary experimental shots they were manipulated into getting, and the economic reset of society moves on. That we have no definitive mechanism for exactly how the jabs are killing and maiming people is hardly anyone's fault when there's so much secrecy regarding the contents and any further studies on people who've taken it.
  11. Check for any research on whether they lose effectiveness in hot liquid, as some vitamins do. Tea might be better than coffee, though still might act as a mild diuretic due to the caffeine. To be absolutely safe you can't go wrong with water.
  12. Baseball (purely the game) is not so bad in a tactical sense like cricket, so i'm leaving it out of this, but American football really is a joke. 11 minutes average total action in a 3 hour game. It's basically watching adverts interspersed with sporting elements. Good thing at least about footy is it's one break and two halves, 60 minutes of average action over 90 or so minutes, a much better ratio. I wonder if they introduce a stop clock in footy, it would open the floodgates to breaking up the game like American football. The US broadcasters would certainly like that idea, as they try to fit in little ads in footy more than we do in the uk (i lived in the US for a bit, so got to see a fair bit of how they do things). But that would obviously be utilised by our broadcasters also, and at that point it would be well and truly dead to me.
  13. @DaleP, interesting, i know next to nothing about the situation, presumably you posted here as it may affect crypto also? I didn't see your edit until i was about to post my own speculation... inverse h&s? or more hopium? lol
  14. His persona simply isn't dumb enough for him to be jabbed, so that raises some suspicion for me.
  15. Very true, it's almost happened overnight. Reminds me of this meme
  16. Evidently the most prudent option. "He's buying the dead cat? Dump eet!"
  17. Depth aint my thing with crypto man, i got too much else on, so i just look at what i know. Feel free to offer a tip :P
  18. I saw it a while back. The timing of his death around the film is curious, makes you wonder what sort of people he crossed paths with and how he obtained his information. Murder through the method or similar to yours is on the table for me, but does need more evidence.
  19. Not that this would surprise me, but his wife said he died of a heart attack. Do you have any other info?
  20. John Virgo: where's the cueball goi... oh it's... still there"
  21. I ended up getting in on a Link trade instead based on the Link/usd and Link/Eth charts, and am glad i did as Eth continues sideways while i'm up over 25% on Link. I still think Eth will retrace and may end up swapping my Link for Eth once i've reached my targets. Matic and Algo also on my watchlist.
  22. To top it off they inexplicably hired Jermaine Jenas to say "haitch" for a couple of hours Cringe doesn't even begin to describe.
  23. He should read Jeremy Vine's account, it makes Sandler's look plausible. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jeremy-vine-penny-farthing-fall-accident_uk_620d06c1e4b01251308549b6
  24. It didn't make much sense in footballing terms either, as 2 of them were brought on cold to take one kick under immense pressure, where even Pickford would've been a better option to just leather one in. England missed a trick i reckon in not getting Eddie Howe in, but he's still young enough to get the job at some point.
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