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  1. Well this is really it for this tune. Last year i had a strong urge to write some kind of resistance song/music but i've also spent the past 6 months learning how to mix and master to an ok level, though still have much to learn. The deleted iterations above were previous versions of this one below. It's called Reset the Agenda, featuring the voice of Yuri Bezmenov.
  2. It's summer, and as far as i can tell they've stopped spraying at least in this area. To what extent are the msm giving out the details? To be replaced by a WEF stooge. Another WEF connected stooge (or ex stooge, possibly why he was murdered?) Add it to the growing list that gets brushed under the carpet. No comment. Inside job? Destroying evidence? The standard of living in the west is still good enough not to cause mass revolt. -- So, how exactly does the nwo end next week?
  3. She is rather lovely. Often the tv here gets muted as soon as the half or full time whistle blows. At least Lineker is out of the picture on this one, and Logan is tolerable. No worries about being shallow, we appreciate the game they play also so i feel no remorse! I'm a sucker for tomboys so i quite like Vivianne Miedema of Holland/Arsenal and Beth Mead. In our team we've got a varied bunch of lovely ladies. Millie Bright the John Terry like centre back, an absolute beast of a woman, but i've also seen her ping some fantastic long range passes. I love strong women, they don't intimidate me at all. God damn i'm turning into a feminist lately We've got an Arya Stark lookalike in Stanway and more classically beautiful women like Rachel Daly. And nothing to do with looks, but i'm certain that Lucy Bronze is our most gifted player. Her technique, passing, reading of the game is another level. Her and Ellen White, probably on a par. Different positions obviously.
  4. This is fairly normal convention in the US at least. One a title is earned it is permitted to carry on using it. Note that other former presidents are often referred to as President "Last name", and it is often context dependant. Used more in informal settings. No conspiracy here.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-62126567 - School mindfulness lessons don't work for teenagers, study says Likely a product of bad teaching i think. Finding it 'boring' is an observation itself. That is your monkey mind resisting the urge to be quiet, then getting restless and promoting the idea in your head that it is boring and pointless. The very fact they can't sit quietly for a few moments everyday shows the power of which you are supposed to subdue. Unfortunately teachers know nothing about how the mind really works, or even why they're doing it. It is doomed to fail without expert, or semi expert teachers, as opposed to some muppet who's read a book and considers themselves to be accomplished enough to teach.
  6. Yeah i don't doubt it'll be when results don't go her way, or if she falls out with the FA (or whoever her bosses are). If/when they want her gone, msm will be full of the usual hit pieces and character assassinations, probably a made up racism story or summat. But yeah they'd be mad to criticise that right now, i think they even know that unless someone wanted to try and sabotage their tournament. Wouldn't put it past some fuckers.
  7. Another plus for England women and some of the others i've seen, they actually look like their nationality full of gorgeous sleek white women. Aside from Italy/France the other day, when if you didn't know who was playing in what strip, you'd struggle to identify the country. Been a big drive to wokeify Italy in the past few years it seems.
  8. England women are on fire. I've never seen any women play this well, 6-0 at half time against a highly rated side. How far up the men's pyramid could they compete? I think they're technically as good as championship or league 1 teams, just lacking physicality.
  9. No spraying here for at least a few days now and guess what, fantastic normal summer weather. I half suspect if there's VIPs here they will get nice weather like they did with the G7, with added green flash at sunset.
  10. Desi can slava over me any time she likes. ... I'll get me waistcoat.
  11. Yes in the brain specifically it's called neuroplasticity; it shapes and rewires according to experience. Any experience mind you, it's an ongoing normal thing through life. Taxi drivers for example have a larger anterior hippocampus on average compared to controls. In terms of "occult practices" (not a term i like to equate to the simple practice of awareness) and brain research/plasticity, there's plenty of research out there. I did my uni dissertation on it. Here's an example https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3004979/ As for real occult practice, perhaps one needs to "grow" this soul instead of believing it exists in the final form, without extra work. This is where i find i many Christians lacking, they think they just have to believe and their soul is saved. Esoteric Christianity on the other hand; the real deal, you must work like a fucking dog to create your soul. The likely hood is that you won't, owing to the difficulty. At least in this lifetime. Monty Python guys knew the score
  12. You can watch Bullseye on any day apart from Sunday (satanic inversion, way for the nwo to ruin every Sunday, as they "wouldn't be the same without it").
  13. Under his administration he rolled out operation Warp Speed, which he appears to be quite proud of.
  14. And he does this through being instrumental in poisoning a large % of the population? I don't care for the monarchy either.
  15. But the really important things they tend to ignore. Doesn't make print or tv. Q does and I find that interesting. Convincing people to vote for/become invested in controlled opposition? An extension of the current situation. Food/fuel shortages etc. Though this idea is sort of tongue in cheek, i just think from the ptb viewpoint, if they can get the most ardent liberal to support Trump if would show their total dominance in controlling what people believe. Very 1984-like. Probably just my imagination. I just think it would be both funny and depressing to hear libtards preaching the virtue of Trump.
  16. Well, that and my day job. I guess if the rug is pulled it may include fiat as well as per your comment? You'd think if the internet went down it may signal the collapse of everything else. Difficult to know what to do, so i think a compromise of taking and using profits is the best approach, otherwise yes you just have numbers on a screen which may in reality amount to nowt!
  17. If there really was something to Q, would mainstream publications such as the Mail even be running stories about it, or would they ignore it like they did with everything else that was important over the last couple of years? Q has an air of orchestrated distraction about it. Q is back apparently, just in time to lead the sheep into the next (final?) election of the USA. A pet theory of mine is that they plan to make things so bad that even libtards reverse and vote for Trump.
  18. I'm basically in favour of the woman's choice (within reason; late term abortions are sketchy). Not to be funded by the state as a means of birth control. A woman has to carry this thing for a good chunk of her life; it's a real commitment, whereas i can squirt out a new one every day and think nothing of it. It stands to reason that my choice is less important.
  19. It's an extremely valid concern now. Pre 2020 i would've been happy to hold a bunch of coins, comfortable that they'd be safe for the long term. Now my strategy is short to mid term. The niggling thing is going to be calculating the capital gains theft every year, although i can't imagine going over that limit this year.
  20. Wouldn't that be openly mocking his wife who suffered blood clots? Unless that was a lie too. I dunno. I think they're probably just dumb enough to take the real thing.
  21. Inverse h&s about to pop, some alts already running. May not be the bottom, but if you can make 30/50% on a shit coin i say why not (not financial advice)
  22. Potential of graphene-based materials to combat COVID-19: properties, perspectives, and prospects - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7577689/ Here's how we're going to do it and why, but you're a conspiracy theorist wacko for thinking we're going to do it. It's like the BBC when referring to the Great Reset during 2020: the Great Reset is a far-right conspiracy theory!, and in the same breath with no sense of shame or irony, here's the Great Reset and all the wonderful things it's going to do for us!
  23. Sounds impossible to me. Any sort of large scale revolt can only come out of absolute necessity, and the conspirators are very clever in easing things at the right time to add more restrictions later, when things have calmed. The work of synthesizing resistance is in its infancy, so no need for panic. Things couldn't be any other way without something really unexpected happening in the political/legal arena, which obviously can't be relied upon.
  24. One of those rare times you'll see a white couple in an intimate situation, only they're not physically having or allowed to have sex. Seems like intentional conditioning.
  25. I blame you for making consistently entertaining/informative posts. In all seriousness, you can't force folks to see it that way, otherwise you become what you hate i think. You lead well enough by example and maybe you're stressed that most others don't share the same sense of urgency.
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