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  1. Noticed a couple of times now play stopped in this year's Masters because people had to leave. It gets quite hot in there apparently.
  2. Bridgen --> Bridge ? A bridge between the alt group and the msm group (a bridge intentionally destroyed/separated in 2020) And why now, and why not during the rollout when anyone with a half a brain knew about the adverse reactions. Similarly why destroy the Georgia guidestones now. Because that phase of the plan was complete? IDK, just thinking aloud. As ive felt for a while, at least since the start of last year, the drip drip of information that we all knew long before is designed to create the next stage of fear. Soon there will be millions of people wondering if/when they will drop dead suddenly. I'm of the opinion that very little of the msm is left to chance, especially things like the Guardian criticism of the BBC clip of Malhotra.
  3. I think things are unconsciously tied together for the average normie who resists non msm info. If one narrative can collapse, what about the rest? Therefore every narrative must be protected, Ukraine, covid, mass immigration/replacement etc. It's very emotional for them and not worth 'pressing the corn' too much unless you're close to them or has some real benefit (i.e you can convince someone not to get more jabs) Ask yourself what you're getting out of firing up someone's emotions just to make your point. Plat the game carefully folks. Don't let yourself get unnecessarily gulagged at this stage because there's a long way to go.
  4. Agreed, those poor bastards will find out soon enough. Best not to attack cornered animals because the anger may be taken out on you. I already feel it will to some extent, but at least i haven't given them additional ammo, other than i didn't take what they did. And if they ask why, i'll say, because i knew we'd be having this conversation.
  5. Gianluca Vialli died age 58 of cancer https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64039302 "in April 2020 he had been given the all-clear, he was re-diagnosed in 2021" Makes you wonder. If what we suspect may be involved, it's almost the perfect crime. Not really traceable 6 months + down the line. Accelerating pre existing conditions. Who could suspect such a thing let alone prove it?
  6. Sorry guys, that above ^ may well be fake news. At least it's not verified, but very likely Hamlin was jabbed in any case. This article breaks down the incident pretty well. https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2023/01/the-tragedy-of-damar-hamlin-what-they-are-not-saying-speaks-volumes-and-what-they-are-saying-is-garbage/ref/8/
  7. Of course, most folks still following Matt are probably awake, so it's a biased sample. Don't care for GMB's "50/50" BS either mind you.
  8. There's some talk of this one blowing the lid off things but i'll believe it when i see it. I do wonder if there will be a 'big reveal' at some point, that furthers the nwo agenda. For the most part the msm are currently still keen to hide as much as they can.
  9. If i were single and desperate maybe, but i know it would eat into my self worth for all the reasons above. A slippery slope of bad decisions that would lead to an early grave/wasted life. I can't imagine how dating goes now, i'd have two personal questions to answer before things could even get going - are u jabbed/have u slept with a jabbed? I appreciate that many women would not want to answer these questions, so that would cut down my dating pool drastically.
  10. Yes. I've finally bothered to link my telegram account on my laptop so i can repost stuff easily from there.
  11. No great love for the Argies but given the Cornish/British heritage there + wanting Messi to win it, it was a no brainer to support them over the French colonies. And on that note, isn't it funny how football has become a vehicle for equal opportunities and fairness wokery blah de blah, but European teams are poaching the best Africans and naturalising them so they can play for them. Has a hint of slavery about it. Perhaps an African team could've even won it by now. Anyway, Southgate staying apparently. Get ready for another 2 years of England being flat track bullies and getting nowhere close to a good team. The scorline against France papered over the cracks of a side that struggle to create anything in open play. Seems to have been this way for years.
  12. My partner makes gagging sounds when the commentators constantly big up Messi, but he does produce the goods. The change of pace/close control to open up the space to make that exquisite pass for the first goal was sublime. That's why he's the best.
  13. Problem is now he's in the zone where he's done just enough to not get sacked, but still untested against a strong team.
  14. Still going with Argentina/Portugal final. Portugal to beat England in semis, they're smarter on the whole i think and it'll give them the edge. If Southgate wins the WC then fair play, it's not easy and he clearly has some grasp of the game. Half the battle as a manager is getting your players to play for you, so if you have woke players, they're more likely to perform their best under a woke manager than say Ron Atkinson.
  15. Probably been posted, but, yikes...his whole family are going down and Rod is silent, or stupid. Take your pick. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11511667/Rod-Stewart-reveals-son-Aiden-rushed-hospital-ambulance.html
  16. Crucial point. Part of the new normal is brazenly stealing elections and making little effort to hide it. A demoralization tactic i feel.
  17. Argentina v Portugal would be make an epic final, plenty of talk i imagine of settling the Ronaldo/Messi debate. They're kind of incomparable and ultimately as good as each other. Messi a specialist in the #10 role and Ronaldo is a physical/mental freak who can do a bit of everything. Also i don't think it's fixed, certainly not to any large degree. Too much collusion needed.
  18. Superb mix and track. I'm working solidly on my own stuff, if anyone wondered why i haven't posted much lately.
  19. The whole of the ball has to cross the line, so you need a top down view for accuracy. In tennis you see it played out more often, where if the ball is still a fraction on the line, it's in.
  20. Anyone catch that disgusting hit piece last night on Trump? Here's a link if you can stomach the blatant bias and propaganda. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001d1s8 One tactic is using carefully selected nobodies to caricature the most extreme position of Republicans (esp in regards to the abortion debate), tying that in directly with Trump's philosophy and then of course that sets up some batshit Democrat canvasser nobody to say that the right have been going more extreme in recent years when of course it's the left. No one credible to talk about election fraud either, and none of the evidence looked at. Put some dark music alongside angry Trump supporters or Antifa plants, and voila you've spunked out a 2 minute hate video for the normies. I'd complain to the bbc about the bias, but for one it wouldn't do anything, two it would probably put me on a list, and three as my partner rightly pointed out, by doing so i'd be buying into the polarization they're trying setting up with these programmes. And four, i still want a credible explanation for warp speed, so i couldn't even call myself a Trump supporter.
  21. I saved my dad from having another shot yesterday, but it took the death of another for him to see. Then this just came out. It has normie acceptable production quality, but nothing we all haven't known here since the start.
  22. Could be. Sucks really because digital cash could be great, and make many things in life easier. Except were ruled by psychopath cultists trying to rob/control/kill us at every opportunity.
  23. I'm diggin that lazy swung beat. Got some nice vocal width there too without it being overbearing. You kinda sound like the Eels, maybe the vocals more than anything. Good stuff.
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