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  1. Since the lifting of the mask mandate, for me it has to be half mask wearers, literally chewing on their fucking cloth as they walk around. Pure and utter compliance, since if they believed the mask was actually doing something they'd wear it as intended. But no their comfort and being able to breathe naturally is more important than saving lives. Fuckin hypocrites. With the mask in this position (under the nose) their speech also becomes practically unintelligible. I just ignore them now, don't even bother asking them to repeat. The level of intellect of these people ensures that i'm wasting my time anyway.
  2. The chopter activity in SW Kernow has risen markedly since last year.
  3. 2 Nokia 3310's ordered, one for me and my partner. IMO the best phones ever made. You can drop 'em out of the window, collect the pieces and put it back together and it still works fine. Not so dumb at all eh.
  4. Precisely it, even though i can understand where Mr H is coming from. My partner say the same thing as him and i respect where's she's coming from, but the reality is unavoidable. The problem of rejecting such predictions is that one is left unprepared for what is about to unfold. In reading your links in this thread i'm actually really grateful for another few years to prepare, if that is indeed what it will be. I was honestly worrying about the shit hitting the fan in this year or the next. As much as i'm trying to prep now, i'm nowhere near ready, or where i need to be. I need to be ready for a potential life of destitution and/or being a fugitive. Let's face it, most people here are heading in the same direction, if they aren't dead already. Yes it's negative as fuck, but it's realistic and instead of depression should be providing inspiration and motivation to the spiritually aware. From this situation we can drawn immense power and strength or wither and die, i've barely been more certain than anything in my life. I believe we are here in this time for a reason.
  5. Gotta laugh at BBC "Breaking News" from last night: Hungarian fans boo England players taking the knee! Fuckin top news that. What's interesting is that they quote Southgate and John Stones both saying that neither had heard any of the racism supposedly directed towards England's black players. Unlike BBC reporter Juliette Ferrington though, she'd heard it all of course. I'm not saying there wasn't anything at all to this, but it stinks of false flaggery bs or outright lies.
  6. What are you using instead (if anything)? Is it worth having a "dumb" phone?
  7. Yup, huge nostalgia trip for me and to be honest i've never played the remake because i kind of know what sort of thing it'll be, and i don't think it'll resonate in the same way. I only ever really played 7-9, i was just at the right age in that era and beyond those years had other things to do. I still have a run through of these classics now and then.
  8. What makes FF7 in particular so good musically i think, is that the in game context for each piece fits sublimely, on top of the tracks being fantastic in their own right. You know you're in a certain place because of the music, and it's a much richer experience for it. So yeah to your point, you have a main character die suddenly (kind of unknown at that point in gaming iirc), and then you have this beautifully sad music playing to drive the point home. How old was i... i think about 13 or 14 when it came out. Don't mind admitting i shed a tear at that moment Uematsu is probably my number 1 musical inspiration. I've done a couple of covers of the FF7 tracks too.
  9. On the whole yeah, though older millenials who had early babies, their progeny are approaching adulthood if not there already. I have some good convos with gen Z in work, one guy 18. Doesn't understand woke stuff, didn't buy the covid BS, but then... went and Pfizered himself silly. Another one, a girl (17) who fills me with joy like she's my own child. Man am i disappointed in her for taking it. She believes she has to take another one now because that's how it's done. I'm going to try gently cautioning her (must be extremely careful about boundaries here) against taking more, but i fear she too is lost.
  10. Indeed. As a "Xennial" myself (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xennials) i already feel i bridge nicely between gen X and Y. Gen Z (late teen to 20 somethings) are possibly the most brainwashed i've found, maybe equal to the boomers but in a different way (boomers trust old media, gen Z follow woke/liberal propaganda). We need Gen Z on our side though and i'm not seeing enough of it. Who would've thought the children of Millenials would be so f-ed up I'd happily shart my panties to know that. You are quite right, age is a big factor and you must play your hand accordingly.
  11. People are getting dumber, i'm sure of it. Can't use the card machine, can't do basic maths, read signs with big print, or count change. Always the older masked, and presumably 2x clotted cream. Not long left for this world i imagine. Also, what happened to the punks and rebels born in the 60s and 70s? Still look the part: wild hairdo, punky clothes, tats, but they've bent over fully to the nwo by staying masked up and clotting. Losers. Lol, older guy in a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt of all bands. Obedient slave now though. I think they're burnt out through age, mostly. Probably a lifetime of booze and drugs too. The resistance lies with the tail end of gen X and Millennials (in other words we might well be fucked)
  12. The first two people to receive a jab, both probably dead, one for sure that the msm have reported. Mr William all-the-world's-stage-Shakespeare, you might recall Twat Handcock struggling to contain laughter on hearing his name read out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-57234741 Is Margaret Keenan also dead, or was she merely a character? Was Coventry (the place of those jabs) important? Why do we send people to Coventry? To shun, punish, ignore them. They will not be heard. Adverse effects and deaths will be silenced, ignored, shunned.
  13. Feel like there's a meme in this. Cristiano Ronaldo rejecting the jab in favour of something symbolising an immune system
  14. - wake up - coffee - catch up on mega thread great stuff guys Idk i think at that point we'll see a "change" to Labour or the next stage of global governance drafted in. One thing i've noticed throughout is that it's ok to tear apart the covid response by a government as much as you like, you just can't question the foundation of what's happening. If we presume that more older jabbed Tories will die between now and then, and the government are increasingly used as a scapegoat for the inevitable backlash against NWO policies, then the baton will be handed over to someone else; the Tories having effectively fulfilled their purpose. As seen so much through history, the peasants feel satisfied that something is changing, and the elite merely maintain their grip.
  15. With 4s i've noticed some initial ambivalence towards the system, "i can't be pigeon-holed or boxed", but they are often able to overcome that feeling to see the real value of it, and end up being some of the most vocal champions (online at least). Did you feel any conflict between your ego type - wanting to be unique & special - and the inevitable conclusion that there are millions of people who function in a similar way to you?
  16. The law of 3 and 7 have long been thought as fundamental to our existence, by mystics, mystery schools and the like. Perhaps the elites of today have misunderstood this ancient wisdom and altered it into the perverted form we see today. "let's murder so and so on the 7th of the 7th month", "let's report about 33 of something, 7 of this" and so on. Icke says these people are not very smart. entirely possible they have corrupted real ancient wisdom.
  17. Artificially triggered? Clinton Foundation to save the day in 3, 2, 1...
  18. *sigh* you've nailed it, unfortunately.
  19. more customers ripping their masks off in defiance today. very nice to see. i'm thinking what the hell have you been waiting for, there's literally no obligation now. a tesco worker came in, said she'd take it off permanently when there's a 50/50 split in mask to no mask. didn't bother to question her batshit logic. a smile and a nod keeps the zombies (masked customers) flowing.
  20. It's a bit of a crapshoot really, but in a purely technical sense it's logical. Here's what i personally base that prediction on... 1 - hidden bullish divergence on the weekly (RSI and MACD) 2 - price has regained control of the 21 weekly ema in the last couple of weeks 3 - the fibonacci targets (drawn from recent ATH to recent low) i estimate as ~81k and ~108k timewise it would make sense to get there by the end of year, but it doesn't have to of course, and might not even reach those targets
  21. It's just VR/maya training, try not to take it so personally.
  22. It really isn't to anyone i'm afraid. Not saying you don't have a point in some instances, but to the conspiracy advocate who wants it to be true, it is therefore true (useless/thought terminating). To the fence sitters, it is inadequate to explain similarity of symptoms from people they have experience with in real life, who don't normally invent symptoms as per some kind of disorder. I feel a middle ground could become lost that would drive away potential dissident thinkers.
  23. I agree, there appears to be something, and i'm quite surprised i've not had anything like it, just seen and heard it through others i know irl. Question is, is it the virus they say it is? Is it a consequence of the 5G rollout or something equally nefarious? I know one younger teen recently that got jabbed, then a week later came down with covid (with usual suspect symptoms) and had to isolate from work. I had to wonder whether it was the jab that caused it, but what of pre jab cases? Were loss of taste and smell common symptoms pre jab? (i honestly can't remember). I'm not touching these death jabs with a barge poll, but i'm still on the fence as to whether it's completely fabricated. Often the immediate conclusion to evidence suggesting there is something (such as the gain of function research revelations) is that it is controlled ops, but that is kind of thought terminating without evidence. A belief is fuck all without evidence though, and conspiracy peoples are just as if not more prone to that as normal people. Because they are in fact, normal people. Ha.
  24. Happens to me too. I've gone 6 months at a time without doing squat, so then have to basically start at the beginning again. Motivation snowballs with good practice though.
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