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  1. What a mess 50 million exploding heads is going to be. On the bright side, there's going to be a lot of empty houses. I think we might have to rough it in one for a while to avoid capture, which might buy us some crucial time, especially if remote. But if we're not organised at that point (especially if/when the grid goes down), we'll get picked off one by one with no support. Alternately, if our organisation is too good, it might increase our exposure and we'll get picked off anyway. Quite the tightrope here and i don't have the answers.
  2. What does a guy have to do to get covid around here? It's been 2 years, i've worked around the public for that time. Had a nasty cold the past week, said to work i couldn't come in because A: i had 'symptoms' and B: i couldn't get hold of a test. Now i've done 2 lateral flows in the past 2 days, both negative, still have a cold/cough though. I thought a positive was going to be my ticket to another week off. Bugger. If what i have isn't convid or omnicrap, then what the hell is? Where are all these positive results coming from? The jabbed, i suspect. Perhaps that's it. In order to get "covid" you may have to be jabbed. Sir would you like this jab that protects you against the effects of the jab? Yeah....nah.....
  3. Is it just me, or are the Dutch police demonstrably more heavy handed than other countries? Didn't they kill a protester recently with a rubber bullet?
  4. Nothing wrong with that, except that within the context of this debate, this maxim is often framed as being mutually exclusive to the position of being critical of mass immigration (not saying you hold this view). One could even argue they are mutually inclusive, as in i wouldn't want my culture to subsume some other place in the world because of an overt political agenda, and i don't want it here either. I've been an immigrant myself, i have immigrant friends. Some of them i've even discussed this subject with, and first and foremost (in my small bubble of reality), they are individuals who made some fairly bold life changing decisions to be where they are, and i judge them on that level. Freedom of movement is fundamental to our individual rights. Agenda driven mass immigration must be resisted, because it is undemocratic at the very least, and in reality merely a branch of the same fuckery by those orchestrating the covid hoax.
  5. So my 100k btc didn't materialise. Did i mention i'm a terrible trader already? On a positive note, it doesn't look like the market cycle is over, though it hasn't put in a new ATH yet to confirm that. I made a half joke here before about monthly bearish divergence. If that plays out then that is the end of this cycle. So it could go up or down i reckon. Lol. Happy new year.
  6. the mix of this track i'm satisfied with just about enough to consider done, as we head into 2022
  7. Even normies i've noticed are uneasy with his soulless sanpaku eyes staring back at them. Perhaps that's the idea.
  8. Sure, it's (part of a post) in the mega thread. "Next time you're out just look at the body language of people wearing masks. They are hunched over. Shuffling along. Defeated by life. Hold your posture the opposite. Shoulders back. Head up. Smiling and looking at people. You won't get harassed. Instinctively people will be intimidated by your confidence." The knowledge we have has already become a burden, and this can manifest into resentment or other emotion, because one wonders how stupid people can possibly be, and then reality trumps that thought. The above advice (if remembered) acts like an alarm clock to wake up to the moment, and away from the mind chatter causing the disturbance (in the force). This has an instant calming effect, and confidence boost. The trick is to "self-remember" (as Gurdjieff put it) as often as possible, and practising demonstrates just how tough that is. Moments of awareness builds energy that lasts though so it's not like an all or nothing thing. If you can only do 10 seconds every so often it's better than nothing.
  9. It's just a fat bastard chicken!
  10. It's cool i know what you're saying, and i've been way more positive lately after something @SoundOfSilence suggested that was so simple and i'd been neglecting it, but still there's no one to vote for and the legal system is corrupt, therefore i have no faith in things like a nuremberg 2 right now. What you're saying could take years, decades maybe to reach a critical mass. I mean if that's what it takes, i'm here for it.
  11. 24/12/21 13 articles 3 x covid inc. headline 1 x quiz of 2021 (see how much of the brainwashing stuck) 2 x bbc gloating over side effects of lockdowns (they do this a lot). immigrants filling care work gaps (works on multiple agenda fronts), and empty high streets 1 x shilling the uk christmas no.1, an utterly soulless load of tripe. fitting. 1 x police shooting in the US (can see from first sentence it's framed as anti-cop) 2 x men getting rapey with women (allegedly, don't know or care), but suits feminist agenda 2 x feel good story. some crippled sports guy allowed home for xmas and a woman saved by a postman who heard her screams (mind you, this one's pretty fear laden. thanks "from the bottom of my heart", she says to the postie, hmmm...) 1 x man killed by dog (pets are dangerous, can probably also spread viruses etc)
  12. I lost hope that there was a legal or political solution long ago. Would love to be proven wrong.
  13. A small fly flew in my nose at work. Just made a beeline for it and before i could do anything in it went. I didn't manage to blow it out and may have swallowed it. I'm legit 20% concerned it could be some sort of micro tracking bug, or vax injecting fly, ideal to penetrate non maskers. If this stuff exists they may as well just kill me now.
  14. He's about as real as Socrates, in the scholarly sense. But we don't tend to question that one so hard.
  15. I almost started a 'deconstructing the bbc home page' thread but this is close enough to be fair. 22/12/21 - 13 main articles. Yes, some of these individual stories are probably horrific, but it's the choosing of them as the main news of the day, and the seed they are trying to plant that's the interesting bit to me. 6 covid (inc headline, obviously) 1 globalist propaganda 1 statue removal in China (priming us for more?) 1 jailed paedophile article ("we are on the side of good" "see, there is still justice") 1 guy who's jailed for throwing his baby 20 years ago (attack the family) 1 guy jailed for stalking (dont go out, it's not safe, men aren't safe) 1 MP cleared of breaking financial rules by watchdog (probably biased/comprised, i don't know to be fair, haven't looked into this one) 1 someone vaguely famous died today (gotta finish it up with death of course, probably could add it under covid if she was jabbed)
  16. Maybe Soros is the porn star? Imagine that jabba the hut toad like creature getting naked and oily with our Jacinda. This is what porn looks like in hell.
  17. I said goodbye to a worldwide (mainly US) forum i'd been on for 10+ years today. I logged back in there recently after an almost 2 year hiatus, only to find the ones that are left are all fast asleep, and my input is severely moderated to the point of outright censorship. It's been hijacked by leftist covid believers, with the right wing posters also following the agenda. So yeah, i'd love to meet more like minded folk, if only to make that initial connection. Regular meets wouldn't be required and may not even be recommended. If X person was in my area though i'd help them, put them up for a few nights or whatever if they needed it.
  18. Nope, as always they are asking us to trust their word rather than what we can clearly see. Full of contradictions also. They begin the article by denying that the issue is caused by the vaccines. Then under the bit where it says, 'what you need to know' - "FIFA and UK vaccine regulators reported to Reuters that they are not aware of a rise in cardiac arrests among athletes" They are suggesting there isn't an issue at all. So which is it, is there a noticeable increase in football players "fainting" as they call it (laughable in itself) that can't be put down to the vax, or are there no more players than usual clutching their chest? I could pick this piece of crap article apart all day.
  19. Another Christmas hit for you Alexa :-) "It's beginning to look a lot like genocide" https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ov4TERWEJO3c/
  20. Superb advice. I'm going to consciously practice this next time in work because i'm finding it hard not to be resentful towards maskers. Mostly in my own head, but the energy that gives off will undoubtedly create a general animosity towards me in kind, i can already feel it happening.
  21. Haha yeah, i have absolutely no idea. I think he was into alternative therapies and things long before now. Seems like a smart guy. Probably Intuitive in Jungian terms, so dot connecting is more natural. Sensory types on the other hand (Ronnie for example) have a natural fluidity in the physical world that intutives can rarely match. Ebdon thought his way to a world title. Pretty impressive if deathly boring. Selby does it better (and even more boring).
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