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  1. The real balancing act for me is how much information i should give to people about what are likely jab injuries. Some are really looking for answers, you can see it in their eyes, but to reveal what i think to be true often seems a bit much in the moment. If you want to be critical you could call that cowardice i guess. I just think we're living in different times and we need to be careful. Wrong think gets you fired and cancelled and to be open about people you don't really know is taking a risk. The truth will come out soon enough i think, and then they'll be asking me if i think it's a jab injury.
  2. It's a balancing act maintaining professionalism and integrity. But given the nature of the job, giving out bad medical advice is antithetical to what we should be doing , so on that basis alone i need to stand my ground now for when Joe public goes mask crazy, because it will come up. I have a rough script in mind of the points i want to make, but the last thing i want is to get into a sustained argument at work. I may just refer the worst Karens to the gov page on mask exemption and politely excuse myself from the conversation.
  3. Good thing he can box better than sing. Joshua tries to present a cool exterior but i don't think he's very confident.
  4. Usyk/Joshua this Saturday. An animal compared to Joshua, Usyk is also the smarter boxer. Can't handle a decent southpaw, so i'm going with Usyk to win again. Also Usyk seems like a useful asset to Ukraine, i don't think he risked his life in any capacity in the war (may not have even been there), and was released to fight from the Kyiv Territorial Defence.
  5. Ugh i know. Some old Karen came into my shop the other day complaining about people (young adults essentially) not masking up at a local outdoor festival. On a beach in summer! The whole time she was constantly pushing the rag back up around her nose. Absolute buffoon. I said there was no evidence to support mask wearing. Thankfully my jabbed colleague also commented in support. Gonna be another fun winter dealing with these idiots when the mask mandate comes back.
  6. I was following a Telegram thread where someone mentioned he might have been staying at Rochester exclusively for the Mayo Clinic. It should've clicked really, having been there myself. There's not much in Rochester apart from the clinic. I now think it unlikely he was there for anything else. The Mayo clinic specializes in cancer and heart surgery. Cause of death not yet revealed.
  7. Interesting. I did more or less the same, only she's not an actress. And he's only a couple of years older than me. Minnesota is pretty though, and Rochester is close to Minneapolis/St.Paul.
  8. But they do have the option of raising their vibrational level /level of being/ emotio-mental health. I made up that last one. It's a hard thing to quantify (as the discussion on this particular chart has proven), but it'd be clearly wrong to say we don't exist at fluctuating levels of health. This is crucial for how we then respond to future events and 'the truth', whatever that may be for us.
  9. I share your suspicions generally but have you got any further info on the above couple of points?
  10. I've taken your initial post to be more philosophical than was intended. You've come at it from an intentional angle and are busy creating strawmen out of my words just to make a point. That's fine but it's not really a discussion.
  11. I've never said anything of the sort. You came at this from a broad angle with your 'truth scale' but have now zeroed in on a specific 'truth' that adds new context to the dialogue. You can't very well accuse me of assumptions i've made because i haven't followed your train of thought, which is impossible unless you're more explicit to begin with. Even so, i don't know what you're contesting in what i've actually said, which is essentially that, a person living in a lower state may be more susceptible to a comfortable lie, than someone who is already functioning higher.
  12. I was thinking the same of you. But now i wonder whether we're even in disagreement. There's probably some cyclical nature to it. Can one be in a good state without knowing a truth? I don't see why not, a hermit might not know much but they may be in a pretty good state of emotional health. If truth is rejected then there's probably some fall back to a lower level.
  13. Possibly one's level affects how one responds to a truth? Otherwise i would think it's independent. Someone living in fear/anger may reject a truth. Someone already 'empowered' may be less inclined because their state doesn't depend on externalities. Of course that's a hard state to reach.
  14. Very similar structure here with the enneagram's levels of health/development scale. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/levels-of-development Only difference is it's type based, so it hones in on the particular strengths/difficulties. You can easily cross reference the two. A enneagram type 8 at levels 19-22 is probably sociopathic and violent towards others, a type 4 at that point is often equally destructive towards themselves. The Abraham-Hicks categories have broad enough appeal to suit the general psyche of everyone to some degree, so on that basis i like it. I'd guess i'm at 6-7 on your scale today. Day off work, couple of wake&bake spliffs and i'm gonna go out for a run in the nice weather in a bit. Might be enough to push me up to 4-5 later!
  15. I've had a look at some, i don't understand them all, but some are easy enough, like the very first one. Some need a better res photo. Regards the first, it is pretty interesting i'll give you that. It's evidence of a connection between the two parties (although not tippy top proof). It's not proof to me that "Q"/Trump is on the side of the people, because this may have been engineered this way to fit the overall Q narrative.
  16. So one can be reasonably sure it's the same person(s) posting every time. Is it hackable though? Forgive my ignorance i only learned what a trip code is 5 minutes ago.
  17. Open question(s). How do you know that a post from someone with the handle Q, is the Q you think is real? What's to stop any random person/people imitating the style of Q? Surely it has spawned copycats in the past?
  18. This appears to be in contradiction with a subsequent comment i'll get to... Might this be a case of present the worst scenario to the public (the public in this instance being Trump/Q supporters), but ease them into what they were after all the time? "It could've been much worse if not for us" they'll tell you. But did it have to happen at all? Why did anyone have to be injected for a fraudulent pandemic? Yes i believe the election was also fraudulent, embarrassingly so, to the extent that i wonder whether it was intentional to stoke the ire of Trump supporters. Here's where i see the contradiction. You claim that Trump/white hats are in charge, yet at the same time they've been infiltrated and so are not actually calling the shots?
  19. I think our standards of evidence are a little different. For me this is such a far out idea it needs to have extremely convincing evidence. Same reason i don't believe in ghosts... never seen one, never seen evidence that can't be explained some other way/fakery. It's possible you'll never meet my standards but it could also be true, not ruling that out either. Meanwhile the 'deep state' are allowed to run roughshod over the general public, by poisoning them, shutting down their businesses, and making all the other changes they want for the reset. So, if the deep state aren't really in charge, why are 'white hats' allowing this to happen? They could stop all of this carnage right now, but they won't, for some reason?
  20. I'm not, because you being right essentially solves everything going on in the world right now. It just sounds too good to be true. It's an extremely convoluted plan, and as i gather, it has to be this way to ease the shock of having everything revealed to the people? (correct me if wrong). There's always the chance that things such as Biden not flying on AF1 have been purposefully engineered to gel with the Q psyop (assuming it is). To be honest, i don't know. It'd be cool as hell if you were right, and if you are, there doesn't seem to be any downside to maintaining scepticism. Thanks for the info.
  21. Yes, but it won't be for a while. It'll trickle in over the next 10 years, and by that time the under 12s who've had gender reassignment surgery will be coming through the ranks. They'll probably get special privileges to do so. I know some of the feminism is a bit laughable, but better that than castrated males taking over their sport. So from that pov, count me in as an ardent feminist. Continue to take your tops off if you like ladies, it won't get any complaints from me.
  22. As in, why is the wall continuing to be built under the Biden admin?
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