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  1. I'll always remember him for this. Seemed genuine, if a bit gullible. (Incidentally my avatar is a still from the same show)
  2. After an OP like that, i couldn't help myself. Maybe it's a troll effort. 4/10 if so, needs work.
  3. Tbh i'm just hoping for a little extra spending money before everything goes, gov/banks ban crypto etc. I'm under no illusions that i'll ever be among the top tier, my other choices in life will surely see to that. I'm just a regular dude who likes charts and patterns. Speaking of which @Mr H, our Moondicator says sell tomorrow, what do you think? It absolutely nailed the buy signal on the last full moon, where it hit the recent low. Pattern wise i'm seeing maybe an inverted head and shoulders, the right shoulder of which (yet to be formed) would take it down to ~43k. It could just rip through 52k and invalidate that idea. Hell if we have a super candle tomorrow it might actually reach my previous prediction of 60k by the new moon.
  4. Yep i hold some Algo too and bought more earlier actually. Targeting $3.5 for now. This being a relatively new acronym to me i can't not associate it with CBD. I keep wondering what pot smokers have to do with crypto.
  5. *You're (definitely wrong).
  6. I agree with Mr H, Bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg. For example the WEF are working with various cryptos, including Chainlink (LINK) https://www.weforum.org/organizations/chainlink. I owned Link way before the Reset and was amused to find out that i was then invested in it. The WEF are also working with Ripple (XRP) and a year ago named them the most relevant crypto. As of this year they're testing a bunch of other cryptos for transaction speed, probably ironing out the details of the credit system. https://dailyhodl.com/2021/07/26/world-economic-forum-outlines-speed-of-cardano-xrp-solana-celo-alogrand-and-stellar-lumens/
  7. You guys do an amazing job, seriously. There isn't a better and more up to date resource for the scamdemic anywhere else on the interwebs.
  8. Observations from Kernow April - shit May - shit June 1st-11th - patchy June 11th-13th- glorious wall to wall sunshine June 13th to now - patchy but more prolonged warmer weather than usual
  9. Poor people have a lifetime of choices like anyone else. Don't worry though our totally conservative gov will probably subsidize it in the near future.
  10. Don't say i didn't warn ya. 21st Sep was the bottom (as i called it then), the price action i talked about on the weekend occurred (26th) and created a bullish engulfing pinbar for that day. This was our signal to go long. We use that signal in conjunction with other factors to add weight to the argument. Mr Price was even gracious enough to offer one last time to buy near the bottom of that signal.
  11. I've skimmed it and it's light on evidence as to whether she's real or actor. Maybe i missed something. Every picture i've seen of her looks like it could've been generated from a site like this - https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ - (notice the fakes all have the same thing in common, no matter how many you cycle through)- so until i see more evidence i'm swayed to your opinion of her being a fake.
  12. I'm not even sure she's real. Has the media released any photos or video of her with other people? Did any of her friends family give tv interviews? Genuine questions.
  13. I don't doubt, though i can't find an updated figure for this, and one that we could cross reference with price would be helpful also. Knowing where we are in the market cycle would be helpful to gauge where we pull back to in the next bear market. With say 3-6 months of parabolic growth left we might see the low of the next cycle come down to our recent ATH (65k), flipping that resistance to support. Hypothetical of course...we haven't even made a new high yet.
  14. It's doubtful anyone will bother seasoning a corpse, so peppering yourself now is a good way to make a pleasant meal for someone if you die and they need to stay alive. Personally i'm looking forward to the troupe on the streets, about time we had some decent entertainment.
  15. Lol this is why i'm not much of a trader, as it looks like my less fancied bullish scenario is playing out and we're going to retake control of the 21w ema. How we got there this weekend is the interesting thing (to a nerd like me). After the China news (or FUD as Dale puts it), price drops 10% (with volume), and the reaction rally starts to form what looks like a bear flag. Price is squeezed under the 0.5 fib retrace of the high before China, and the low afterwards, further giving the impression of a drop. Price then breaks the flag pattern on the 1 and 4 hour and holds. Immediately after it pumps back to the previous diagonal support line, above where a bunch of greedy short stops would be. Classic fakey. We can see that on the daily now where we've got a nice green pin bar bullishly engulfing the previous day. Very few chances left to buy at these levels, perhaps ever.. (but yeah, don't take trading advice from me).
  16. By spirit you mean something like awareness? Yoga to me is a moving meditation and you're absolutely right about the importance of breath. I count asanas in breaths rather than time. I'm an ex yoga therapist actually, which was a fun job while it lasted. Right now though i've got a fucked up knee, which seemed to have come from nowhere the past 6 weeks. I'm trying various things yoga wise to fix it but it still niggles. Any suggestions?
  17. It lines up technically also. First hit of the 21 daily ema after a drop, turning (temporarily) old support into new resistance, and coming off a 0.618 fib area. A backtest of the spring (21/9), assuming it bottomed there is a healthy market move. I'm still bullish (as long as we stay above the 21 weekly), which unfortunately might not mean much if our gov follow suit with China.
  18. Looking at the 4 hour here, a pretty savage 10% drop this afternoon. So far its seen a reaction from the 0.786 fib of the last low to yesterday's high, and if it can hold here there's the argument for making a higher low, and a last chance to buy at these levels. Check the price action on the 4 hour over the coming day, maybe 1 hour sometimes. The more bearish scenario is that selling is (obviously) not done yet, and it drops to the 1.272 area, which coincides with a support level and the bottom of the channel from where it is, price target 37-38k. This might create some bullish divergence on the oscillators, giving more of a reason to buy. This scenario makes more sense to me.
  19. Anyone think they might've given Biden a real vaccine? All that coughing, the disorientated state... Imagine what a US president dying of 'covid' might do for the propaganda stream.
  20. Yep, blink and you'd have missed it. Price came so close to the 0.5 fib that it basically counts as a hit IMO. Traders know that buy orders will be present here, so probably raised their orders to just above it. Given the volume that came in, i'm reasonably confident it was the bottom, but i wouldn't altogether discount a liquidity chasing dump that takes out that low, and fires straight back up again. I'm not too concerned unless we start closing below the 21 weekly EMA. That spells out a trip to 20k and a bearish year ahead.
  21. Another psy-op to influence jab uptake? "May as well get it if it's gonna be in food anyway" type response they're perhaps looking for. Bit like the shedding argument.
  22. Question is where are the support levels. I'd argue we're practically here already. Maybe we'll see a dip further to 41k - looking left we've hit that before (18th Feb), so it's fresh, and buy orders may be present here. It'll also coincide with a flipping of old resistance (see high of 8th Jan/15th June) to new support. We've formed a downward channel, possibly bull flag, the lower end of which would be 39k. Incidentally 39k would be the 0.5 fib target of recent daily low to high. Buyers love a 50% retrace (even though technically it's not a real Fib number). Let's see if we can build a base over the next couple of days to fulfil the full moon pump.
  23. Moondicator says buy then, though this dip might've nixed my 60k target for the next new moon.
  24. Yes all very clever isn't it. In presenting such articles they win on at least 2 fronts. First they get to tell the 'truth' that it is just a conspiracy theory/psyop (Q tells at least some truths, all of which can then be easily discredited, if the whole thing is proved fake). Second they know that some people have an inherent distrust of msm and are more inclined to believe the psyop because of that. Seems they win either way. I'd still be a Trump supporter if it weren't for warp-speed. Now i'm open to the idea that Trump/MAGA is possibly the most elaborate controlled ops movement ever created.
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