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  1. I'm luckyish having no dependants, and figure if i can't get UBI/JSA i'll have to live off of my crypto savings until i can find a new job or way of living. Do whatever you can to ride out this winter. Life isn't going to be easy for us, but it just might be a whole lot nicer than what's in store for the jabbed.
  2. And hideous rashes and blotches covering their whole arms, and who knows elsewhere. I work in a shop so get to see all the zombies. Could be sun exposure i guess. Just looks way weirder.
  3. Good news and hopefully more to come. I think we should save the big guns like Right Said Fred until we really need them.
  4. Where are we then... Bears tried pushing below 30k again, and have (so far) been rejected, again. A slight uptick in volume in BTC and alts but nothing spectacular. Is this merely bull trap trickery? Who knows any more. A strong finish to the week would be nice, hopefully completing a green pin bar on the weekly. I'm optimistic though that we won't see sub 30k again, perhaps ever, and BTC will now make a quick move to 35, and then 40k.
  5. yes it exists, lol. stayed there a couple of months back for my partners birthday. mappin seemed prickly, like something was off, i caught some of his phone call in the lobby area and saw him out and about. i think he gives off a certain arrogance to the locals, lording it up in the mansion just out of town. he's in interesting guy though; creative. seems genuine from what i've seen of him on camelot tv; his youtube channel, so i applaud this effort on the face of it.
  6. Didn't even hear about it, though i was working anyway. Which groups/sites do you frequent to know of things like that? I disabled my facebook, so preferably not that. Can just imagine it. "Eer you bleddy nutter you!" I've got that all to come in work when i refuse to mask and jab. Fuck em. These morons are a step away from being dead to me. Perhaps literally.
  7. Well, i am wondering the same at mine. If they mandate it, do they have a legal right to do so? At the very least i'm going to question this aspect, as i don't think they do.
  8. Southgate was largely at fault. If it really was a diversity decision then it's disgraceful, but Rashford and Sancho were cold, didn't really get a kick in the few minutes they had, and were thus not suitable to take a high pressure pen. Practically anyone on the pitch would've had a better chance to just leather it.
  9. In Aristotle's On the Heavens he presents an argument for a spherical Earth http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/heavens.2.ii.html (see part 14 of this book specifically). Also check out Eratosthenes, Ptolemy, and Plato's Phaedo, to name a few.
  10. Hubbard's father, Dick, was former Mayor of Auckland, and owner of Hubbard foods. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Hubbard From what i can gather, Dick is a leftist/climate change/"sustainable" globalist. We know what that translates to now - Reset/Agenda 21. Further info - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/dick-hubbard-the-cereal-socialist-174847.html "Their two sons are grown up and work in computers". Guess he didn't make it as a weightlifter then... With these connections, I wouldn't be surprised if "Laurel" was some kind of agent.
  11. Helio or Geocentrism with a spherical Earth was proposed at least as far back as ancient Greece.
  12. Idk. But i'm watching the most recent broadcast now.
  13. Excellent. Sounds like it might buy you a little more time than most.
  14. Anyone else keeping a tally on jab requests? I'm at 5 texts, and 2 letters. Haven't responded to anything as i don't want a box ticked next to refusal, although that is probably soon inevitable.
  15. Nope but if you wanted to guarantee results for some ritual? You wouldn't get the required precision in team sports without influencing all or most. A bent ref can only do so much, especially on such a public stage.
  16. I enjoy entertaining the theory without subscribing to it. FE doesn't really explain much, it's a dead end at 'God did it'. The dome is God's petri dish meant to keep you in, but you're not meant to see it...unless you have ...erm, boats to get there or something? In which case, mystery solved, you're some kind of lab experiment. But 'God' is not incompatible with a Universe model either. There's a middle ground between: FE human centric (everything made for us), and Universe centric (humans insignificant).
  17. No conspiracy needed. Italy (arguably team of the tournament), and England (best team in own half of draw). It was inevitable early on for them to meet. I would entertain any mechanism that could influence such a thing though, as it seems highly implausible to influence that many players, coaches, and random events in a game. Both countries are also strongly nationalistic and represent a threat to the EU. I would of thought if sport could be influenced to that degree, Italy and England would be punished instead of rewarded.
  18. Many, many things can happen and i think it's best to remain prepared in any way possible. The war is as psychological as it physical. If we lose hope that things may change, we may lose focus on that which may bring about change. We may miss unique opportunities for assembly and coordinated efforts. Serious coordination... the stuff which a gov person/official snooping on sites like this is really looking for... The libertarian age is over. We either fight and destroy what currently has power over us, or become eventually subsumed to it. I can't see a middle ground any more.
  19. "The Globalists will be hunted down and defeated! Any collaborators will suffer the same fate. These have been trying times, but we have passed the test. The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger." (paraphrased) The more they push the stronger indeed my resolve becomes.
  20. No idea. The best i can surmise from a quick search is that it's a rare-ish phenomenon most often seen at sunset, sometimes sunrise. Even rarer apparently is a blue flash when the air is particularly clear. Maybe the G7 budget only allowed for a green flash
  21. Anyone got a guess for when no jab/no job comes in for retail/shop staff? The masochist in me just wants it to hurry up so i can cause some kind of commotion at work. The reality is probably no one will care and i'll just be out of a job :-(
  22. Glad i'm not the only one to notice it. Me and my partner (in Cornwall) by chance caught the sunset on the Sunday of the event, and just as it disappeared it flashed a brilliant green colour, lasting a second or so. We half joked that it was made for them at the G7. Since that event, i can count on one hand the amount of days we've had like that entire weekend. In fact, that kind of wall to wall sun with maybe one or two normal looking clouds hasn't actually occurred since then. It's been overcast almost every day. I call shenanigans.
  23. Agree, although Belgium are the world's best in terms of FIFA rankings only so not a particularly objective measure. Said before the Germany game that the final would be Italy/England and will stick to it. Too close to call at that point. On topic, the boos were pretty loud last night. Italians don't give a fuck for that nonsense. Or it just wasn't drowned out as much by the Italian organisers as it is at Wembley. Probably had no precedent for it.
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