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  1. Here's one i wanted to run by folks here. The other day my partner and i caught a chemtrail in the midst of creation. Usual stuff you might think. But have a looksie at these, and you can see that exactly where the path of the plane is heading, there's already a faint dark line in the sky. Now of course planes have flight paths and are probably programmed to do so, apparently within inches. I've never seen this happen though, ever. Anyone got an explanation? Perhaps there's a simple one?
  2. I'll take take that as a no because anyone that did would not have made such a naive comment.
  3. Hopefully with enough time to pull out in a favourable position. (That's what she said). Owning stuff is so last century! Do we own our selves? That's the last stand. Can we own ourselves in the NWO? It doesn't look like it, so we might need to scale out of our position. Monthly bearish divergence on civilized society.
  4. Rob Moore has a downright bizarre array of guests, including Matt Hancock. This one's just been uploaded.
  5. Placate the conservatives on minor issues, continue with the agenda. Convince me that Meloni is different.
  6. Fair enough, i don't pay much attention to papers, just the msm tv/websites and they didn't seem to be covering that particular bit, and people i've talked that knew about the leaks didn't know about that quote. It does show at least that Hancock was willing to toy with people's health for the sake of a narrative, and i'm sure a case could be made for some kind of terrorism charge. BTW, following your (decent i might add) post in the spelling thread, it's "Bear in mind", not "Bare in mind"
  7. Get ready for leftists to cry wolf about freedom of speech, meanwhile accepting of state/big tech apparatus to continue to shut down anything they don't agree with.
  8. Back on topic, anyone notice how the most significant Hancock text revelations went largely unnoticed by people? "When do we deploy the variant" shreds the entire narrative of the past few years, practically confirms the variants were made up, and it's a small step to then say that covid itself was made up; not even real. Lab leak theory becoming mainstream would seem to lull them back to sleep, because at least then they've taken a jab for a reason, that there's something to jab against. I've talked to people aware of the texts but not this particular bit, or they even dismiss this even though aware of the leak. It's baffling until you realise the MSMs only go with the least damaging of the messages. On the other hand, the folks that bought into the narrative have an ego to protect, and are in a strong denial phase. That irrationality makes them potentially dangerous and unhinged, so my advice is be careful who you talk to and about what. My employment status is already under threat partly because of my beliefs (or what i know, to be more precise), and i'm looking to find something else asap.
  9. Maybe this will happen down the line, but right now cryptos are still rubbished by mainstream economists and tv 'experts'. It's still pretty much underground and untrusted by the masses. It would take some big changes to convince people to put their money into crytpo, perhaps a huge run in the next few years while fiats implodes, and then conditions for buying crypto like digital ID, perhaps even to access the internet. Maybe then the plug will be pulled, as crypto will be in direct competition to CBDCs, and it will be enough for people to willingly move over to them. There's nothing inherently wrong with digital cash imo, it's all about who controls it and how it's implemented. That said, at some point we may have to exit the system entirely including crypto, if we want to maintain any semblance of freedom. My partner thinks the way you do, says crypto is a gateway for CBDCs. But just because there is a gate, it doesn't mean you have to walk through it. Check out this recent article on the ukcolumn website for more info. https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/contexts-for-central-bank-digital-currency
  10. I don't usually catch local and national 'news' broadcasts, but the other day i did and witnessed a prime example of the rampant double standards that are propping up the anti-white agenda. First, local news (westcountry), cucked white male reader casually brings up the topic how a nearby sportsball team is too white and male. 'Too' white? They are saying in effect, there's too many of them. Second, national news (same channel), discussing the Michael Vaughan (cricket) racism case, where at the hearing Michael is asked something to the effect of 'Do you agree that the comment "there's too many of them" is racist?' The implication being of course, that it is undoubtedly racist. So here's a mainstream channel engaging in the same behaviour as that which they call racist in the space of an hour, without anyone batting an eyelid, and certainly no talk of court hearings. How can they get away with this? The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that our society is institutionally anti-white, and that media companies are complicit. These broadcasts are poison for white people.
  11. Early life! Went right over my head the first time i saw your post.
  12. It's surely too bizarre to be a coincidence. Reporters arrested, lack of proper acknowledgement by msm and gov officials, and apparently some safety protocols related to this sort of thing weren't followed. Some are saying there was absolutely no need to burn it. Plenty of red flags on this one.
  13. White Noise was set/filmed in the same area in Ohio, and get this, some of the locals used as extras are now involved in the real thing. Coincidence or the ultimate in predictive programming? Apparently this is an important farming region with many Amish. Now the land may well be unusable and uninhabitable.
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