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  1. Beautiful bullish pinbar on yesterday's close, in conjunction with bullish (daily) divergence on the oscillators. Every time we test this level (29-31k) it gets bought back up quickly. For 5 previous weeks price has failed to push below the 50 week EMA. It's looking good to make that 6 weeks, assuming no major Saturday sell off. Good signs anyway but we aren't quite out of the woods yet. It was getting quite hairy for a bit; if we lose this level i think forget about crypto this year because it would take months to resolve. The next support, 15-22k is plausible. If, and only if
  2. I'm on the fence, but erring towards there being a virus, or something real about it. What do you say to (extended) family who have someone youngish (32) in hospital, not able to drive, breathe properly, etc? No prior conditions from what i can gather, just one of the unlucky ones perhaps? (I think he's going to be fine, ultimately). He now has what they're calling "long covid", which i thought was just more bollocks at the time it became part of the media cycle. I'm not ruling out some other respiratory disease for him just yet, but for me the evidence suggests there is somethin
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57551368 How does one player in an isolated squad test positive and none of the others? According to the article, "match play is not considered close contact"
  4. No updates or new details from what i can gather, aside from Reuters feeling the need to "fact check" the claim that it was a Satanic ritual https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-cornwall-body-idUSL2N2NY1LU See how they've framed it - take the most absurd and demonstrably false claim to dismiss the idea as a whole. Now, i'm not even a believer in the Satanic ritual idea, but since they've made such a hash at disproving it, i don't completely disbelieve it either.
  5. As suspected, the weather here the day after the event turns to overcast, foggy shit.
  6. @Bombadil a family member's business was closed also (Lelant way), presumably others in the area. No compensation for the lost trade while these [email protected] are in town. Apparently though the CIA paid one local 10k to perch on their roof for a better vantage/sniping point. Initially they refused, so they came back with an 'offer they couldn't refuse' the next day.
  7. I thought he was dead tbh. Not nice. First reaction was if he had the death shot.
  8. Quite right. I fully expect my workplace to mandate it at some point this year, but i will wait to be fired first. I will not walk, because there's no comeback then if you decide to pursue it in court.
  9. Thanks. I like this line, “Police are currently treating the death as unexplained but there are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances.” Yeah so a random body was just found which nothing is known about. Nothing suspicious though, happens all the time clearly!
  10. Interesting. Plenty of people hang out/park up at Basset's, and Hell's mouth is a popular suicide spot. A few minutes drive from one to the other along the cliff road. I wonder where exactly the body was found, washed up on shore or on the cliff paths. The Cornwall Live article said that the RNLI and Coastguard were sent out, suggesting washed up. Can't see why they'd be needed otherwise.
  11. These kids are hilariously sheltered. Taking the knee has been repackaged now as "tackling discrimination in football", and not affiliated with any political organisation, but the supporters aren't quite that dumb. They've watched the rise of this gesture in America with BLM, and it's now over here and has crept into the game to become a norm. It solves nothing and they have no idea how what they're doing might be considered divisive. It's not like there hasn't been programs to combat racism anyway. What happened to "Kick It Out" and the dozen other equalities programs connected with the FA? P
  12. I half expected BTC to make a new higher low after the breakout, and by the looks of it now it will. Plenty of shorts recked here i'm sure. Classic fakeout from the pattern it'd been forming the past month and now price is back in said pattern, with a greater likelihood of breaking upwards. What does this mean? The bull market is probably still in play. Bearish indicators mean less in a bullmarket, and vice versa. What we're seeing on the weekly chart is hidden bullish divergence from at least two indicators - the ones i use anyway, RSI and MACD. Now we just need to hold this supp
  13. Roughly the same for me. I'm not sure if there'll be much to look at but i might see if i can get a parking spot across the bay at Godrevy at some point on the weekend. Probably really busy though with people having the same idea. Do you think Cornwall is getting special treatment for a reason? I have thought about it the past year. Compared to the rest of the country our lockdowns were less harsh, and then this. Lots of new projects starting up as well, the Spaceport in Newquay the major one. Perhaps with the lenient lockdowns they - tptb- want to preserve as much as the 'old' Cor
  14. If he's controlled opposition, the past 5 years of his wrangling with the media/Democrats has been the most elaborate plot ever devised by tptb in order to keep the two (one) party system intact. If he's truly the God Emperor, then why bring in an experimental vax at 'warp speed' for something that other, safer medication can cure? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between, he is neither controlled nor god. If he had not brought in the vaccines? Well, one need only imagine how the media would treat him. Perhaps his hands were tied. Perhaps he thought he wouldn't 'lose'. Perhaps h
  15. Hi there from Kernow (a stone's throw from where our benevolent world leaders will soon meet to discuss how they can improve our lives more than they already do). Well, the last year or so has been pretty mundane as far as world events go, so i thought i'd liven up my mind with some entertaining conspiracy theories which have no basis in reality. I can't wait to read stuff about 'vaccine passports' and other such nonsense, the brave and fearless British people would never accept it. (I know, we're f~~ked. Well, it's going to be entertaining in the next few
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