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  1. So does Trump still big up the clot shots, even though Gates himself has recently trashed them?
  2. Obviously that's pure speculation. Even if you buy the theory that they (Atlanteans) were the root race of various cultures (Berbers, Guanches, native Americans etc), one could not come to the conclusion that they were 'dark' in any meaningful sense that we know as Africans today. On the contrary, olive skinned and fair haired might be a better guess.
  3. I imagine keeping Judy alive doesn't come cheap, so he need to keep his cushy media job(s). Incidentally, ol' Madeley came out of the woodwork again in 2020 seemingly as part of the resistance, then was quickly promoted to controlled op positions in alt media. Now he's back in the bigtime, baby, where telling the obvious truth is frowned upon.
  4. Had a feeling last night's pump was a bull trap. I think we're finally getting a decent retrace on the daily. I'm watching 18-20k for a buy signal.
  5. Modern music is mostly redundant, it doesn't really define me, even though some has provided much inspiration and emotivity over the years (i'd like to invent new words at mine just because i can could). Old music can be powerful and full of life, but decadent and not my time. Older music still (ancient/monastic etc) can be simplistic and ethereal, but i'd be pretentious to think this is what defines me. Idk, tough isn't it? This guy was raised in my neck of the woods, so slap this on the outro. I don't care about my rotting meat sack, and nor should you. Dwell on everything i did wrong in life, and seek to better your own self. Don't gloat though, because other wise you'll be getting this.
  6. Indeed but many still seem to think they have voted for, or can vote their way out of this. That's a pre 2020 mindset. For some bizarre reason 'party politics' is still a thing.
  7. All men and women are desecrated by 'The thing'
  8. Interesting i didn't catch that game so i've just searched for it. It's almost like my situation (same outcome - a foul on black ends the frame), but in this instance even if the match continued Ding was more than 7 points behind with only 7 on the table, whereas what confused me in mine was that i could still win if i potted the black as the foul left me only 1 point behind. But yes ultimately it's the same rule. I guess it's to stop a frame going on infinitely.
  9. The epitome of 'you learn summin new everyday'... Was playing in a match last night and the frame went down to the black. After a few exchanges of safety the black was near the middle pocket, one of those where it might pot but so tight you'd have to be absolutely precise with aim and power. Ultimately decided if i went for it i'd probably miss and leave it. Some demon in my head possessed me to try a cross double to the opposite pocket which in hindsight i knew wasn't really on. Anyway, i missed and ended up going in-off in the corner pocket, and the frame was declared over. In all my time watching and playing i never came across the rule that a foul on the black ends the frame (unless the scores are tied, in which case a respotted black).
  10. Been taking NACs for a good while now, boy do they bring up phlegm. I joke that NACs will be the death of me as i will one day choke on the thick mucus i cough up. Im a smoker so that may be an additional side effect not seen so much in non smokers. Broms are good i find if i've eaten too much and suffering indigestion.
  11. Yup, Margaret-illuminati hands-Keenan. Wonder if she's alive? Shakespeare (#2) died of course. Deaths are clearly staggered dependant on a range of factors, and therefore untraceable (to those without They Live glasses). Regarding your cramps, i assume you mean shedding. Well i never bought that theory from the start, however, i've had a weird patch of very dry skin on my leg for a the past year or two, and similar has been mentioned before, so now i'm more open minded about it.
  12. And another. Never mind Mars, he certainly won't be over the moon about it.
  13. Wonder if he followed through with his threat to Hancock? Doesn't seem to have any further info on his twitter. Hope so.
  14. A dusting of snow down these parts and everything grinds to a halt. Seen some truly pathetic snowmen.
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