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  1. Another psy-op to influence jab uptake? "May as well get it if it's gonna be in food anyway" type response they're perhaps looking for. Bit like the shedding argument.
  2. Question is where are the support levels. I'd argue we're practically here already. Maybe we'll see a dip further to 41k - looking left we've hit that before (18th Feb), so it's fresh, and buy orders may be present here. It'll also coincide with a flipping of old resistance (see high of 8th Jan/15th June) to new support. We've formed a downward channel, possibly bull flag, the lower end of which would be 39k. Incidentally 39k would be the 0.5 fib target of recent daily low to high. Buyers love a 50% retrace (even though technically it's not a real Fib number). Let's see if we can build a base over the next couple of days to fulfil the full moon pump.
  3. Moondicator says buy then, though this dip might've nixed my 60k target for the next new moon.
  4. Yes all very clever isn't it. In presenting such articles they win on at least 2 fronts. First they get to tell the 'truth' that it is just a conspiracy theory/psyop (Q tells at least some truths, all of which can then be easily discredited, if the whole thing is proved fake). Second they know that some people have an inherent distrust of msm and are more inclined to believe the psyop because of that. Seems they win either way. I'd still be a Trump supporter if it weren't for warp-speed. Now i'm open to the idea that Trump/MAGA is possibly the most elaborate controlled ops movement ever created.
  5. When most others are chronically under reacting (due to hypnosis, wilful ignorance, etc), it's easy to assume there's something wrong with us instead. Are there any local support groups out there for parents in a similar situation? Even just one or two other like minded parents/friends would help a lot. I wish you all the strength needed to make the right decisions for your children.
  6. Anyone remember a specific day, about 4 or 5 before the first lockdown, when the msm went from scattered commentary about a foreign curiosity, to 24/7 news coverage? I'm convinced this was a specific point where many were literally hypnotized from that point on.
  7. Some of you guys are having real trouble accepting the terms of a simple hypothetical! Of course none of us want to take any of them.
  8. Yeah taking the emotion out of it is key, that's why i don't day trade (forex or crypto) any longer as i found it too stressful. These days i'm way more hands off, take a bit of profit now and then, buy back at decent prices, no stress. Leaves me more time for meditation and exercise.
  9. Neat! You're right about emotion driving the market. I was thinking a little self-fulfilling prophecy also, but i guess that means enough people have to know about it. Perhaps this is how whales trade, lol. So judging by our moondicator it's looking like a sell around October 6th. I'll predict ~60k by then, where we've got a chunk of old resistance to contend with.
  10. I haven't, but it sounds pretty cool (if there's anything to it). The astrology of trading perhaps.
  11. I don't use crosses myself, although when there is one (bullish), there is invariably a short term pull back before kicking on! A cross is really just an indication that price is moving in a direction, and you don't need a moving average to tell you that. They are inevitable as price moves. Still, if that gives buyers more confidence to get in then so be it.
  12. And globalization. The destruction of national identity. Guess who the captain of the Japanese rugby team is? Micheal Leitch ... yep.
  13. In the very unlikely event that kids of this age can make an independently researched, informed decision, peer pressure and as mentioned above the lure of cheap gifts will trap some of the others. I'm sure this is known, and very welcomed by the planners. The fact that this has been normalised in such a short amount of time is fucking nuts. With round the clock propaganda and daily reminders, it seems you can achieve nearly anything.
  14. AZ. Will just kill me off instead of whatever the fuck the mrna's are going to do.
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