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  1. Grumpy Owl, Dont kick me off this forum. I have re installed windows 10. Ive created a new handle. I have got this operating system Grumpy owl from the Edward Snowden tails OS. Trouble is I flashed it other day and got on internet with tails. Command prompt is damaging usb drives through command prompt and doing something to the usb drive so its inaccessible. I used Killdisk to format os and other of my computers. It is knacked. I used 1 passed zero killdisk NSA erasing. The USb disk is f''cked. I tried it on older operating systems its dead. There is only one possibility that WIndows 10 knows you are downloading tails and if you flash it to a usb. you need to bypass the os by going into BIOS and booting straight into debian 14.9 tails. They must have put some C+ code in to it to kill the usb disk after you attempt a reboot.
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