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  1. I stumbled upon an interview done by Wayne Bush on a military guy who claims he discovered the true meaning of our existence within this reality after a near death experience (NDE). The anon interviewee says that before we are born, we actually sign up for the experience as a human, a dog, a rock, non-human life form, etc. When this universe (amongst infinite multiverses) comes to an end, everything in existence reverts back to a single consciousness which we humans refer to as "god" which serves as an "evolution" of ourselves. But according to the interview, there is no "us." There is no you or me. We are supposedly the very god we worship (i am not religious). Interesting tidbit of listening pleasure from Wayne Bush his astral-traveling guest. A lot of what is said correlates with the nature of reality that Mr. Icke goes over such as The title of the audio file is the same as this subject title.
  2. We all have those moments when we wish everyone on this planet is yourself. But when you think about it, I'm sure most of us do something that someone else views as utterly inconceivable and we either don't really care or we are completely unaware. Whenever i feel like going postal, i quickly remind myself of my own shortcomings and feel greatful that things didn't turn out worse then it already has. Sh*t happens. For every action, there is a reaction. When someone gains, someone else loses. This is the emf world in which we live in.
  3. You know what would be crazy? If we woke up from this emf frequency and realized that we are Alien Greys.
  4. Watch Lloyd Pye's "Everything you know is false." We did not evolve from primates. We could not have evolved from a primate to homo sapien in 200,000 years: It's impossible. Thus, comparing ourselves from primates is one of the most ludicrous theory mankind has ever created.
  5. As a kid, I remember seeing a white glow around the head of the priest of my childhood christian church. There was always a thin black glow surrounding his head followed by a layer of white. The black glow is what really grabbed my attention back in the days.
  6. We view reality based off EMF which, according to Mr. Icke, is 0.0005% of all possible frequencies in this universe. Our body is simply a transistor that tunes into the frequency it can pick up on. Plus, my astral travels wouldn't happen if this was false. These days during my astral travels, i keep getting a sense that everything is one. Everything as in everything that exists seems to have consciousness and will return back to the one single consciousness which we decribe as "God". Nobody in my travels approached and said these things to me. I simply felt it. The realization that we are the very god we worship is the most positive thing that ever happened in my life. More than a family. More than a house. More than anything this world could possibly offer me.
  7. Sounds like you've had your first conscious astral travel. Sleep paralysis is required to separate your consciousness from your body and experience the world in a different frequency. Getting to sleep paralysis is the hardest part. Once in paralysis, just visualize yourself rolling/lifting up (easier said than done) and off you go.
  8. I had a dream where i would cease to exist once he sun sets when i was about 7-8 years old. In this dream, someone was telling me to take care of my blankets as the sun was setting. I remember thinking to myself, "This blanket is infinitely worthless compared to what's going to happen...why should i care??" and remember feeling the worst feeling of despair and hopelessness that i have ever felt in my life. The blanket that covered over me turned to a heavy slab of rough stone and i woke feeling as if nothing can prevent me from having my consciousness ceasing to exist. I went into my parents' bedroom beyond horrified and told them my blanket turned to stone. They told me to shut up and go back to sleep despite my pleas (my parents were literally cold-blooded degenerates). The level of fear i experienced that night still haunts me to this very day. This is why "ceasing to exist" is my greatest fear of all time and changed my personality up until something out of this world happened years later. The reason why i'm telling this true story is that back in 2007, i had my very first genuine astral travel while being 100% conscious of it. When i woke up, there was a 20 lb long slab of granite stone sitting vertically on my chest from the bottom of my chin to half of my thigh. I have never seen this slab of stone before. I live alone and i do not have any history of sleepwalking ever in my life. The only person i've told this story was my brother who lived on the east coast as a federal prosecutor. I realized at that moment that the reality we live in is only an small slice of the worlds that exists. I felt that to the core when i woke up. The stone slab appearing out of nowhere could've been a sign, telling me to stop worrying about ceasing to exist because our consciousness never goes away.
  9. @ Messenger I can't thank you enough for informing me of the existence of "Beyond the Pale Horse." I will order this promptly. Many thanks!
  10. The masks everyone wears doesn't protect against viruses. If you can breathe air through your mask, viruses can also penetrate the holes on the mask like a sparrow flying through a car tunnel. The fact that everyone is required to wear masks was a dead giveaway to my friends and associates in regards to the existence of covid. What's funny is that when you dine at a restaurant, you can take off your mask because apparently the virus can't stand food and becomes docile as a newborn dear.
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