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  1. 9 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    Simply because there isn't one. Never has been. It's a fiction.


    What they say are 'viruses' are not.


    People get ill because of weak and compromised immune systems, toxic environments, poisoned processed food, adulterated water, lack of sunshine, fresh air and exercise, loneliness, a stunted mentality which makes them believe anything and plenty of other things.


    They don't get ill because they breath in a bug or virus from someone else's sneeze.


    And what the fuck does fkn mean?


    Funny that, cos when my daughter was between 18 months - 3 years old, she would pick up loads of coughs n sneezes, and splutter all over me, and then I would get them as well...


    ....must have been all her bad karma (evils from previous lives no doubt) making her ill, and then altering my own energetic field making me ill.


    What else could it be?


    Definitely not nasty little bugs that she was infected with and spreading all over me! That is just propaganda from the mainstream media.



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  2. 8 hours ago, Pabloisawake said:

    Many agents on these forums. So sad.




    I think you are the agent, the plant, the spook.


    Your mission:


    To appear like such a fkn tool, that anyone with the slightest grip on reality writes off the whole forum community as a croc of nut-jobs.


    Go back to the Whiteboard, you 77th brigade spook agent of oppression you. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    That is barmy. Like saying if dragons didn't exist the dragon slayer would invent him.


    You got that the wrong way round.


    If Jews didn't exist - we'd all be a lot happier and peaceful.


    They hate anyone who is not a jew (gentile) and wish to see us all dead.



    I dunno about that. European nations seemed to be pretty good at hacking each other to pieces long before international Jewish finance was a thing, and the dark aged kingdoms before that, and the great Empires before that, and the pagan tribes before that.....


    .....seems to me that you would have to go back to the bronze age to experience a real golden age in this part of the world. Warm climate and abundance, coupled with low population.

  4. If viruses don't exist, how can a viral infection such as Herpes Simplex 1, be rapidly treated with an anti viral ointment such as aciclover?


    Anyone who has ever suffered from cold sores will know what I mean, and will know what a cold sore was like prior to aciclover (2-3 weeks of stinging agitation on the lips), compared to what having a cold sore is like with Aciclover to hand (1 evening experiencing a very mild tingle, which the anti-viral ointment knocks immediately dead).

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  5. 4 hours ago, rs1978 said:

    Before i write more I just want to say I love D.I his books and practically everything he says but.


    WHY the fuck does he keep saying there is NO VIRUS !! its fkn doing my NUT IN ! look i know apparently there zero scientific paper in the world isolating it to prove it exists ( apparently) i know all about the fake PCR test . ok ...............but what  THE FUCK about all the fkn people healthy people that bang all of a sudden there fkn floored in hospital on a fkn vent ?   


    Yep, especially when you have already had the fkn thing yourself, and you know very well that there most certainly is/was a weird lurgy going about, with these peculiar symptoms, especially the ongoing symptoms....


    .....and before anyone pipes up with "yeah, it's called the flu m8"....


    ....Yes, and nobody has ever claimed that Covid19 was anything more than a flu, with a 99.98% survival rate......but the point is, there is still a fkn virus (that was probably intended to be much more virulent than it turned out to be)....


    Saying, "there is no virus" just serves to undermine anything else he has to say on the matter.


    ROFL in advance @ the dude who will probably pop up here and advise that viruses don't exist and that all illness is just energy that you attract by karmic resonance......or some fkn sh1t like that. 

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  6. 13 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


    Dr Kaufman is a grifting douchebag.


    Just an opinion.


    The virus exists. I know people who have died from it. 


    That said I believe the vaccine is much more dangerous.


    People hanging on to out-of-date perspectives are going to get left-behind by reality.


    The game has changed. We have learned a lot since those early days when we were rightly dubious. Some people have failed to learn or chosen to continue their lucrative grift.


    It's becoming apparent that Covid 19 is a Chinese depopulation bio-weapon co-sponsored by Western governments....... the Chinese would do the lab work our governments didn't want to do. So blaming China is equally stupid. 


    Blame Anthony Fauci, he has been balls-deep in the 'dual-use' technological aspects of viruses.






    I don't anyone who has died from it, but know plenty of people who caught it, including myself....AND....it was here way before 'they' claimed it to be.


    For myself, and everyone else I know who had it (some with PCR positive tests to 'back it up'), it wasn't such a big deal. Just a total ball ache and very very long winded, to the point where you start wondering if you have some underlying problem, and as you say, it was just the weirdest lurgy I ever had.......furthermore, since Covid, (I had it Dec19/Jan20), I have developed a lot of angina like symptoms, that I can't shake off, despite numerous ECG's and blood tests saying I am totally fine.


    .....i think the bottom line is, if you are strong and healthy, you will brush it off no problem. If you have pre-existing heart or respiratory problems (as many geriatrics do), then it may just bump you off........seems like an awesome virus for an economy with a pending demographics time bomb coming close to detonating, doesn't it?


    I refuse to wear masks anywhere (except for when I go to work offshore, as it is either masks, or no income), and just about got in a fight on the Nightbus home with some alky dick giving someone grief for not wearing a mask.


    I also do not abide by any social distancing, and never have.


    I fully subscribe to the idea that whole Covid19 theatre is stunt being pulled by a global elite who seem to be in a big hurry to push their control grid on humanity.




    ......the virus is fkn real.....and to say that it doesn't exist and think you are being red pilled, is the height of fkn delusion.


    People need to get real. Subscribing to such utter idiocy on toast as "there is no virus" is just as bad and unconstructive as having all your opinions and thoughts programmed into your head by the BBC.


    As to the origins of it.....highly probably that it is a synthetic virus, and it is also my speculation that some sort of 'mishap' occurred here. Either it really was an accidental lab leak, or if it was intentional, then the virus quickly morphed into something much less lethal......But the whole 'Operation Lockdown' machinery was primed for the 'starting gun', which seemed to fire so the agenda came bolting out the blocks and has not looked back, despite the absurdity of it all.


    ........As scary pandemics go, Covid has been such a non-event and all the hysteria and scaremongering so farcical that anyone with a modicum of sense and wisdom has to see the whole shebang for the fraudulent stunt that it is........or so I would have thought......seems the masses are even dumber than I could have possibly imagined......(might not be such a bad thing if these dumbfks could be removed from the human genepool tbh).

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Regarding getting sick with the 'lurgy' we have to consider that many people do get sick every winter with the flu and pneumonia and that flu season is a long recognised phenomenon. In the current covid hysteria however the danger is that people will equate all flu-like symptoms to 'covid' when on previous occaisions, in years gone by, they may have developed flu-like symptoms but wouldn't have associated it with a novel coronavirus



    Yeah, but all Covid is meant to be, is  a particular bad lurgy, that affects some people (terminally ill over 80s) really badly. 


    ....that is all that it is.


    ......yet Davic Icke sez it don't exist?


    Just watch that space. This will be yet another area where Mr Icke revises "what he was saying all along", as more concrete evidence and facts emerge.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Lone Wolf said:

    One also has to take into account, that just wearing a mask has been proven to cause a variety of bacterial infections....also masks have been found to have graphene nanoparticles embedded in them...just to ensure, as many people as possible will have lung problems, or "COVID symptoms"...hence more likely to test positive with the misused PCR test. Even the inventor of the PCR tried his best...rest his soul...to tell everyone not to use it for diagnosing anything.


    In the early days, nobody was wearing masks, and there were still plenty people getting genuinely fk'd by this weird lurgy doing the rounds. The early advice was that masks were totally pointless and possibly counter-productive.....until the memo got around that masks made for great theatre and a great conditioning tool, and things even got as absurd as 'double masking'.

  9. 1 minute ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    There is no virus. I recommend 'Bechamp vs Pasteur' and  'The myth of contaigen' as an opener.



    Ok. What is Covid19 meant to be?


    Just a particularly bad dose of the flu, that by official admission, to many people is nothing more than a mild lurgy, with some people having next to no symptoms? Agreed?


    We all know what the symptoms are, so I won't list them here, but most notably, was the strange combination of the sinuses being completely fine, no runny/blocked nose, no sneezing, but sense of smell and/or taste completely absent.


    Well, I, and loads of other people that I know, had a lurgy exactly just like that, with some people having symptoms that persisted for MONTHS afterward.


    If that lurgy wasn't Covid, i.e. not what they are testing for with PCR tests, then it was a particularly bad cold/flu bug going around, and people suffering from it, were being labelled as suffering from Covid.....


    .....i.e. there really is/was a damn virus going around.


    .........and I lean towards the synthetic virus theory, simply because it was quite unlike any other cold bug I have ever had in my life.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    mmmm, like my weed. Just picking now too. However I don't just smoke it as it has over 2,500 uses.


    I love how you "know how a far too large section of the 'conspiracy fraternity' think", bet you got that from a training manual.




    Nah, no manual required...have a m8 like that....well I did, kind of fell out with me cos I wouldn't buy into his Q-Anon b.s.


    I have been following David Icke for years....he has a big impact and opens up a lot of minds to other possibilities, that is for sure.....but some of what he comes out with is just bat-shit crazy.....and it hasn't gone unnoticed that he NEVER corrects himself when he is wrong, but OFTEN reinvents what he 'was saying all along'.


    ......strong likelihood is, is that Covid 19 virus, is indeed a result of 'gain of function' research, probably carried out in Wuhan, with actors within the US Deep State in full awareness. Probably, it was meant to be far more deadly than it turned out to be, but quickly evolved into something much milder.....all just my speculations of course, but one thing is for sure.....THERE IS A FKN VIRUS!

  11. 1 minute ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    And why on earth would you 'ooo maybe I'm 77th' unless you weren't - Idiot.


    Did you not read the training manual properly? You are definitely on report for a week.



    LOL! This ^^


    ....and you aint even kidding.


    I know how a far too large section of the 'conspiracy fraternity' think. Too many of y'all be smoking far too much weed.


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  12. I mean, c'mon to fk, seriously?


    Surely LOADS of people in here (followers of David Icke), must have either caught, or know someone who caught this weird as fk lurgy, around Dec19/Jan20 and beyond, with all these really weird symptoms, unlike any other cold/flu they ever had, that lasted for ages, went away, then came back, then went away, and came back again.....leaving many with quite concerning after effects. Heard of lots of people been coughing their lungs up ever since.....I personally developed symptoms that made me quite concerned for my cardio vascular health, although the doc assures me that my cardiogram and blood test results are all good.


    I aint getting the Vaxx, and everyone who gets the Vaxx drops dead over next winter's round of cold n flu bugs which they will dress up as new variants, then that is fine by me....




    Why does he have to peddle this 'there is no virus b.s.'? Half the country caught it before Covid was even a brand name.


    (or am I just a 77th Brigade agitor/bot/spy/spook/infiltrator etc etc)


    (only 1 post! That gives the game away a bit don't you all think?)

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