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  1. You can believe anything you want, that is your right. I am just explaining that I don't believe something because it is said many times. I believe facts and evidence.
  2. The virus story again, is purely based on an assumption, a BELIEF SYSTEM. Just as there are people who believe in a GOD from the outside. That every virus is man made and creates a terrible disease. Apparently all viruses are not made from nature, but from a lab. Even now with Covid -19. First it came from a bat, now it is made in a lab? Nice tried, but again, where are the papers of the isolation of Covid-19? I have asked this to officials in my country, as many others did in their countries but the question is ignored. They don't have any doumentation of the isolation of these clamed 'viruses'. Where are the papers of the isolation of the HIV virus? It already CLAIMED it exists, without any proof. Show me the papers and documention of the HIV virus? Where can I find this on the site of the World Health Organization? Where is the documentation of the isolation for Covid-19? How did they isolate this 'claimed virus'? With Koch's Postulates? How? When was this done? Who was there to isolate it? Which laberatory did they isolate these 'viruses' ? Who financed this 'investigation'? Which creteria did they use to determine if these so called 'deadly viruses' exist and if they are harmful? Are these 'claimed deadly viruses' ever compared with healthy genetic material? Saying ten thousend times that there is a virus, doesn't it make it appear. The Nazi's used propagande with outrageous lies. Many believed it. But was it true? No. Just by repeating a LIE over and over again, people believed that a group of people where the blame of the financial crisis in 1929. That they where the blame of Germany loosing WW1. All based on a lie. Its a Pysch Op. WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTATION? WHERE IS THE PROOF? If you seriously believe that hard drugs is good for your health... People who use hard drugs like: Heroin, speed, crystal meth etc. Are using that stuff for years and is destroying their immune system. Even so bad that everything that comes along would make them sick because the immune system doesn't work anymore. Look at photo's from people who used hard drugs. They look terrible. Their health destroyed. Are you really going to say that that is good for an immune system? AIDS does exist, it's an auto immune disease caused by severe use of hard drugs, or toxic medication, not by sex or fluids. Blood from an AIDS patient in an healthy person, could develop in AIDS as your system that was healty before is now damaged by damaged (blood) cells etc. So your immune system starts to destroy itself. (Firewall doesn't work anymore, just as in a computer) And suddenly a 'virus' would destroy your immune system? While it was completely healthy before? I am having a hard time believing that. So hard drugs cannot destroy a persons health? Think again. Obiviously not every person who uses hard drugs for years get an auto immune disease. This depends on the person and the body, everyone reacts differently on toxic, heavy medication/ hard drugs. This HIV virus lie is created (not a virus, the PERCEPTION of it) to make people afraid for each other, to stay away, as 'everyone can be a potential threat and can carry 'this deadly virus' without feeling it, in them) People where so afraid, they wouldn't even come close to an AIDS patient, didn't shake hands etc. People with AIDS where seen as 'dangerous'. Just as Covid-19. Stay away from each other, humans are dangerous, everyone can 'carry' it with them. It's all designed to make people afraid of each other and to force them into a HUMAN - TECHNOLOGY connection instead of a HUMAN to HUMAN connection. We have to be connected to A.I. Is the end goal. They (The Elite, Kabal) are already busy with a 'solution' while they cannot prove the 'problem'. Problem, action, SOLUTION
  3. I didn't say AIDS doesn't exist. I said they never isolated the HIV virus. AIDS is caused by something else, not a virus.
  4. SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028 is the name of a pandemic simulation (a plandemic) that was completed in October 2017. It was conducted by the Center of Health Security at Johns Hopkins University. The exercise presented a "futuristic scenario" which communication dilemmas with regard to a simulated medical global could that could arise in the not too distant future. The exercise was one of four simulation games in the USA, some of which corresponded to events of the later Covid-19 plandemic. The other three were: Atlantic Storm , Clade X and Event 201. The simulation game assumed medical interventions in the event of a new coronavirus outbreak in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2025, Americans returning from Asia will die of an unknown 'flu-like' (sounds very familiar doesn't it?) illness resulting from infection with a new novel coronavirus, "SPARS-CoV" ( S t. P aul ARS ). Initially there is no knowledge, no diagnostic tests or treatment methods, not even a 'vaccine'. (A new false justification to get into people's bodies with advanched technology that will fuse the biological and the digital world + draconian measures'?) A global pandemic is developing from the outbreak. This new 'coronavirus' will be a new lie and steppingstone to connect everyone with this A.I. global cloud. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARS_Pandemic_2025–2028
  5. How to use digital communication and technology in a time of a simulated 'medical global crisis'. "The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative created by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health, comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users, both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place. While engaged with a rigorous simulated health emergency, scenario readers have the opportunity to mentally “rehearse” responses while also weighing the implications of their actions. At the same time, readers have a chance to consider what potential measures implemented in today’s environment might avert comparable communication dilemmas or classes of dilemmas in the future." https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/Center-projects/completed-projects/spars-pandemic-scenario.html
  6. I understand that if you read David Icke's work and you are for example new to this information, that it can be a shock for some people. The truth is quite dark and most mainstream people are so asleep, they cannot even understand that there is a different story to these big global events that is changing society in drastic ways and that the alternative story is the truth. They think that mainstream media is telling truth while they are lying constantly. And everyone is different of course when it comes to downloading information. David Icke's books and live events are for those who have an open mind and who understand that there is an alternative side to everything. Not everyone feels the same if you hear what he has to say. When I first David Icke talk in an interview about a year ago, I felt angry at the world, had pain and depression. But that was not because of what David Icke had to say. It was because of how the world was and how people reacted on it. I felt depressed because of constantly hearing the same 'official narrative' that basically says: 'This is how it is, accept it, deal with it, don't question authority and obey.' This without any explanation or context. Even if an explanation is given by authorities, it doesn't make any sense. Evidence is always ignored and ridiculed, which I thought was very strange. The world seemed to be created for humans, yet everything is designed for non - human purposes. As if everything is reversed. And it is. Even people around me accepted and still accept the 'official' narrative of everything without questioning anything and that made me depressed, sometimes still, but way less now. I felt as if something wasn't right, that this wasn't the 'real world' but I coudn't explain what it was. David Icke's work makes me powerful because what he says makes so much sense to me and it does connect all the dots. In stead of seeing some pieces of a puzzle, I now see the whole picture because of him and that makes me more stronger. He tells the truth and gives hope. He investigates everything based on evidence, not assumptions and is not afraid to speek the truth. No matter what is thrown at him. The truth has a powerful vibration that I feel and I am and not afraid to speek up my mind anymore, even when ridiculed and God, that happend a lot. Truth is stronger then fiction, even if it's dark. This man was ridiculed for years but he always said the same thing, even today, as when he started 31 years ago. There must be some truth in there. I really resonate with his energy and vibration. And it helped me to understand more about how the world really works. In the beginning his work can be quite overwhelming, but it can change. An awakening can be quite destructive. Because everything that you have been told, is a lie. If you really resonate with the truth and David Icke's work, your energy will change eventually and you can feel powerful, hopeful and not afraid.
  7. In order to understand the covid-19 virus claim, a virus that was never isolated and therefore never proven to exist, it is important to look further back in time. Because the perception of the existence of covid is related to the belief system of other diseases that are claimed to be caused by a virus. Let's investigate these claims further with an open and objective mind. In our world it is common that an assumption is made when it comes to a virus/disease and that this assumption which is nothing more then a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without any proof, is mostly accepted. Which is exactly what is happening with 'covid' and 'HIV'. We also call this: The illusory truth effect. This effect is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. In order words: if you create a lie and keep repeating it, eventually people will believe it, even if there is proof that destroys these claims. In this reality, facts and evidence don't matter but it's important to look at evidence, not assumptions. If a claim is made that a virus exist and that it causes a terrible disease, and it is repeated over and over again, most people accept this assumption without seeing any single evidence or even doing a throughout investigation. As the world is up side down and people are being injected with gene therapy which they call 'vaccinations', important questions remain and need an anwser. We are already busy with a 'solution' for a 'problem' with no single evidence. All based on assumptions. But the question remains; Is this so claimed 'coronavirus' ever isolated? And is this isolation done through Koch's postulates? (Koch postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causative (a factor) relationship between a microbe and a disease) We know now that this so called 'coronavirus' was never isolated and never been through the four critiria of Koch's postulates. There are no papers and not one single documentation on this planet that proves this 'coronavirus' was ever isolated. Obiviously I asked this to the RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) recently and I still have to wait for an answer, but I already know this 'virus' was never was never isolated and therefore it doesn't exist. If this claimed 'virus' doesn't exist and was never isolated, then how can you be tested for a this 'virus'? How can you be 'vaccinated' for a virus that doesn't exist? You can't! The real reason for the 'virus' claim and these gene therapies I discussed in an other topic about Covid-19 and the New World Order and their true goals. We are now investigating the 'HIV virus' and the claim that it would develop in a disease without a cure: AIDS. Which is a disease that can be supressed with medication but can even be deadly. Certainly in the past. Both 'coronavirus' and the 'HIV virus' have some similarities to each other: both 'virus'/disease' where not there before and suddenly everywhere. Both 'virus'/disease' where claimed to be dangerous and deadly and both 'virus'/disease' where tested with the PCR test. The test that cannot detect a virus. If covid-19 doesn't exist, then what about HIV and AIDS? Is it possible that we are being lied to and that the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immunodefiency syndrome) doesn't exist and isn't the cause for AIDS? So we are going back to the 80's and investigate if the 'HIV virus' exists, if it was ever isolated and if it is the cause for a dis-ease called: AIDS. For my research I devour alternative information as the mainstream information doesn't give any context at all. Governments, politicians and mainstream media, seem to ignore the isolation of a virus. I read the book: Virus Mania: How The Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits At Our Expense and a article named: HIV-AIDS, is not a Viral Disease; It is a Metabolic Syndrome. Of course I read more articles and I use common sense, intuition and an open mind. I will quote some of the book and the article to dive further into the claim: 'HIV causes AIDS' and I will attach the article below. AIDS: From Spare Tire to Multibillion-Dollar Business "If there is proof that HIV is the cause of AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document. "Kary Mullis Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the inventor of the PCR test in 1993. Whoever experienced the 1980's will still clearly remember: The AIDS panic picked up so quickly that there was no time for a survey of the facts. The mediastimulated fear of viruses had left behind severe "traces in society". In 1984, Der Spiegel, media from Germany, announced that, by the middle of the 1990's, the last German would become ill from AIDS, dying from it two years later (in other words: by the mid- 1990's, AIDS would wipe out the entire German population). The magazine Bild der Wissenschaft, made the same deadly predictions the following year (1985). In comparison, a 1986 forecast in US magazine Newsweek sounded moderate: by 1991, five to 10 million Americans would be infected by HIV. In reality, yearly, no more than a few hundred Germans die from AIDS. Moreover, these people actually die from traditional diseases (like lymphatic cancer or tuberculosis), which are then redefined as AIDS. As for Newsweek's visions of horror: its prognosis was around ten times the 750,000 HIV cases identified by US authorities. 750,000 is actually a cumulative number, since AIDS cases aren't tracked yearly, meaning that number represents the total numbers since official AIDS records were started in the early 1980's. Obviously, with such a method of measurement, the figures appear many times scarier than they actually are. (The same tools to induce extreme fear and trauma used with the 'covid' hoax) Have you ever heard the evening news give the number of traffic accident deaths since the beginning of statistical records (and not just ' the deaths for a given year'?) Certainly not. Strangely, the Robert Koch Institute even admits that they proceeded this way: "To catch the public's attention and encourage a political readiness to act, large numbers were naturally more suitable. Anyone who impartially dives into the topic of HN I AIDS, perpetually trips over such oddities, inconsistencies and contradictions-and searches in vain for scientific proof of the theory's basic hypotheses: that a virus called HIV, causes AIDS. But what is AIDS? What is AIDS? Even the definition of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is anything but coherent. In contrast to other diseases, there is no universal definition of AIDS that could be used as a basis for sound statistics. the World Health Organization (WHO) introduced the "Bangui Definition" in 1986, with which many patients have been diagnosed with AIDS. According to this definition, anyone suffering from a few common and non-specific symptoms, like weight loss plus diarrhea and itching, is declared an AIDS patient (without blood tests, and thereby without HIV antibody tests) This type of definition is misleading-it is circular, since it is based on dubious, doubtful, unproven assumptions that HIV exists; that HIV can cause AIDS; that a positive antibody test proves the existence of HIV. We don't know what AIDS is because there is no proof of the HIV Virus. If there is no proof of a virus then how do we know that HIV causes AIDS? We don't know! Where Is the Proof of HIV? This HIV is said to belong to a certain class of viruses called retroviruses. In order to prove, then, that HIV is a specific retrovirus, it would first be necessary to have HIV as a pure isolated virus available, so that it can be imaged in a purified form with an electron microscope. But all electron micrographs of so-called HIV taken from the mid-80's on, come, not from a patient's blood, but from "souped-up" cell cultures. In some cases the cells have been cooked up for a week in a lab Petri dish. So-called AIDS experts didn't even try to make scientific sense of their co-culturing techniques until 1997, when Hans Gelderblom, of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, took a stab at it. But Gelderblom's article, published in the magazine Virology, leaves out the purification, isolation and characterization of a virus, which does not prove that the particles are HIV. The second image of patient's blood came from the American National Cancer Institute. But the particles made visible (proteins, RNA particles) did not have morphology typical of retroviruses (let alone of a specific retrovirus). Additionally, proteins like p24 and p18, which, according to the opinions of mainstream AIDS researchers, are supposed to be specific to HIV, and are also used as HIV markers (surrogate markers), were also found in a number of so-called "uninfected" human tissue samples. If even retrovirus-like particles cannot be recognized in these electron micrographs (let alone particles that match a retrovirus or a very particular retrovirus), this must logically mean that HIV-allegedly, a very specific retrovirus-cannot be detected. "Indeed, HIV has never been detected in a purified form," according to many renowned experts. There is no evidence that supports the claim that the HIV virus even exists. HIV = AIDS? Is HIV the cause of AIDS? Let's allow the medical establishment speak for itself. Reinhard Kurth, director of the Robert Koch Institute (one of the pillars of mainstream AIDS research), conceded in Der Spiegel (9 September, 2004): "We don't exactly know how HIV causes disease. In the 1996 documentary AIDS-The Doubt, by French journalist Djamel Tahi, Montagnier admitted to the same, saying, "there is no scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS. 12 years before, in 1984, Montagnier emphasized that, "The only way to prove that HIV causes AIDS is to show this on an animal model." But there is still no such model. Kary Mullis (who invented the PCR test) said once in an interview about HIV/AIDS ''I'm not a lifeguard, I'm a scientist. And I get up and say exactly what I think. I'm not going to change the facts around because I believe in something and feel like manipulating somebody's behavior by stretching what I really know. I think it's always the right thing and the safe thing for a scientist to speak one's mind from the facts. If you can't figure out why you believe something, then you'd better make it clear that you're speaking as a religious person. People keep asking me, 'You mean you don't believe that HIV causes AIDS?' And I say, 'Whether I believe it or not is irrelevant! I have no scientific evidence for it!' I might believe in God, and He could have told me in a dream that HIV causes AIDS. But I wouldn't stand up in front of scientists and say, 'I believe HIV causes AIDS because God told me.' I'd say, 'I have papers here in hand and experiments that have been done that can be demonstrated to others. It's not what somebody believes, it's experimental proof that counts. And those guys [from AIDS orthodoxy] don't have that proof." HIV Antibody Tests, PCR Viral Load Tests, CD4 Counts: As Uninformative as a Toss of a Coin The most significant diagnostic tools of viral and AIDS medicine are: 1. Antibody tests (HIV tests) 2. PCR viral load tests 3. Helper cell counts (T-cells, or rather the T-cell subgroup CD4) These are what is known as surrogate markers: alternative methods which doctors determine, on the basis of laboratory data, if someone is infected with HIV or not, and whether they have AIDS. Instead of using traditional methods for investigating whether real disease symptoms (so-called clinical endpoints) have occurred, AIDS doctors look at whether the number of CD4 cells has decreased within a certain time period; if so, the risk of contracting AIDS is said to be low. But as previously mentioned, the results given by these methods are highly dubious ways to detect viruses like HIV, the SARS coronavirus, or the avian flu virus HSN1 and their pathogenic effects. Often enough, surrogate markers have led to misdiagnosis. the HIV antibody tests. They're based on an antigen-antibody theory, which assumes the immune system fights against these antigens (proteins from HIV), as they are called, which are seen by the body as foreign. Their detection triggers an immune reaction, or response, which in turn induces the formation of specifically targeted antibodies. Now, since these so-called HIV antibody tests only prove the existence of antibodies (and not, it is worth noting, the antigen directly, which in this case would be parts of HIV), we have to assume that HIV must have been detected during the validation of the tests. Only then could one use the antigen to calibrate the antibody tests for this particular (HIV) antigen. That is, only in this way can one test whether HIV antibodies are present or not, and, if HIV has not been proven to exist, the tests cannot possibly be known definitively to react to it. Even Reinhard Kurth, director of the Robert Koch Institute made a sobering comment in the Spiegel in 2004: "To tell the truth, we really don't know exactly what has to happen in a vaccine so that it protects from AIDS." Viral load measurements with the help of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, are just as dubious and ultimately meaningless. As long as HIV has not been proven to exist, these tests cannot be calibrated for HIV-and they cannot be used to measure "HIV viral load." Very fine traces of genes (DNA, RNA) may be detected, but whether they come from a (certain) virus, or from some other contamination, remains unclear. The same controversy plagues the tests that count CD4 helper cells. Not a single study confirms the most important principle of the HIV = AIDS theory: that HIV destroys CD4 cells by means of an infection. And without a virus, you cannot possibly know what causes AIDS. It is based on an assumption, not facts. Just as with the coronavirus. CD4 count in the HIV setting is as unformative as "a toss of a coin". Drugs, Medicines and Malnutrition Lead to AIDS There is much evidence that AIDS can substantially be explained by the intake of poisonous drugs and medications (antivirals, antibiotics, etc.) and by malnutrition. Around 80% of all children declared to be AIDS patients are born to mothers who have taken intravenous drugs that destroy the immune system. And the first people to be diagnosed as AIDS patients in the USA were all consumers of drugs like poppers, cocaine, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, or amphetamines, all of which have devastating effects on the immune system. These AIDS patients immune systems are severly weakened. This makes it obvious that there is no need for HIV to explain AIDS. Correspondingly, the typical sufferer who is tagged as an "AIDS patient" suffers from malnutrition; particularly those affected in poor countries, but also many drug users who constitute the bulk of AIDS patients in wealthy countries. At the same time, studies show that a stress factor like drugs can trigger a new arrangement of genetic sequences (DNA) in the cells, whereby cell particles are formed-particles produced (endogenously) by the cells themselves (and interpreted by the mainstream medical industry as 'viruses invading from the outside', making this assumption without any proof. The gay communities active rol in the AIDS war Based at least in part on these skewed stats, the gay community certainly became active in the AIDS war and some became powerful gatekeepers of the AIDS establishment. Gay men, some of them affluent and relatively privileged, found their way into private doctors offices and prominent teaching hospitals-and from there into the pages of medical journals [and from there into the mass media]-while drug users often sickened and died with little fanfare. And many reports in medical journals were penned by doctors who were very close to the gay scene and for that reason had treated many AIDS patients. The focus on homosexuals was so strong that, at the beginning AIDS was even called Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome (GRID). Or simply, "gay disease". Primarily because clinicians, epidemiologists, and reporters perceived the syndrome through that filter of the 'gay men's health crisis'. While in fact, there is no proof for it all. AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is a disease that weakens the immunsystem due to toxic, heavy medication, hard drugs and bad nutrition. If nothing is done to strengthen the immunsystem, then even a minor infection such as a cold can be much more severe. This is because the body has difficulty responding to new infections. People with AIDS can die because their immunsystem is already weakend and if given heavy medications, the body can not process these heavy medications and the body wil stop working. This doesn't have to be the case, it depends on the medication that is given. So the 'HIV virus', just as this 'coronavirus' strain (covid-19) has never been isolated en therefore not proven to exist. You can understand why big pharmaceutical companies make billions out of sick people and keep forcing the population to keep taking medication and vaccines that can be toxic and dangerous. And that the reason for 'vaccinating' people for covid-19 has a completely different reason that has nothing with a virus. Below is the article I mentioned. It is a medical nutritionist from India who wrote it. It describes why HIV-AIDS, is not a viral disease; but a metabolic syndrome. It describes what is written in the book: 'Virus Mania' in addition with other interesting information: https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/hivaids-is-not-a-viral-disease-it-is-a-metabolic-syndrome-2167-0943-1000239.pdf
  8. What are humans turned into after being injected? Very interesting video to watch. There is a fragment of an interview with Claus Swabb from 2016 who talks about a chip implanted in people's bodies. That this will definitely happen in the next ten years. He talks about the fusion of the physical, biological and the digital world: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YaunVlziK8n2/
  9. Check this out: MAY 22, 2020 - JAY WALKER, CEO OF APIJECT SYSTEMS - "SMALL CHIP" RFID CHIP IN THE VAXX CONFIRMED https://www.bitchute.com/video/NibNxLFjlsgO/
  10. So this will be more about the events that we are in today. The 'virus' and the vaccinations. There are so many people believing there is a deadly virus killing millions of people, but the 'deadly virus' story is based on a lie and it's a assumption. There is no proof and the 'virus' was never isolated. Covid-19 doesn't exist, not in nature and not in a lab and it's important to keep this in mind. The virus story is a way to get people so fearful that they desperately want a vaccine. A vaccine that isn't a vaccine because there is no Covid-19 virus in these 'vaccines'. It's gene therapy. In this gene therapy is a nano chip to tag people. The Covid-19 story is a Trojan horse to get in people's body for ultimate control. The WHO and Bill Gates (And eventually everyone) will say that these 'vaccines' need to be digitally monitored for 'your safety' so that they can see which 'vaccine' you have. I know this because someone I live with had this gene therapy and this person recieved a registration card with the name of the gene therapy, when it was given, batchnummer and a QR code. This QR code is information from the chip in this gene therapy. Covid-19 stands for: 'Certificate of Vaccination ID 19', and that is where we are heading now. This gene therapy is a way to get a digital ID into the human body (obiviously they wouldn't tell this or people wouldn't do it and freak out) and this ID into the human body is designed so the body won't reject it. If the body does reject this gene therapy/ID chip, a severe reaction can take place and can even be deadly. So when this nano chip, that is so small that it isn't visible, is injected into the body, it goes into a digital database. Every country has is own database but in the shadows it will go to 1 global database (which is exactly what the Cult wants) I will take my country as an example how it goes. I live in the Netherlands and if someone from this country has this identification chip inside his or her body it will be registered in a digital database called: CIMS, which means in Dutch: Informatie- en Monitoringsysteem, or: Information and Monitoring System. This digital database is connected to the Dutch government: the RIVM. Their official claim is that: "The RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has a national registration system, the COVID Vaccination Information and Monitoring System (CIMS). This keeps important data about the COVID-19 vaccination that is important to fight the epidemic". In this digital database people from the government can look into people's information and people will therefore be monitored. (checked and controlled eventually) To get to your vaccination information, you need a DigiD. Which is basically a digital indentification that Dutch people use to get to their personal information when it comes to governments. They are already talking about making DigiD European. Which means that DigiD can be used through whole Europe and eventually every citizen from every country in the world needs a DigiD to get to their personal information when it comes to 'vaccinations'. (Digital Chip) https://www.rivm.nl/covid-19-vaccinatie/privacy The technology for putting nano chips in vaccinations is already there. Gates himself said that a chip will be used to monitor the 'safety of the vaccines' and that governments can monitor who had this 'vaccine' and who doesn't. Some already talk about these chips, which they call a: RFID chip. The article that I will quote explains what this means. You can think this is ridiculous but you can ask the question: Why does a 'vaccination' needs to be digitally monitored by governments? Didn't happen with the flu and people died and still die from the flu. Never in history was a vaccination digitally monitored, yet, it happens with the 'vaccines' of covid-19, the virus that doesn't exist. From the article: "The COVID-19 vaccine is being fast-tracked by the FDA and in some areas is ready to go. Ensuring COVID vaccines are stored at the right temperature is critical, and that's very much a technology problem. (Technological problem? Since when has cold to do with technology?) It turns out there's one mature technology that could streamline the entire supply chain: RFID The vaccine is a critical step in getting back to normal (I would say: getting towards a New World Order) and (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification systems are a practical and accurate solution for monitoring environmental conditions. Commonly used in hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities as a means to track equipment and medications and monitor access control. RFID technology is already being applied in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution program, including in an optional RFID chip embedded under the label of a prefilled syringe. (First it was said there was no chip, now there is a chip ON the syringe. If that was the case, then why is this chip connected with someones personal information? Why does this ‘vaccination’ has to be digitally monitured and is this not done with other vaccinations?) In the old days, if someone got a vaccination it was written on a card, nothing was digitally tracked. The answer: because this chip will be IN your body as it is injectable. And since this 'vaccination' or identifiaction chip is IN your body, it has to be monitored. Whichs means: your body has to be monitored because of 'safety reasons' Obiviously they (the Cult) and loads of other people will deny this. Is it not true that governments lie? They have lied about everything, including about this 'virus'. https://www.zdnet.com/article/cold-storage-covid-vaccines-chill-out-with-rfid-chips/ If you think about it and I know this article pretends that it's just monitoring a 'vaccine'; then think about this: Your information like; your name, your adress, your indentification information from ID cards and passports, who you live with, where you work, wich 'vaccination' you had, batchnumber, when you had them and IF you had this 'vaccination' (chip) or not, your benefits, fees and taxes then Governments have every information possible from every person in it's country and eventually globally as we are going to that direction anyway, and this is all digital. Isn't that a form of control? A company called: Hipra has developed 'smart vaccines with a chip' to connect it to a digital database for monitoring 'the safety of vaccines'. They say on their website: “Focused on explaining the three pillars that make up the revolutionary concept of SMART VACCINATION, which offers global connectivity of services for the vaccination process: a vaccine that includes an RFiD chip in its label, a ground-breaking device to ensure correct vaccination and finally a software to trace the whole vaccination process. Hipra is the first company that is able to offer a global solution to the total control of a global crisis like a new ‘deadly virus) Smart Vaccination by HIPRA is a revolutionary concept that combines: A smart vaccine including RFID technology in its label, a vaccination device. A digital global solution. https://www.hipra.com/portal/en/hipra/smart-vaccination/about First we went to technology that can be used ON the body and now we are going IN the body. You have chips that can be outside of a body and be monitored. There are chips you can implant in the body and can be monitored. This is called: The VeriChip. What is the VeriChip? The VeriChip Personal Identification System is a small radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is implanted into the human body. VeriChip raises the same privacy issues as RFID tags. VeriChip is marketed as a universal means of identification, intended for use in a variety of settings, including financial and transportation security, residential and commercial building access, and military and government security. For an initial "chipping" fee, as well as a monthly $9.95 subscription fee, customers' arms are implanted with a glass chip about the size of a grain of rice, containing a unique verification number. When activated by a VeriChip scanner, that number is emitted by a small radio frequency, providing instant access to information logged in the Global VeriChip Subscriber (GVS) Registry. On October 12, 2004, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved VeriChip for medical applications in the United States. The approval will allow VeriChip to be used to confirm identity, and check the blood type, potential allergies and medical history of unconscious patients. The device is subject to Class II special controls to mitigate potential risks identified by the FDA, which include adverse tissue reaction, electromagnetic interference, and magnetic resonance imaging incompatibility. EPIC (Website) has recommended strong safeguards for RFIDs and techniques to track the use of digital works. EPIC's Comments on RFID recommend a prohibition on " chipping" people and warn that unencrypted RFID passports pose significant security risks. EPIC's Comments on Digital Rights Management(pdf), submitted in collaboration with the Yale Law School Information Society Project, focus on the intersection of copyright protection and user privacy. (Apr. 1, 2005) FDA Privacy Warning: Donna-Bea Tillman, Director, Office of Device Evaluation, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug Administration, was quoted in the Privacy Times (Vol. 24 Number 19, Oct. 20, 2004) as saying that: "...by agreeing to have a chip implanted, the understanding would be that a patient has tacitly agreed to make information [stored in the VeriChip] available to someone with a reader," she said, adding that the potential for unauthorized medical records access "is an issue." This Covid-19 chip will be more advanced, smaller, better technology and the end goal is to get every chipped. That's why the Cult and aspects of the Cult say constantly:" We can only be safe if EVERYONE is 'vaccinated'. There will always be a lie to justify more 'vaccinations' and more draconion measures. It is never enough. Don't think that we are going 'back to normal' if you 'vaccinated' because it wil not get you 'back to normal'. Normal never was. We will only go into a darker road of evilness and tyranny if we keep obeying these psychopaths.
  11. I understand this is about the NWO and Covid - 19. I will add more information about the chips in vaccinations soon.
  12. For long I am researching information about the New World Order because I always felt something was wrong with the world. Something didn't add up what was being said and done. The urge to find anwsers came because people around me as they seemed to be asleep, only repeated what mainstream media said and that bothered me, it still does. I am completely alone in this in my environment. So I decided to devour information about these big events that changed the world in a radical way. Alarm bells started to ring for me some years after 9/11. Not immediately as I was to young at that time, but some years later I started to look at 9/11 more closely and the evidence just doesn't lie. 9/11 was a false flag and a steppingstone to more global control. And there are more false flags in history obviously. I only saw the pieces of the puzzle in recent years, not the complete picture... until the plandemic of 2020. When I wanted anwsers as I thought that these governments didn't gave any context about this 'virus' and only wanted people to obey and to accept their narrative. It just didn't make sense to me and I never heard of David Icke until I saw his first interview with Londonreal in 2020. Everything he said made sense and yes this plandemic ticks of every box for global control. So in this year I devour information from David and other sources as well and the picture is very clear of course: The New World Order. But the more we go into this New World Order, the more censorship is used to silence those who want to speak the truth and this will be not a suprise to anyone here. They have silenced me so many times it's ridiculous and as I am for freedom of speech, I refuse to give up and keep spreading truth. It's becoming more difficult to spread truth as social media is more and more controlled by the day so that's why I am here. The puzzle is very clear and that is The New World Order as I previously mentioned and the steppingstones towards this goal. And I wanted to describe some steppingstones for more control. There are more steppingstones so if you want to add one, be my guest, as it would be cool to discuss more steppingstones. We are going to the end goal of the NWO very quickly now. 9/11 and the Covid hoax are the ones I know more about. I was on Quoara and someone asked the following question: 'What is the truth about The New World Order'. Obviously my answer is no where to be seen for obivious reasons but this was my answer: The truth about the New World Order is the centralization of global power. In this piramide structure of control the elite is at the top, the army/police force is in the middle serving the elite and forcing the rules on humanity, while humanity is at the bottom of the piramide. Everything is controlled, not by governments or politicians but by secret societies. It's like a spiders web. The inner core of the web, a satanic death cult works in the shadows and out of human perception. We cannot see them, only their actions ( loads of politicians are involved in pedophilia, satanism and secret societies. The secret societies + the inner core of the web decides who becomes president or a political leader) From the inner core of the web that works in the shadows are secret societies. Some we have never heard of as they are very secret and some even have no names as it makes it harder to track them. These secret societies in the shadows are connected with secret societies we do know like the Knights Templar, The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Club of Rome (which is especially created to use the global warming hoax as a means to control the world) These secret societies do exist and work in different levels. The Freemasons have 33 degrees. That means 33 levels of knowledge. Where the top of the piramide structure knows all (the all seeing eye) while the other levels in the middle and below don't have all the knowledge. This is called: compartmentalization, which means: the division of something into sections or categories. You can be part of the Illuminati in a second but those are the lowest levels and people who join, don't know what they are a part of, they only get a limited amount of knowledge. Global events are never discussed at the lowest levels. So being part of the Illuminati doesn't mean the Illuminati in it's entirely. (Illuminati which means 'People of the light’ or knowledge) it's only the lower levels. The top of the piramide in secret societies knows everything about control, power, knowledge and consciousness. You cannot be part of this group because only members of specific blood lines are part of top. If we talk about The New World Order, we talk about hybrid blood lines. These people from these blood lines are not human and are extreme psychopaths and very rich. Most American president for example come from the same origin if you go way back and are even related to the British Royal family if you go far back enough. The Royal British Family who is also not human but from a created hybrid bloodline. This World Order wants everything globally centralized: money, control over people's mind and body and one global police force. Think about the the European Union and their thirst for power. They want globalization. What does that mean? It means: The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. The globalization of the world economy is a perfect example for global power. The Euro, the NATO etc. False flags have been used in history to create a more global force with more power. Think about world war 1 and 2, 9/11, the plandemic of 2020. The plandemic is a huge false flag and gives great opportunity for The New World Order. Because in the early months of 2019, there was no 'pandemic' yet. In October of that same year an event was held: Event 201. Describing in detail that a dangerous Coronavirus would sweep the world into a disaster if not being globally controlled. 65 million people would die from this ‘terrible virus’. This Coronavirus (Covid-19) would go from bats to pigs and from pigs to humans. Everything was documented and even recorded on video. This was a simulation, a preparation of what was to come. But how could they know this? Because it was staged and a very important steppingstone to the end goal which I will explain later. This event (event 201) was organized by the Johns Hopkins Foundation who is huge financially connected to Bill Gates, who was in software and not a doctor in any ways. But he is the frontman of the World Health Organization (WHO) and a frontman for this death Cult/The New World Order. And with this non human force everything is inverted. But the WHO is created by David Rockefeller who was a American banker and philanthropist with a lot of influence on global events and part of the New World Order. David Rockefeller once said and I quote: “Some even believe the Rockefeller family are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world (One World Order) if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” The plandemic of 2020 is very important in this story as it's a steppingstone to the end goal. This 'virus’ that is never proven to exist is not about a virus at all but about complete control of humanity. Not only from the outside, but also from the inside. People need to be chipped and tagged so that governments (assets of this Cult) have every information everyone. When you are vaccinated (chipped) where, what time, location, if you had the 'virus’ when you got yourself tested. Even money will be digital in the future. this digital information (money) will be on this chip as well and so it will be controlled. As loads of people talk about a 'virus' I look to those who benefit from this manipulated crisis and their end goal: Everything will be in a global digital database. They are already speaking of agenda 2030 which is in 9 years. In other words: the human brain will be connected to artificial intelligence or A.I. in the year 2030. And don't think about big computer chips. We are talking about nano technology here. These nano chips are so extremely small, you cannot see them and they can be put in vaccines. This technology already exists. Of course people don't accept to be chipped so we can be completely controlled. And so something had to be designed that was so terrible fearful and deadly that people would stand in line to be 'vaccinated'. (a codeword for being chipped) A 'deadly virus’. Of course there is no virus, not made of nature, nor made in a lab. It's just a perception of a virus to justify global mass vaccination and to get people digitally tagged. The people behind this already call this: 'Covid-19. The Great Reset’. This New World Order is not only socially, but very politically and economically. 9/11 was another steppingstone to destroy countries and reorder the world to a New World Order. What did Tony Blair say, the former leader of the Labor party after 9/11? "This is a moment to seize," .The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again. Before they do let us ’reorder this world' around us and use modern science to provide prosperity for all. Science can't make that choice for us, only the moral ‘power of a world acting as a community' can." He basically says that a New World Order is needed to survive against these ' terrorists’ and therefore everything needs to be globally centralizited. 9/11 was a false flag, a steppingstone to archive this goal. What did George W. Bush say after 9/11? “You're free. And freedom is beautiful. And, you know, it'll take time to restore chaos and order - order out of chaos. But we will.” Bush quoted exactly a Freemason motto: "ORDO AB CHAO" Meaning: “Order Out Of Chaos". Create destruction (war on Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Staged terrorist attacks) and destroy society, and then put your new order in place. The political think thank created in September 2000, exactly a year before 9/11 named: Project For The New American Century (created to justify the invasion of countries) or Rebuilding America’s Defences: strategy, forces and resources for a new century, was a blueprint of American aims said in it's documentation before 9/11: ” The PNAC document described four "Core Missions" for the American military. The two central requirements are for American forces to "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars." In order to bring this plan to fruition, the military must fight these wars one way or the other to establish American dominance for all to see. And it said in other parts of the document: The document pinpoints North Korea, afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran and some more countries as dangerous regimes, and says their existence justifies the creation of a "worldwide command and control system". This is a blueprint for US world domination. “ Further, the process of transformation. even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor.” Exactly a year after this document was published, America got it's 'New Pearl Harbor’: 9/11. And country after country was invaded. Exactly the countries named in the document. All these wars where based on a hoax. To justify global control. Exactly the same with the Covid hoax. Everything is done to justify A New World Order. Aaron Russo, a political activist and film maker who was a good friend of Nick Rockefeller once said: “The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.” I guess a lot of you already know this information but I just wanted to add my vision as well as it's being deleted constantly. This interview is very interesting to watch: Aaron Russo and Alex Jones about the NWO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3NA17CCboA&t=1041s&ab_channel=brigadedutigrebrigadedutigre If you have more information about the steppingstones to the New World Order, bring it on.
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