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  1. It's like they have a jab-fetish. Considering they are a bunch of sick, evil, twisted creatures, perhaps they jack-off to "sudden deaths", who knows with their kind.
  2. Dickson? Dick's son? So a dickhead?
  3. LIVE in reverse is EVIL Oh the irony...
  4. The evil scumbags are clever. The masses are stupid. So sad..
  5. I guess the "satanvision", pardon me, Eurovision, proves your point, dr. Nip.
  6. It 100% is! It's amazing really, the level of brainwashing and mind control. We are the generation with the most access to all kinds of information, yet, we are the dumbest and most ignorant generation. The cabal are as smart as they are evil, I have to give them that credit.
  7. Well to be fair, all of them also had access to right information, yet out of sheer ignorance, and brainwashing, they didn't just reject the right information, they also ridiculed the messengers of truth. In the end, they all are, as JLP would say, "Children of the Lie".
  8. I just had a question pop in my mind: Is there any part of this world, this life, this society, that doesn't have some form of "conspiracy" underneath it? I honestly can't name a single thing.
  9. I guess you know about the Rosenau experiment? When American army "imported" patients "infected" with Spanish Flu. They tried, in all imaginable ways, to transmit it to their 100 soldiers who volunteered to be a part of the experiment. There were 4 stages: 1. Just being in a room with infected person; 2. Sleeping in the same bed; 3. Infected person spitting in the mouth of the soldier; 4. Injection of blood from the infected person in to the soldiers veins. Out of 100 soldiers, they managed to "infect" 0 with Spanish flu. I guess their immune systems were really good, which can not be said for many people today living in this poisonous world. Interesting..
  10. One interesting fact, at least it was interesting to me: In ancient China people used to pay monthly fee to doctors to keep them healthy. When a person gets sick, he stops paying the doctor until the doctor heals him. With this approach, contrary to our time, it was in doctors best interest for people to be healthy.
  11. Well after all, the laughter is the best natural medicine
  12. Probably one of the best decisions you could have made. PS: it's @Nip's expression for all those retarded reality shows that only imbeciles watch.
  13. And don't forget "Celebrity Wank Island Cum Dancing on Ice in the Jungle Special"
  14. I'm always amazed by something which I think can be correlated with your post. I know, and have met on occasion, many people who are aware that certains group of "people" rule the world, that everything goes according to their plan, and that they: -control the media; -control the education; -control the health industry; -control the economy; -create wars, health and economy crises; -control history and archeology; -control all of technology; -etc. Yet most of them believe in mainstream religions. Even tho they know those creatures rule everything in this world, and when I say to them: don't you think they have also created and control major religions, considering that religion is a rather great way to control and influence the masses? It just flies over their heads. They stil believe they should pray to (cabal created) gods, do (cabal created) rituals, believe in (cabal created) beliefs and wait for (cabal created) gods to punish the cabal. Ridiculous.
  15. Off-topic, but kind of related to your comment. The rulling political party in Serbia (thieves and scumbags, of course) had a slogan: "for our children". I always said that, yes, it is for their children, not for the children of Serbia. Their new slogan was: "Serbia can not stop". To me it means: Serbia can not stop with getting ruined and devastated by influence from the west. So in a way, they do not lie.
  16. The bafflement is less strong in those ones, they don't have that level of expertise like us real doctors
  17. What do you think about rabies? It's something that has been documented first time I believe some 4000 years ago. They say it's a virus that attacks the brain. Considering that virus theory is questionable at best, rabies got me thinking about it. It's spread via saliva. Could it be a parasite?
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