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  1. Huh, that is rather interesting, and also quite bizzare. To me it makes perfect sense that poisoning the body with artificial chemicals (like you mentioned with plastic) will create imbalances in production of our own natural chemicals. On a side note, I have read somewhere that eating to much soy is bad for men, as it increases estrogen production, thus the term "soy-boy" for feminine men. If that can happen by consuming a natures product, who knows what all kinds of hell can happen inside ones body from man-made toxins.
  2. Hi Beaujangles, Perhaps I have expressed myself in the wrong way, which was pointed out to me. I have no hate for gay people, just a strong dislike for normalisation, and even promotion and glorification, of something that is clearly not good for the society as a whole. That is why I said they can do whatever they want behind closed doors, but not in public. That is just my opinion. I mean, God damn, now they even say that paedophilia is also a valid choice. Disgusting. Some countries are thinking of making beastiality legal, with animals consent. Fucking crazy world. Where we draw the line here? Whatever anyone says, it is damaging to our children to teach them what the system is teaching them now. In that, besides all the lgbt things they are taught, I would include modern "feminism", everything that has to do with "toxic masculinity", and all other perversions in media and movies (such as excessive violence and sexuality).
  3. If by "old ways" you mean some of the violent ones that you have described above, than of course not. There were some people in the recent past who were successfully treated. My best bet would be psycotherapy (sinse it is a mental illness), or perhaps hormone therapy. Anyway, it should be treated, not celebrated or promoted in disgusting ways as is done now. Don't you see that numbers of people suffering from this disorder is significantly increased in recent times, due to promotion, celebration and brain-washing of children?
  4. Exactly brother, it's crazy what they are doing, in a world where we all have a right to "free speech". I don't use any social networks, except for youtube. Even there I don't post any content, just comment from time to time. Anyway, when morona "virus" started, and all this lgbt/woke/leftist BS, I am constantly banned, only for posting truth and facts. They ban me, I make a new account, etc., and I have had 7-8 accounts banned in a couple of months. And I haven't used foul language. Ridiculous world we live in. I can only imagine how much worse it is on twitter and facebook.
  5. There is no such thing as "homophobia". That would mean that normal/healthy people are afraid of gay people, which is nonsense. Normal/healthy people simply dislike, and some are disgusted, by perversion and mistakes of nature which are now glorified. Everything that is in any way connected to lgbt is a mistake / disease (rather disgusting one), which requires treatment, not promotion. They are free to do whatever they want behind closed doors, but doing what they do in public is a clear sign that some form of evil is running this planet. "Misogyny" is also a rather stupid "concept" to be perceived as a global phenomenon, as it includes hatred towards all women. Number of men that are like that is minuscule. There are men who view women as lesser creatures, but they are imbeciles. Those ideas come from abrahamic religions.
  6. That is actually almost always the case. People with low education (elementary/high school) and people with super high education (above college/university level) tend to think more clearly than those in the middle (who stop at college/university). It is really interesting. For example, in my country, as in many others, there was a huge problem with baby stealing/selling. What they found out eventually was that it was the easiest to steal a baby from people with high (not the highest) education. People with high school and people with super high levels of education didn't want to accept doctors explanation on how/why baby "died", while college/university level folks were the most easiest to convince of the science mumbo jumbo reasons for why that happened.
  7. Adverse? Are you sure? Perhaps turning people gay is the main part of the depopulation agenda
  8. Almost all countries have already been taken by US/UK/EU, some obviously and by force, while most are taken through corrupt foreign agents, who call themselves "presidents" and "politicians".
  9. I'm not sure why this, obviously sick and twisted person, is allowed to post this bullshit all over the forum.
  10. There is no such thing as "cisgender". Those are just regular healthy human bodies. Stop with your BS.
  11. But it's true. I don't know how familiar you are with Nikola Tesla and his work. He is one of the smartest people to ever live on this planet, at least in modern times. His work goes much deeper than most people are aware of. He was Serbian like myself, which was just one more reason for me to get familiar with his works. Believe me, he was no flat Earther. Misquoting a great person like Nikola Tesla is really low, shamefully low.
  12. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” This is, probably, one of the most used and known quote of Nikola Tesla. If I'm not mistaken, FE folks say that there is no universe, thus, this quote disproves quotes above
  13. Yeah, no, those are not his words. Just because it says they are doesn't mean they really are.
  14. Tesla wasn't a flat Earther, he was way to smart for that
  15. Where did you hear that Purple Plates have anything to do with witchcraft? They were made by Nikola Tesla, one of the biggest scientists to have ever lived, who also was a highly spiritual person. In my country, where Tesla is from, they are called Tesla Plates.
  16. Amazing post brother. I agree with you 100%. If you work on yourself seriously and hard enough, the whole existence will support your efforts. Ra said the same thing, that some will "advance" while others will remain on the same level. He/it primarily means a level of consciousness. While most other channeled materials and some religions/spiritual teaching say that we should only be good and wait, but that is not true. If I may sound a bit harsh, but the truth is often ugly: at least 30% of humanity are imbeciles.
  17. No, Ra said that we are in 3rd density and should move to 4th, which makes sense. The 5th dimension idea came from other channeled materials, which my gut tells me come from negative side.
  18. 120+, not likely. What profession do you work at? FE people are mostly imbeciles. Those who negate our impact on mother Earth are also imbeciles Law of attraction does work, but it takes a lot of effort.
  19. Yes, I know about all of them. With me is every person from my private life who has an IQ above 100. I personally don't know anyone, average/slightly above average intelligence who caught this "virus" or "believes" in it. Perhaps I'm the lucky one to not be surrounded with many imbeciles in my day-to-day life. What many people suffered from during this 2 years time is 100% psychosomatic.
  20. No brother, you don't understand, or you act like a fool on purpose. If something is highly contagious, and you are exposed to it constantly for 2+ years, without protecting yourself, and you don't get infected, there is something wrong with that whole idea. There are only two possibilities: that something doesn't exist, or you are somehow naturaly immune to it. They say that it is a completely new "virus", so option nr.2 is less likely than option nr.1.
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