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  1. Hi Michi713, If by "God" you mean evil demonic entity knows as yahweh, trust me, we are better of without it. If by "Gods word" you mean bible, the book of evil, again, we are better of without finding him there. Now, if you wish to find a true Creator, The Father of our Spirits, you have far more chance to find him in nature, in your heart and in your mind, than in the books and building of evil that came from abrahamic faiths. The one you refer to as "God" is exactly the one who rules this world, the devil. That is the biggest trick he ever pulled on gullible people of this planet, he fooled you to worship him as god. Instead of persuading people to put their trust and faith into religions of evil, by reading books of evil and praying to dark, malevolent entities, you should try persuading people to work on themselves, to better themselves, and to find the Spark of Divine that is in every one of us. Kind regards.
  2. Now, he should press charges. Those pigs were disgusting.
  3. Hmm, I wonder who are those brain-dead imbeciles who voted "yes"
  4. Please, share the details with us
  5. That's a tough situation brother, I'm sorry about that. I work at a small private company, and everybody knows there is no way in hell to force me to vaxx. Just a couple of days ago, my director asked me to go to Bulgaria to do some work there. I said: if I need to get a vaxx or even a test, I won't do it. He just said ok
  6. Why don't you find another job brother?
  7. Those people (imbeciles) are making all of this much harder for us to fight. If anyone dooms us all, it would be those special kind of people (imbeciles)
  8. Pigs in Australia running away from people https://t.me/zerotolerancemedia/2123
  9. Sorry to say this, but your neighbour is an imbecile.
  10. What kind of imbeciles go to take a flu shot, let alone convid kill-shot?
  11. No problem, you're welcome my friend. I heard something from a guy in Chicago, who said that mRNA vaccines were made somewhere between 2014-2016, with idea of curing cancer. It's a long story, but these vaccines are supposed to be made specifically for a certain person, for a certain reason, with a certain "message". Who knows what "message" are all these people getting right now.
  12. Yes, on the beggining of this scam, for about a month, when people stil weren't sure about it all. Protests started shortly after that, and the police hour was cancelled. When they decided to impose another police hour, we didn't let them. In these 1,5+ years of this scam, I haven't worn a mask for more than 2 hours total (only in certain factories), never had a problem with anyone about it. Since vaxx started, only a couple of people asked me if I had it, etc. Except for that 1 month of police hour, we have been living completely normally, so trust me, it is much better here than in most countries. We can also travel to couple of neighbouring countries without vaxx/test. Kind regards..
  13. When and if you decide to come to Serbia, make sure to inform me, I will be your host Well, that is one wise landlord It is always nice to know that there are many of us, much more than they would want us to think.
  14. Hi Mr H, It has more to do with what kind of people we Balkans are, proud and stubborn, we stand our ground no matter what. That is also one of the reasons why we are not in the EU. Yes, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia will follow suit definitely. Probably Hungary, Romania, Albania and Greece as well. Slovenians are good people, but they don't have that "Balkan mentality" like the rest of us. They are the most "European" out of all countries here. If you come to Serbia, I can guarantee 3 things that you will love: beautiful nature, gorgeous women and the most amazing food. And also, everything is cheap here
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