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  1. Have you tried using borax for arthritis? Many people say it has done wonders for them for all sorts of bone diseases.
  2. You misspelled "ZuckerBorg"
  3. It looks like it would enjoy it
  4. I remember watching a long time ago how radiation actually kills us. What is called "radiation poisoning" makes no sense, as it is said that radiation is basically some really small particles, that literally go through us, thus penetrating our organs and creating micro holes in them. It affects soft tissues the most. They also said that is the reason why cockroaches are in a way immune to it, as they have no soft tissue. Who knows..
  5. To be honest, I have no idea. My knowledge and, luckily, experience with radiation and nuclear blasts in non-existing But I have no doubt that, same as with everything else, "they" kept many things about it from us and have manipulated the things they told us. Hyping up the fear from it is rather self-evident, mostly in USA, but that is not surprising. About the dogs, I guess it is quite possible they got changed in certain ways, for the better or worse. But they survived, and had healthy offsprings. By what we are told, that is not suppose to happen, they should all be dead.
  6. I have watched a documentary on Chernobyl. People who were "rescued" from there weren't allowed to take their pets with them, meaning that there were a bunch of dogs left behind. Anyway, when people who made the documentary went there, they found a huge population of dogs living there, those dogs being the descendants of the dogs left behind. Something doesn't add up with the whole radiation thing. PS: there is a Japanese man who survived both nuclear explosions, radiation didn't kill him either.
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