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  1. Classic imbecile, and it's so sad, there are so many of them
  2. But, "vaccines are mankinds greatest invention, ever" I've heard so many imbeciles say that shit
  3. Hi friends, I was wondering if someone can sort out my dilemma? If I have understood this correctly, when people are "mining" cryptocurrency, they are in a way "renting" theirs hardware to someone else, and they get payed for it. If what I said is correct, my question is: is it known who is using that hardware and for what purposes? I've found out everything I wanted to know about cryptocurrency except for that. Thank in advance..
  4. Hi novymir, Would you mind expanding on that a little bit? Thanks..
  5. Hi Friends, I just finished reading this book. It is really interesting and thought provoking. Most of ideas presented are not new to me, but some of them are. It makes a lot of sense, considering that it is rather obvious that some sort of evil is definitely in charge of this world. Now, is it demiurgic evil, demonic evil, alien evil, or just plain old human evil, I don't know, but some kind of evil is definitely in charge here. I of course don't know, unfortunately, what is the situation like across the universe, are other planets and beings living under the influence of evil as we are, so I can't really say that all created/material existence is inherently bad. It also makes a lot of sense that perfect, all good, all powerful creator wouldn't create an existence in such a way that ones life basically depends on destruction of other forms of life. Even in universe, creation is dependent on destruction. I understand that from some higher perspective it might not seem so bad, I understand that there needs to be balance in everything, and I understand that Earths eco-system is perfectly designed, and that all that violence and death serves it's purpose. But when you look at the lion suffocating a herbivore, or looking at hyenas eating an animal while it is still alive, it makes you wonder, doesn't it? I can also completely agree with it in the sense that most of religions on this planet are not from True Creator. Abrahamic religions, at lease in my opinion, are definitely created by something/someone evil, with obvious misinformation and obvious bad intentions. On the other hand, it seems impossible to me, from my current point of view, not to love this gorgeous planet, our animals, plant and insect companions. They all can be rather savage and deadly to one another, and to us, but still, how can one hate a puppy or a kitten, a sunrise, a flower etc. Even if what this books says it's true, and everything is created by an evil creator, it is not the fault of those little creatures and I'm not so sure about all that "hate everything that is created" way of thinking. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks, kind regards..
  6. Hi friends, I was wondering, which jabs are people getting in your coutries? In Serbia, people mostly choose Chinese or Russian jabs. I haven't heard of any side effect from those people, only from couple of people who took Astra Zeneca. Only after EU announced that they don't recognise Russian and Chinese poison for travel purposes have people started to choose Pfizer and AZ. Now, I'm sure all of them are bad, and me and my family won't be taking any, but as much as I have seen/heard, "western" poison seems to me far worse than "eastern" posion. It seems to be that the worst are, in this order: AZ, J&J, Pfizer, Moderna, while Russian and Chinese poison seems to be less potent. What are your experiences? Kind regards..
  7. Zuby is some guy who spoke some BS on twitter. Something like masks are worthless but are still a good thing. Go on page 2573 of this thread and you will find it, it is one of the top comments. Kind regards..
  8. Good and smart people they are.
  9. Perfect description Oh and, thanks brother, I have learned two new words
  10. Why do I have a feeling that these bitches are only good for one thing?
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