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  1. I have read David's books from the get go. His reptilian boy - Boris - has a father that back in his day was endorsed by everyone from the Rockefellers to the UN to study population control. He even had the Ford Foundation endorsing his research and book. He went to Oxford and published a book on all of this - Life Without Birth- which you all can find here as a library check out book: https://www.corbettreport.com/how-to-access-the-library-of-alexandria-solutionswatch/ It's an awesome rad - and it is all real and I have no clue why the fuck David doesn't bring all of this up more...sometimes I wonder what side of the fence David is on - especially now. His books have always touched on the CULT (and what more could you want - check - Rocks check Fords) want to control and manipulate population control, yet not one damn word on this book, this guy and his god damn son (in relation to being tied into all this crud) in any of his books. And the god damn shit this is even more relevant now. All of these ties should lead to tying up a damn good turkey-and they have been roasting it while we have had our fingers up our asses for years. Why no word on this guy, this study and Boris being his son David? What is your angle with this crap? You gotta know about this - you have to let everyone else in on it too for fucks sake, mate! I don't know how to contact him in his sweet house..urrr his sweet little apartment that is basically his office. No way does he totally live there 24/7.
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