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  1. I listen to Mooji I think his way is relaxing for me. We all need a calm down space and recharge especially now, we can change the energy by just being quiet
  2. This is clear to see, why my GP surgery stopped the Saturday drop in clinic. Then they merged with 2 other GP surgeries , so 20,000 patients and 44 doctors and staff. They took away the service very slow at first then just no one could get an appointment, you had to phone and tell the handler your problem ,to help the doc find your notes , . I went to the hospital nov 2019, 3 infact , 2 where nearly empty so they had already made their move to gear up for this plandemic. Getting people used to it, . The EVIL want to own everyone/everything, we need more LOVE and less of everything else we do because you can only do things so many times and boredom sets in. Internet has a lot to do with that .So addict everyone to anything, games smokes food booze gambling, all the same , addictions and they have you by the collar, . when that thing your addicted to isnt there, ? you know, Time to be self sufficient. Dont make the rich richer money is their power.
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