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  1. Hello all, been off here a while, just working hard and coming to home to lies of BBC and the truth of David Icke and Infowars. Pardon me not posting for a while but I need to make this post a thread. A nurse has been struck off for Covid Conspiracy. I have just downloaded a PDF file from a register of NHS nurses and did not know this was publicly available. It shows you struck off people who are in NHS and stuff. Interesting research, I copy and pasted the name in the register and it come up null. But id you put the womans name from the article in the search it gives you a 49 page document why she was struck off by NHS. NON CONSPIRACY AT ALL. All struck off for NHS conduct. Take a look at it all in detail. I cant post this as it is a pdf but if you research the name on the register it comes up with the 49 page lies of why this woman was struck off. Moose
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