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  1. I have been hearing voices for maybe about 18 months now. I am still recovering from a totally unnecessary and useless and downright dangerous visit to a psychiatric ward. I will try to type lucidly about what I have found. I was first targetted with some kind of information-transfer device that sounded like a radio but only reached certain sections of my house. This was an oscillation pattern which alternated between nonsense and intelligible speech. It seemed a mockery of patriotism; '[nonsense] rule Britannia [nonsense]'. Soon after this, a terrible voice like a Satanic Nazi call handler began speaking to me clear as any conversation you would have. It often woke me up and this was accompanied by serious physical pressure on I suppose arteries. I have almost forgotten these trials but if I look after myself enough I could just about retrieve the total memories. It asked me to say 'Lucifer is the lord' and it pestered and haunted and trialled and commanded and befriended me along a road of days, weeks, maybe even months. In this Lucifer must at some time have become distinguished from The Devil and it was between these two I was probably asked to choose, on pain of such tortures as left my ear bleeding and my heart pained from heart attack type symptoms. There is no force on Earth can do these things and I do not believe an implant can account for it, though it may disrupt energy patterns enough to feed into susceptibility to it more easily. For this reason I propose a reconciliation between any worldly torturers and those who have been their victims, on account of the power of spirits through this mentioned syndicate, that being The Devil and Lucifer and their devils and fallen angels respectively. But of course men in league with powers of that sort may know all this. The constant targetting we have heard about I believe originates not from men but from the world of the spirit. Lucifer is a mid-way, in my experience - or so he wished me to think of him - between God and The Devil. Obviously a lot of time can be invested in harassment by people but I think being followed by a beam on the head is stretching this principle. In my life I have had many visions and in one I saw cords of spirit extending from the head of everyone in an airport, reaching up to the sky and disappearing at the roof. I am sure this is something related to how we who are targetted are in many cases being hacked. I was in perfect calm at the time and saw this for so long that I wondered how I might unsee it. As Lucifer is a mid-way and as he can attain to some Divinity it would seem this society is basically Lucifer though of course it has much of Satan who God told me is his i.e. Lucifer's, father. So this I propose is a law which is touching the lives of possibly as many as everyone on the planet; this syndicate of God, Lucifer, and The Devil. This would account for the many coincidences that seem like harassment but aren't, or the liminality of the two types of experience of harassment that got me locked up in a psychiatric ward, where [say, three] people chanted things with some apparent insight into my mind and details. The conclusion then is that if Lucifer's fallen angels aren't many people on Earth, they can, like in the Matrix, BECOME many people on Earth. Lucifer's law I would define as a way of life and a temperament which are a mixture of good and evil, or nice and nasty, kind and angry, something like that. So it has a range and it has a scale to it. But if you mix the truth which is of Heaven, with the lie which is of Satan, then you arrive at Lucifer, and this I propose is the age and has been since we stepped out of a Satanic age, hence the confusion in all Abrahamic religion - because it is Lucifer-level. If only because it represents typical results of striving amid a Satanic saturation. I just mean that true Divinity may lack reference to what is inferior inasfar as it is strong, and so expecting events to emotionally recur along the lines of The Bible could be too weak, dare I say it. It may cause the conditions of it's formation to recur. Emotionally, but also liminally. After perhaps a month of refusing to say Lucifer is the lord, or The Lord, or whatever, it happened that God spoke to me, but hearing him has sometimes been like straining to see someone in the fog, or straining to hear a distant voice more like it. And Lucifer does a good imitation. When behaviour has a Satanic level then conditions can start to encroach; in Lucifer you have a bit of hope, in the main, though it depends on skill and there are dark depths to Lucifer level. They can pass straight into the Satanic realm and in the same way as with Lucifer and The Matrix with agents taking over others' forms, so too Satan can be the level of someone's present inspiration. We are ALL under these temptations, these lights, and these hopes, these frustrations and dangers and pitfalls and ladders. I care not what device is supposedly part of torture, I say a lot of the far-out claims are spiritual phenomena that flow from the absence of the holy spirit and from any more worldly trials that harassers or just the turn of events can put on people. Thus need to be stronger in the spirit. Places have vibes and they like sponges can become primed with a way - a level, if you will. Information. Spirits. These can take time to transform but a place also conceivably has bands and this is why some people would be above it, when the threshold - in them or in the environment - is not too much. This post comprises now a full theory of how bad things accelerate and decelerate (though it follow the line of the information; it is not necessarily spiritual, it can be also logistical i.e. the law of the land, but then that is a level - and that is spiritual) and the same with good things, and a full philosophy on how Atlantis could be on Earth. It would take starting from foundations, unflinching in truth, compassionate - and wise with it (or how to be compassionate? exploited would be the result sooner or later), and perhaps some right separations of things, for example along racial lines, or more ideally preferment lines, since philosophy and preferment always minimise confusions. Eventually, with nothing but reality for a reference for long enough, a person can see Divine principles, but I still think what I have said does for a theory both about why harassment is so stellar in it's capabilities - I mean, so encroaching (at some levels), and truth in general. It also conforms entirely with my experience fighting for the truth in the miasma of the syndicate of the three voices, which I must say shifted sometimes, so that they were personalities of Lucifer or his fallen angels, The Devil or his devils, God, or some angel. Or Jesus. I have been told that Jesus never walked the Earth, it was John the Baptist and Jesus was created by God to reward those who looked to him; my textual criticism had leant me strongly in the direction that Jesus was an invention. But before this I had been told 'accept my son' by a fatherly though perhaps a little wooden voice, indeed prompting those searches the more by that impression. I was also told things when I thought I couldn't be in a better status that turned out to be at best but suitable for that state of being, and which I therefore have to attribute to Lucifer or it would be inclined to be a blame of God. So I have to tread carefully here; I mean I have to beware talking down Christianity because I have experienced things that seemed counsels that got me into the trap of the lower levels and thus sectioned, and also because I have found new angles on Christianity that make me wonder if it is more real than I thought. But the big difference against Lucifer was usually the holy spirit, and God counselled that many times, and sometimes just said 'be who you are' for the same. Same level. But I and my circumstances were stretching things so this is how I got sectioned; because I was I won't lie thinking about how to have characteristics more feminine, which as a man made me more vulnerable I now realise to hacking from surreptitious forces. The mind of Lucifer is everywhere and it functions like God at that level, but it is at bottom a treacherous and false thing, as any true look at the details of medicinal theory can ascertain easily; we are living at Descartes' level understanding, compartmentalised medicine, enemy of the sacred, the integrative, the whole, the holistic. The astounding coincidences of Lucifer are some of them from intelligence officers or people sharing information gathered in like way, but a lot of it is a unity-mind like the Borg, that can be accessed and liminally riffed on - or is liminally riffed on by the nature of individual being. This is why imitation is so easy and so bland in a Lucifer society expect no less. It is not Divine. Go figure. I was brutalised by lying workers in the psychiatric ward; they pretended I was resisting them when I was just helping myself to good posture and asking to speak calmly to them. In a seclusion room they suddenly tried to frame me more and if I hadn't've moved my neck at the right time, it must've been broken. The two were black, one perhaps a bit more mixed-race, and God told me that blacks have more Satanic tendencies. If anyone would like to betray the truth by censoring that then that would be an example of the dark side of Lucifer. He makes it all smooth for ya...yeah.
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