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  1. It would be better to protect oneself from the carcinogenic or rapidly cancer-promoting continuous exposure to microwave radio waves. Yes, you do not see it, and yet the cancer numbers are rising and it is becoming more and more even in young children. Only because the ICNIRP also sits in the WHO, mobile radiation has not yet been put in the same category 1A as tobacco etc.. But who smokes tobacco for 24 hours? 365 days a year? With microwave radiation, however, this is exactly what happens!!! Unfortunately, it makes no smoke...so that it would be noticeable to the people, they would see nothing more before loud smoke! Because it is not only GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, but also TETRA, WLAN, DAB, DVBTV, RADAR (cars, traffic lights, air traffic) it is daily more at the carcinogenic radiation, but no one wants to take seriously, because all were so brain-manipulated by television and radio and newspaper by all the advertising that is interspersed with psychotronic. It is not only the people die from it (cancer, heart problems, etc.) but also the trees and the animals, our ionosphere is destroyed by it, but it does not matter...the cell phone, videos, etc. all more important. All radio holes must be plugged so that the transhumanist agenda really gets going.
  2. Extremly Low Frequencies (ELF) What is it? You do not know, then inform yourself. Your brain also works in these frequencies. WLAN works with ELF ,10Hz as well as TETRA 18Hz Now think why? And why is this expanded in every area and in almost every everyday technology? Think!!! How do you know what else is modulated into it? And why? Think!!! Do you use Wlan, Bluetooth, Wifi etc.? You feel nothing? You should not, it feels you, and changes you, Slowly but surely, that's enough! These are Archontic Technologies. These are dark cyber transhumanist drugs, and they are addictive! Your personal ID number is already in your smartphone as an RFID chip, and you feed it to the AI until it knows you better than you do. WLAN does the rest. Welcome to the Borks collective. Are your thoughts really still your thoughts?
  3. The current worst threat is the tsunami of artificially pulsed AI frequencies. The AI is preparing the atmosphere for itself. These artificial pulsed and modeled electromagnetic fields are ideal for the AI and the Archons. However poison for all living beings, which need the Schumann wave and not Wlan, Bluetooth, Tetra, Radar, Dab2, DVBTV, 3G,4G,5G and Co. In addition, one should not underestimate the psychotronics of these electromagnetic waves well researched by the CIA. Keyword project Pandora and co. these frequencies with dennen now the masses are irradiated were tested in the 70s and 80s intensively for mass control of the population of the CIA, NSA etc.. Take WLAN 2.4 GHz incl. 10 Hz pulsation with ELF waves + 60 Hz screen radiation + ? And ready is the psychotronics. Can be read e.g. in the book: "Versklavte Gehirne" by Heiner Gehring. Every other topic is secondary in relation to this invisible danger, yes why exactly, BECAUSE IT IS INVISIBLE. Best weapon against the people, before one makes all still cyberdrugs dependent, what also worked out super. Win/win for the dark side. Because all make with (put these psychotronic devices all in the apartment WLAN with ELF waves!!!, carry the bugs with in the pocket directly on the skin super!) in the enslavement, because they take the warnings to the frequencies that you do not see, (what I do not see there is not) seriously. And your television lies!"
  4. You hear the electromagnetic radiation. I hear it from morning to night, when I fall asleep, when I wake up. You can even hear the different frequencies if you listen carefully and you can even hear when the power flux density is briefly interrupted. The whole body feels and hears the microwaves/radio waves. Finally, we ourselves function electromagnetically, each cell in the body is believed to have 0.2 milliwatts. Our brain works electrically and magnetically. Our sinus node also. These are radio interferences in the body. But if you hear it acoustically, then you are already more advanced in the electrosensitivity, that goes over then sometime in electrohypersensitivity. And then, depending on your disposition, you get other physical problems. E.g. muscle pain, migraine, abdominal pain, intestinal problems, heart problems... Turn off your wifi, throw away your DECT phone and get one with cable. Get a measuring device, e.g. Acousticom 2, and measure your sleeping place. You will be surprised what there so all for frequencies buzzing around in your apartment...that is now a tsunami...ala Wlan jammer. We are jammed.
  5. Yes, there are implants in reality, but I don't think they are placed by the higher ETs. Because higher beings make nothing against the free divine will of the human being, thus without conscious agreement of the human being. So with the family Feistle - "Book Aldebaran" I am not so sure whether these are really the good ones! Also these beings can tell a lot.
  6. So I can only recommend to read the Nag Hammadi writings, which again give a much more modern picture of the whole. Finally, these writings were not so distorted by the church. The Nag Hammadi texts show a completely different picture of Jesus Christ. Also in relation to women and Mary Magdalene. Any religion that treats women as inferior is not balanced and therefore wrong. And then you notice the falsifications in the official Bible edition. This is represented in the Nag Hammadi writings quite differently, Mary Magdalene is even Jesus his favorite disciple. And when the male disciples complain about it, and want to exclude her, Jesus explains quite well that they are wrong with their false women thinking. Besides, Jesus mainly explains only how to get out of this false copy (matrix), and this requires a lot of courage and independent thinking. The texts are not so easy to understand, you have to work yourself into it. Nothing for times briefly graze, that is a way and he is not so easy. And it is a lonely story, because you can only go through it alone, not with a group. I am also of the opinion that much in the Nag Hammadi writings indicates that Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial, and that there are many more ;-)
  7. I think one should take the radiation which irradiates us 24 hours. 365 days in the year permanently more in the point of view, because the nano robots the Psychotronik etc. functions and/or is steered by this surface covering irradiation. And everyone gets Wlan into the house! The new implants with diabetes run also with 2.4 GHz and in the instruction manual stands G6 system in it... who has ears the hearing!!! Everyone who uses Wlan or also Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) enters into the thought manipulation of the AI. The manipulation is not even noticed! Bzw. hardly one notices it, one thinks always that his everything the own thoughts. But who deals with the topic times more exactly, which notices there what. Why is Wlan expanded everywhere? 2.4 GHz brings the best water to vibrate ... what consists of man mainly? Wifi is pulsed with 10 HZ, our brain works strongly with 10 Hz. (as well the immune system is destroyed by it slowly! but surely, as well your genes, with girls the ovaries are destroyed additionally) Wlan destroys the hypothalamus!!!! Slowly but surely, hardly noticeable. Only those who are not in the Wlan for a long time have any chance to notice it. Without measuring device nothing goes, because almost everyone is permanently sonicated by neighbors. Protect yourself from this psychotronics that is a clear warning, take it seriously. Make a cyberdrug withdrawal, at the beginning you feel bad, of course, as with any withdrawal. Shield your apartments, and do not use AI technology ala Wlan, smartphone tablet via radio! At least wire everything, and protect your brain with shielding coverings, when you sit at the PC. Because the change you do not even notice, and you are distracted with trivialities. The technology is already sooo far advanced...and with quantum computers there is still much more. In addition then comes the nano gene technology Nanorobots (inoculations) etc.. But all this needs these microwaves to work properly.
  8. @Basket Case I have translated it now, hope it is correct, because my English is not so good.
  9. I feel this radiation since 2019 and can tell you that wifi is a key frequency for AI. For indoors. Because I have felt and recognized this brain manipulation directly...but it took me over 1 year to wake up!!! And I was amazed that I had not noticed it myself before. Wifi is part of 5G, and you will be enslaved with it. Wifi, Bluetooth, The household microwave, Wifi run at 2.4 GHz With this frequency you can do super brain manipulation, and the person does not even notice. Read the book "Versklavte Gehirne" by Heiner Gehring and what the CIA NSA etc. have done for attempts in the 70s, 80s ... (e.g. project Pandora, there it went around manipulation of the masses!!! not individual) Take 2,4 GHz + 10 Hz pulsation + 60 Hz screens + ?...and ready is the Psychotronic! You will not notice it if you sit in the duration Wlan!!! And when you get out of the Wlan it still lasts for hours, depending on how long you were in it before.
  10. Wifi is part of 5G, and you will be enslaved with it. Wifi is a key technology for AI. Wifi, Bluetooth, The household microwave, Wifi run at 2.4 GHz With this frequency you can do super brain manipulation, and the person does not even notice. Read the book "Versklavte Gehirne" by Heiner Gehring and what the CIA NSA etc. have done for attempts in the 70s, 80s ... Take 2,4 GHz + 10 Hz pulsation + 60 Hz screens + ?...and ready is the Psychotronic! You will not notice it if you sit in the duration Wlan!!!
  11. (Original in Deutsch, in Englisch below) Lieber Mensch, den Aufstieg gibt`s nicht umsonst. Und jeder muß allein eine Entscheidung treffen. Jeder der sich freiwillig mit der KI also mit der Maschine auch ätherisch durch Smartphone, WLAN etc. über Funkverbindungen mit der KI eine Symbiose eingeht, (diese Technik nutzt) hat sich freiwillig dafür entschieden, (das sein Hypothalamus, Zirbeldrüse, Hypophyse blockiert wird, also die Verbindung zu Gott) das heißt mit freiem Willen. Kein positives höheres Wesen kann diesen Menschen dann vor dieser Bork (Archonten) Verbindung retten, es wäre gegen den göttlichen freien Willen des Menschen, da halten sich die höheren Wesen dran, denn er will sich ja ätherisch mit der Maschine verbinden, will es!!!, schadet allem Leben in seiner Umgebung durch sein tun, mit Mikrowellenstrahlung, und macht sich zum KI Archonten Mithelfer der Zerstörung und Versklavung der Menschen, der Natur, der Tiere. Er nimmt diese Schädigung bewußt in Kauf. (meiner Erfahrung nach auch die Menschen die genug Informationen erhalten haben über die Schädigung (Ignoranz) wegen Suchtproblemen mit der Cyberdroge Smartphone, Tablet, Wlan etc.) Wieso sollen höhere Wesen diesen Menschen dann gegen seinen Willen retten? Man erschafft sich seine eigene Realität, in dem Fall eine Verbindung zum ätherischen Schwarmbewußtsein ins KI Kollektiv. Sprich das heißt eher abstieg für diese Menschen in das destruktive Feld der KI. Die göttliche Verbindung wird gekappt durch den Psychotronik und die Zerstörung des Hypothalamus, Zirbeldrüse, etc. kann man in vielen Studien nachlesen, was der Funk so alles mit dem menschlichen Körper, und Psyche etc. anstellt...(mittlerweile gibt es 10 000 Studien die Schäden belegen) doch das ätherische unsichtbare was da mit den Menschen passiert, ist noch viel gruseliger, doch es ist unsichtbar! (die Prüfung!) Es hat was mit Wahrnehmung zu tun, und persönlicher Integrität, jeder für sich. Die Johannes Offenbarung ist im vollen Gange...alle beten (konzentrieren) das Bildnis (Bildschirme) des Tieres 666 (www) an...groß und klein, alt und jung, arm und reich und das Weltweit, eine Weltweite Gleichschaltung durch die KI. Die Entscheidung ist JETZT!!! In Liebe und Freiheit .*. Gabriela *.* 93 Agape Dear man, Ascension does not come for free. And everyone must make a decision alone. Everybody who voluntarily enters into a symbiosis with the AI thus with the machine also ethereally by smartphone, WLAN etc. via radio connections with the AI, (uses this technology) has voluntarily decided for it, (that his hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland is blocked, thus the connection to God) that is with free will. No positive higher being can save this human being then from this Bork (archonts) connection, it would be against the divine free will of the human being, the higher beings adhere to it, because he wants to connect ethereally with the machine, wants it!!!, harms all life in his environment by his doing, with microwave radiation, and makes himself an AI archonts collaborator of the destruction and enslavement of the human beings, the nature, the animals. He takes this damage consciously in purchase. (in my experience also the people who have received enough information about the damage (ignorance) because of addiction problems with the cyber drug smartphone, tablet, Wlan etc.). Why should higher beings then save this person against his will? One creates his own reality, in the case a connection to the ethereal swarm consciousness into the AI collective. That means rather descent for these people into the destructive field of the AI. The divine connection is cut by the Psychotronik and the destruction of the hypothalamus, pineal gland, etc. one can read in many studies, what the radio so everything with the human body, and psyche etc. anstellt...(meanwhile there are 10 000 studies the damages prove) however the etheric invisible what happens there with humans, is still much more creepy, however it is invisible! (the test!) It has to do something with perception, and personal integrity, everyone for itself. The John revelation is in full swing...all worship (concentrate) the image (screens) of the beast 666 (www)...big and small, old and young, poor and rich and that Worldwide, a Worldwide synchronization by the AI. The decision is NOW!!! In love and freedom .*. Gabriela *.* 93 Agape Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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