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  1. Yes, above all, one should bear in mind that the aliens and transhumanists launched the large-scale attack on humanity in 1996. They have broken agreements and seduced the whole of humanity with their mobile phone, smartphone weapon. In addition, the Wlan with its 10 Hz ELF waves came in 2000, which made the last ones fall asleep, even those who do not use it themselves, but suffer from this psychotronic through their neighbours. The police and the authorities got TETRA from the CIA with 18 Hz psychotronics. Hardly anyone noticed...that was the super trick to get mankind. Everybody fell for it... now they give heroin (cyber drugs) to little kids and think it's harmless, all the sick kids since 2000 (ADHD, autism, learning disorders, genetic defects, diabetes, cancer etc.) is now NORMAL, that's just the way it is! No one understands what is going on here, and then with the start of 5G (wifi is for internal surveillance!!!) they have also introduced Corona to distract, (so that everyone is looking in the wrong corner, and directing their thoughts to the wrong thing, while the radiation is rising, and they increase the radiation as they want in certain areas and drive it down again, I have already measured and witnessed this!) also so that they can build up the electromagnetic prison for the human mind (splitting off) faster, that has also worked. Because the victims are now screaming: "plug the wireless holes!, make wifi hotspots everywhere!" DIGITALISATION!!! They themselves are now screaming for your prison walls to stop them from ascending to higher levels, and screaming for their chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, dementia, etc. so that pharma also earns well (pharma and electric industry are already working together anyway) and soon the health implants (NeuraLink) will be sold more and more. And besides, Google (CIA) oscillates your brains when you are on the internet, and creates avatars of you...via quantum computers, everything is saved to your ID (cenral computer AI), as well as all other movements with your smartphones and on the internet. What do you think can be done with such an avatar of you? Are you sure you still think your thoughts??? Or Google (CIA) is already thinking? WATCH OUT!
  2. p.s. the internet on a wired PC is also no longer secure since AI is used by quantum computers. Google can oscillate an avatar of you unnoticed. This is already possible NOW, and what is possible will be done. Just so...that cable internet users don't feel safe either. Protect yourselves as best you can...your head your heart.
  3. I feel the same way as Arthur Firstenberg! I am sitting in my beautiful prison, I can no longer use my garden, only in a few places, without any damage. Had to put my daughter in foster care because it's no longer possible...she wants to go to the techno transhumanist world, me this radiation is killing! She will eventually too, but her immune system is still a bit better! And how is a child supposed to understand when all the adults around her say the opposite, because they are addicted. No one cares about the issue, because everyone is already under mind control by wifi and doesn't notice. In the meantime I think they have built in some kind of blockade for certain words, modulated on it, so to speak. And everyone who is under wifi no longer takes the topic seriously.That would explain the reaction of the many people I know and have written to. Have written to sooo many people, politicians, newspapers, mayors, teachers, headmasters etc in the last 2 years. Provided them with studies and evidence, to no avail. This is only possible with Mind Control!And of course the worst drug of the transhumanists, the aliens!!! The cyber drugs that are worse than heroin. SMARTPHONE and WLAN!!! They came to this through psychotronics of radio and television, that was the first manipulation with ELF waves that were modulated. Consume and be happy! The enemy is INVISIBLE and it is called microwave radiation. You can do so much with it (military, aliens), but people don't believe it, and don't know it, and don't see it, and don't really feel it.... And it's been going on for a long time, actually the whole thing started in 1996!!!! With the Alien Matrix Transhumanist Agenda. That's why the Ascension of Earth was cancelled, because the contract was broken!
  4. Here ist the Newsletter of Arthur Firstenberg from 10.06.2021 To forward this newsletter via social media, copy and paste this link: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Cell-Phone-Apocalypse.pdf CELL PHONE APOCALYPSE I recently received a letter in the mail from a woman in Florida describing the illnesses from which she has suffered for the past dozen years: Hashimoto’s disease, liver dysfunction, sinus infection, “exploding head,” complete loss of smell and partial loss of taste. “After all this time,” she wrote, “I now wonder how much radiation has been a part of my illness.” She has joined a Stop 5G group in her city. To protect herself she keeps her cell phone in a “faraday pouch” when she is not using it, and she turns off her wifi at night. She also asked about the effectiveness of the various devices, pendants and chips being sold to protect oneself from the radiation. I replied to her as follows: “You are right to wonder how much radiation is a part of your illness. First and foremost, you should not ever use a cell phone or WiFi. Getting rid of all wireless on your person and in your home will make a tremendous difference in your health. A faraday pouch does not block all the radiation. A cell phone radiates even when it is off, as long as the battery is in it. And it takes your body several days to recover, even from a single two-minute phone call. No products will protect you from the radiation -- if they do anything at all, those products are dangerous.” She was shocked, because that is not what everyone else has been telling her. “I have found that most people do not believe cell phones are the issue, just the towers. I must get a landline and work from there,” she wrote back. More Radiation Than Cell Towers It is beyond me how anyone can expect their cell phone to work if all the towers are not there, but that is not the worst error people are making. Somehow, they have convinced themselves that most of their exposure to radiation is coming from the towers and not their phones and computers. Not only is the opposite true, but it is all one system. The more radiation the towers put out, the less radiation your phone has to emit to connect with them. The less radiation the towers put out, the more radiation your phone emits. You can’t have one without the other. A cell phone operating at 2 watts (maximum power) held six inches from your head exposes your brain to more radiation than if there were a 200-watt tower ten feet away, or a 2000-watt tower thirty feet away. If you live in a city with a lot of towers, your phone may only emit a milliwatt of power (0.001 watts). But then you’re getting the same radiation from the towers that you would have gotten from your phone if all the towers were not there. It’s all one system. And if you put the 1-milliwatt phone up against your head, you are still exposing your brain to more radiation than from all the towers in the city. And even when you are only texting, and the phone is only emitting a milliwatt of power, as long as you are touching the phone, the frequencies are being conducted through your hands into your heart, lungs and brain, and your whole body is radiating them into your environment and exposing everyone to them that you pass on the street. And this is not a good thing, because the harm done by the radiation does not depend on power level at all. It depends on the informational content, and we are living in a crazy age where we demand more and more information from our devices, at greater and greater speeds, while our axons and dendrites are trying to send complex information to our brains, and our hearts’ pacemakers are trying to communicate with our hearts’ atria and ventricles, and the oxidative phosphorylation enzymes in our mitochondria are trying to send electrons to the oxygen we breathe in order to generate the energy for life, and our cells are trying to whisper to other cells with instructions about where to go, and what kinds of cells to become, to choreograph our growth, and to orchestrate the healing process when we are injured or ill. And even one milliwatt is millions of times louder than the whispered signals between our cells, which can no longer follow the instructions that they can no longer hear. And the result is diabetes, and heart disease, and cancer, and neurological disease, at rates that just 25 years ago, at the beginning of the wireless revolution, would have seemed unimaginable, but that are now accepted as normal, because the population is not connecting them, is not willing to connect them, to their cause. Living in a Prison Created by Phones I communicate with hundreds of thousands of people, a large number of whom are environmental refugees. Year after year they are moving further and further away from civilization, desperately trying to live where cell phones do not work in order to stay alive, while the rest of the population has grown more and more dependent on their phones, counting on them to work wherever they go. Even if others know on some level that there is a radiation problem, they don’t really know. “I’ve got to have a phone in case of emergency” means their phones have to be able to work everywhere they go, which means there have to be cell towers everywhere they go, especially in the middle of nowhere, and it means they are condemning all those refugees to torture and death. Never mind all the insects, birds and animals that can never be free of radiation, anywhere on earth, no matter where they fly to or run to to stay alive. If a cell phone will work where they fly, they are being irradiated. When the wireless revolution came to the United States in 1996, I stayed alive only by leaving my home and my city and my family and friends and camping out in places where cell phones did not work for the next eight years. I have stayed alive since 2004 by living in a location where the conductivity of the earth is extremely high, and I cannot leave. Santa Fe is a nice place, but I am not here by choice. I am here because there is no other place left to even camp. I am here because it is one of the few places on earth that I can stay alive in spite of the fact that a cell phone will work here. It is a nice prison, but a prison nonetheless, a prison from which I have not left for more than a few hours since 2007. I am kept in this prison by everyone who owns a cell phone and expects to be able to use it “in case of emergency.” I, and the refugees in Green Bank, West Virginia, and the refugees in the French Alps, and the refugees sleeping in their vehicles in the fewer and fewer places that still exist where cell phones do not work, are not different from everyone else, except that at some point in our lives our eyes were opened to what was making us so sick, and that we learned to recognize the effects of radiation and to avoid radiation in order to survive, instead of dying of heart attacks, strokes, and neurological disease. We learned to feel the radiation, which everyone else could also learn to feel if they would only stop using their devices that are numbing them to the pain, stop using them long enough to discover what a horror they are, and what a tremendous difference it makes to their physical and psychological health to get rid of them, permanently, from their person and their home. What a tremendous difference for themselves, for the refugees, for the birds, for the whales. For the honey bee, waiting, imploring, at the top of this newsletter. LAWSUITS BEING FILED IN THE D.C. CIRCUIT AND THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT Children’s Health Defense v. FCC On February 26, 2021, Children’s Health Defense sued the Federal Communications Commission in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. CHD is asking the court to overturn a new, illegal, unconstitutional order that the FCC had issued the previous day. The FCC had revised its rules for Over-the-Air Reception Devices (OTARD), which sounds innocuous enough. Except that the new rules have nothing to do with reception devices. Instead they have repealed all zoning regulations for broadband antennas and towers on private property by calling them “reception devices.” Wireless internet providers can now build base stations wherever they please on anyone’s property anywhere in the United States and are no longer subject to any restrictions by cities, counties or states in the unlimited expansion of their networks of towers and antennas. The lawsuit is Case No. 21-1075 in the D.C. Circuit, and CHD’s opening brief is due on June 23, 2021. An amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in support of CHD’s lawsuit is being prepared now that will represent Stop 5G groups, other anti-wireless organizations, organizations representing people injured by radio-frequency radiation, and other environmental organizations in the United States. The amicus brief is due on June 30, 2021. If your U.S. organization would like to join the amicus brief, please contact Petra Brokken at [email protected] City of Portland v. FCC In 2018, hundreds of cities and counties joined together to sue the FCC over new orders prohibiting states and local governments from regulating cell towers in the public rights-of-way, and on August 12, 2020 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against them. On October 22, 2020 the Ninth Circuit denied their petition for rehearing. On March 22, 2021 they appealed their case to the United States Supreme Court. The case is City of Portland v. Federal Communications Commission, Docket No. 20-1354. Together, the FCC orders under challenge by those cities and counties, and the OTARD order under challenge by Children’s Health Defense, mean that local governments in the United States can no longer regulate most towers or antennas anywhere -- not on public land and not on private land. Santa Fe Alliance v. City of Santa Fe In 2018, the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety sued the City of Santa Fe, the Attorney General of New Mexico, and the United States of America. Unlike the petitioners in Portland v. FCC, which are suing to be able to protect the health, safety and welfare of their citizens, the City of Santa Fe and State of New Mexico have voluntarily relinquished that right. Both the City and the State have passed laws repealing all zoning regulations for antennas and towers in the public rights-of-way. The Santa Fe Alliance is challenging the constitutionality of those City and State laws, and of Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which prohibits local governments from regulating cell towers on the basis of health and denies people injured by radio-frequency radiation of any remedy. On March 30, 2021, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against the Santa Fe Alliance, and on May 27, 2021, the Court denied our petition for rehearing. We are preparing to appeal our case to the United States Supreme Court. Our petition for certiorari must be filed in the Supreme Court by August 25, 2021. Our lawsuit goes to the heart of the problem, which is the unconstitutional law passed by Congress in 1996 that has enabled a thickening fog of radiation to envelop this nation ever since. Our excellent attorney, Theresa Kraft, who argued our case in the Tenth Circuit, has been sick and in and out of the hospital for two months following her second COVID vaccination, and we must find another attorney to replace her. We are currently contacting law firms. Please contact me immediately if you are an attorney who can help, or if you have a referral to one. FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDITIONS OF THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW My book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, can now be purchased in several languages: French: L’Arc en Ciel Invisible, translated by Sosthène Berger, published by Éditions Ambre, https://editions-ambre.fr/boutique/sante/larc-en-ciel-invisble. Italian: La Tempesta Invisibile, published by Bibliotheka Edizioni, https://www.ibs.it/tempesta-invisibile-storia-dell-inquinamento-libro-arthur-firstenberg/e/9788869347016. German: Die Welt unter Strom, published by Narayana Verlag, https://www.narayana-verlag.de/Die-Welt-unter-Strom-Firstenberg-Arthur/b26127. Norwegian: Den Usynlige Regnbuen, translated by Einar Flydal, published by Z-forlag, https://www.z-forlag.no/produkt/den-usynlige-regnbuen. Korean: 보이지 않는 무지개, translated by Seok Soon Park, published by Amoonhaksa, in two volumes, https://www.aladin.co.kr/shop/wproduct.aspx?ItemId=246836691 and https://www.aladin.co.kr/shop/wproduct.aspx?ItemId=246838574. Editions in Spanish and Japanese are forthcoming, as is an audio edition in English. Arthur Firstenberg Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 [email protected] June 9, 2021 The last 19 newsletters, including this one, are available for downloading and sharing on the Newsletters page of the Cellular Phone Task Force. Some of the newsletters are also available there in German, Spanish, Italian, and French.
  5. Firstenberg, A: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life Cell towers, Wi-fi, 5G: Electricity has shaped the modern world. But how has it affected our health and environment? Over the last 220 years, society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is safe for humanity and the planet. Scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this conviction by telling the story of electricity in a way it has never been told beforefrom an environmental point of viewby detailing the effects that this fundamental societal building block has had on our health and our planet. In The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg traces the history of electricity from the early eighteenth century to the present, making a compelling case that many environmental problems, as well as the major diseases of industrialized civilizationheart disease, diabetes, and cancerare related to electrical pollution.
  6. It is a pity that it does not also show what the electromagnetic radiation of WiFi, smartphones, tablets etc. does to our meridian system, our brain and our heart, i.e. the negative sides of this electrical super-GAU, which is taking place here right now, destroys everything in the name of progress and the transhumanist agenda. Because...if the cause of a disease (many diseases) is not eliminated, then no medicine will bring anything in the long run. It becomes chronic and eventually ends in (spiritual) death. Why don't any of the authors I know write about the electricity in the body, and the radio interference and mind control caused by all these digital household appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phones, etc., which cause the most damage, especially to the youngest. A dead generation that can only be kept alive with chips and transhumanism...great future. These children are already dead...
  7. My first child is vaccine damaged, my second child was irradiated sick...unfortunately we got a meter too late...our daughter slept in 160 000µW/m2 for God knows how long (never wanted to sleep either) and then we had another 5G test here in October 2018 I estimate over 3 000 000µW/m2 over 3-4 months. Everything in the house was electric!!!Fleece blankets unusable because they only struck lightning, I got constant shocks, and my daughter had ear infections that did not go away even with antibiotics + constant nose bleeds. We also had insomnia, heart problems, skin rashes... I have been feeling this radiation ever since! Wifi is the worst, especially the psychotronics!
  8. Rudolf Steiner died in 1925, having previously been poisoned and never recovered. Yes, you can't mess with the electrical and frequency industry...if you have a lot of followers....
  9. Yes...these are the archons...and the stronger the power flux density through the microwaves Wlan, 3G,4G,5G, DAB+, DAB2 (digitalradio) , WIMAX, DVBTV (digital TV) RADAR, TETRA etc. becomes (and everybody is happily doing it) the more the fear will go around... The archons have a big buffet right now...and it's getting better and better with smartwatches, bluetooth everywhere wifi hotspots etc. The elves or the nature spirits also suffer from this artificially pulsed radiation...but no one wants to deal with it, because they are all already addicted to cyber drugs...an alcoholic doesn't want to hear about the negative consequences of his consumption, does he?
  10. Rudolph Steiner already knew what was happening in his 1924 lecture on electricity...he said, "For they will no longer be able to understand..." Have you ever dealt with electromagnetism and life??? Do you know how everything works here on earth, do you know how your body and brain works, do you know how (spirit) healing works? Do you know what your health and your life depend on? I can tell you it all has to do with electromagnetic waves.... HAARP is a story of it... YOU are in an ELECTROMAGNETIC archon prison... And it is getting tighter and tighter, because if the satellites destroy our Schumann frequency, then everyone here will slowly die of Corona or mucomicosis like in India right now, people, animals and plants will die of all kinds of diseases, BECAUSE THEY WILL NO LONGER HAVE AN IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!! Our immune system is the electromagnetic waves of the Schumann Resonance (whole planet). It is not about Corona...it is about EMF!!!! There will be many more epidemics, I predict so here...if you don't finally wake up and deal with electromagnetism and open your eyes regarding the digitalisation of this planet...because digitalisation means our death, just by the artificial frequencies that make us sick. In the beginning was the word, the frequency! Our immune system (ionosphere) is being destroyed right now...just so you can continue to download videos and date in real time everywhere with your smartphone. Your hypothalamus and pituitary gland are being destroyed, especially by Wlan, but who cares, who wants to ascend to higher levels...but you need them IN CONTACTS!!!! AND because the politicians, super-rich and archons want to play war all the time in order to feed on your energy of fear.... IT'S ALL ABOUT ELECTROMAGNETISM PEOPLE!!!! Here everything is electromagnetic, every colour has its Hz number everything is vibration...electromagnetic waves.... THAT IS THE FREEL AGAINST GOD AND HEAVEN!!!! Haarp, AI, smartphones, satellites, wifi, etc. These frequencies will ruin everything here...for the divine frequency of life is manipulated by this and keeps you stupid in the archonts prison by mind control!!!! More Information about our Ionosphere and earth: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/newsletters/
  11. Actually, the topic would be frequencies...what a beautiful picture :-) But hardly anyone talks about frequencies...yet they are everywhere...and the bad ones (AI) are just taking over people and the material earth...whether round or flat ;-)
  12. I still think that this is an issue that will only divide again, and especially drag the mainstream opponents into disbelief and ridicule. Because...what does it really do for the current situation? In my opinion, it does not help people to ascend to higher levels. Nor does it help against the destruction caused by the ubiquitous spread of artificial frequencies that make us all sick and destroy our environment and ionosphere. The Flat Earth theme also does not help to develop our awareness of the invisible. Which is, after all, a much considerably larger space than the visible. It only brings strife and confusion in the end effect. So what is the point of flat earth versus round earth, what use do we make of it? Does it really increase our consciousness? Or are we perhaps too deep in the matter again? Distraction? Honestly...I am much more interested in the invisible...there is much more of it ;-) And in the meantime also much manipulative from the evil side...it's called frequencies...what do we actually consist of? What is everything made of?
  13. The bad thing is that the whole thing is already going on, but it is IMPOSSIBLE due to the continuous irradiation. The biorobots will not look any different from the way humans look now. There are already lots of them running around. Some of them are used for attacks, e.g. to incite the population against the right and the left. The CIA , NSA etc know how to do this with EMF!!!! The poor victims don't know anything about it...mostly they are confused afterwards and end up in a psychiatric ward. The first and best transhumanist strike is the Smartphone and Wifi.... These two will lead to more and more sick and severely handicapped people...these will then be the first to scream for the health implants. The children and young people can no longer imagine life without a smartphone anyway...some of them are already biorobots...you don't need to put in an RFID chip...they carry the thing with them everywhere anyway and use it as an alarm clock, planner etc...in addition they can also be controlled with it...if you want...via frequencies... The wifi destroys the hypothalamus and causes a frontal brain syndrome, you can already observe that everywhere...the smartphone also helps with that. Since almost everyone is already heavily addicted to cyber drugs, I see little chance for the natural human being. Because the change takes place unnoticed, also the isolation from the divine spirit. It is not that the soul has no feelings and emotions...even if it has already become a bio-robot...what is missing is the spirit and the connection to the divine as well as the PSI powers...they are gone... The transhumanist substitute is, after all, the smartphone and the Navy, etc. You don't need intuition PSI power any more...and if you get sick, spare parts from the mobile phone/pharma box help. ...like diabetes implants, a new hip made of metal (which acts like an antenna), a new arm, a chip for dementia or Parkinson's (Neuralink Elon Musk) etc. they are gratefully accepted at some point...because pain is just terrible, isn't it? But no one considers...that in the beginning there was the permanent irradiation by EMF microwaves/radio waves/low frequency, which first led to all the diseases...as well as in nature/climate change/tree death, bee death, etc. We have since 1918-2018, 100 years of radio!!! And since then, with 5G and Wifi, faster and faster expansion into all areas of life, right down to the baby's cradle with Bluetooth. This has an impact and you can see it worldwide....
  14. More and more people are getting on board with the flat earth theory. Why in God's name should our planet be the only one that is flat, when all the other stars are round??? Honestly...I think it's a DUCK. From my point of view, this is already physically impossible...and then what exactly is at the bottom? Are the roots sticking out *laughs*? And all the E.T.'s and military in their bunkers have to watch out that they don't dig through by mistake ;-) Funny that no one ever got to the end...and fell down... I think this theme was deliberately interspersed...so that all the other important conspiracy themes could be ridiculed...and many fell for it. Someone has put together a convincing theory. That so many people fall for it... The best thing is for them to run/drive with a compass once around the earth and see if they fall down, or where they come out ;-)
  15. Movie https://faktencheck-mobilfunkstrahlung.de/en/ This movie offers an insight into the health-related hazards of mobile radiation, which clearly differ from the industrial and political presentation. This film explores the newest, international and independent studies and scientific explanations and explains why mobile radiation is incredibly hazardous and its far-reaching consequences. Read more ● at what stage of the pregnancy the embryo is the most vulnerable ● The degree to which sperms can be harmed by mobile radiation ● Why mobile radiation delves much deeper into children’s brains compared to adults ● How use of mobile radiation can change behavior, especially in kids ● How the WiFi-related pulsating frequency of 10 Hz resonates with the Alpha brain frequency (8-13 Hz) ● How WiFi impacts our brain development, sensory system and organs (heart, liver and pancreas) ● How WiFi impacts the ability to learn, study (school, college, etc.) and productivity (work, etc.) ● How mobile radiation increases tumor risk by damaging DNA ● Which research results led to the WHO being asked to adjust the current danger level of mobile radiation from ‘possible carcinogen for humans’ (group 2b) to ‘probably carcinogen’ (group 2a) or ‘carcinogen’ (group 1) ● What precautions we can take to protect ourselves Includes an additional movie segment about earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies without which life would not be possible. Interviews and contributions by: • Barrie Trower, former MI5 and MI6, secret service expert, GB • Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller, Med.Uni Wien, Athem 1+2 study coordinator • Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. habil Karl Hecht, professor for neurophysiology and for experimental and clinical pathological physiology at the Humboldt-Universität (Charité) in Berlin, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences • Dr. med. Monika Krout, environmental doctor, Aachen • Dr. Devra Davis, cancer researcher, founder Environmental Health Trust, USA • Gesundheitsministerium Zypern, National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health
  16. This film is highly recommended, Barrie Trower talks about microwaves and ELF waves. This link leads to the English version. We have shown it to many people, but the cyber drug addiction is usually stronger than reason. https://faktencheck-mobilfunkstrahlung.de/en/ This link is also interesting about Barrie Trower https://de.scribd.com/document/115383737/Otb-121203-WiFi-Cancer-20-Amended-Declaration-of-Barry-Trower
  17. p.s. https://www.5gcrisis.com/scientific-studies Symptoms of EHS (Microwave sickness) Neurological: headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint pain, leg/foot pain, “flu-like” symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke. Cardiac: palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.Respiratory: sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. Dermatological: skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.Ophthalmologic: pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision,floaters, cataracts.Auditory: Chirping, buzzing, or ringing in the ears; hearing loss. Others: digestive problems; abdominal pain; enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain; sexual dysfunction;dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding;elevated blood sugar; immune system abnormalities; redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; light sensitivity. https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Electromagnetic_Hypersensitivity.pdf
  18. All I can say is that increased and prolonged EMF exposure leads to deep depression. Other mental illnesses can also re-emerge, such as PTSD, but also other physical ailments. EMF causes melatonin deficiency which also leads to serotonin disorders! I was really sick and had to take a lot of pills. Like painkillers, sleeping pills, psychotropic drugs against depression, etc. But fortunately I came to the cause!!! Since I protect myself from EMF and we have shielded our apartment. Since then I feel much better!!! But for this you need a measuring device (Acousicom 2). I asked myself over 1 year why I am so depressed, because there was no reason for it! Now I know better. Wifi is very bad in this regard!!!
  19. With all the whistleblowers today, I would be careful. These whole assertions of the UFO community that go off there at the moment so "We have defeated the AI" "Trump has saved us" or "QFS defeats the cabal" etc. what there so in the net goes around. E.g. I do not quite trust Corey Goode. Because if it is such highly explosive revelations, what he gives so of itself, why he was not already killed by the CIA, which would be normal. If the statements were correct, he would no longer post videos on YouTube. He could also be a false flag whistleblower from the CIA, has anyone ever thought of that? It's good when such people steer the whole UFO E.T. community on the wrong track, isn't it? And lulls them into security. Because strangely enough, these people ignore the worst enemy: the microwave radiation and the psychotronic mind control through it, WHY???? On some sites even my contributions on the subject were censored and not published, Why? e.g. Transinformation.net So I am skeptical meanwhile....
  20. Yes, in homeopathy they are also there, by laws or specifications the remedies are destroyed because they must be heated too much (the starting material). One must connect oneself NOW intensively with the divine, go within.Protect yourself from these frequencies, so that you also reach the divine and not the archons in the lower levels. The mass will not ascend but will land again in the middle (beyond) with the archons when they die.And then the rebirth goes directly into this (AI) machine world and not into higher dimensions or levels of knowledge. The death is not a redemption but a cycle, from which one gets only through Christ (no that one should not interpret after the normal archonten falsified Bible, but the Nag HAMMADI writings STUDY). And everyone can do that only for himself, one dies also alone. In groups this does not work.
  21. Yes, that's why you should not use Wlan , Bluetooth and protect yourself from it, because the Wlan destroys the hypothalamus the pineal gland (your connection to the divine) the fastest and brings you into the AI Psychotronic, and that unnoticed. Everyone talks only about Corona, which is so intentional, and do not notice the real enemy and bring him into all living areas. Psychotronics + indoor surveillance + destruction of the immune system = Wlan/Wifi/2,4GHz the super inconspicuous weapon.
  22. @vinny79 I can only say that when a frequency is remodulated at the transmission tower, which happens even without the knowledge of the inhabitants. Then you can feel exactly such effects as heart problems, metabolism problems hormonal disorders (e.g. irregular menstruation as well as heavier bleeding) headaches, flu-like symptoms, etc. These do not have to be the vaccinated ones. Maybe, but it can also be frequency modulations to the new 5G standard etc. But they can also unnoticed increase the power flux density times 100 on a day, in a certain place...and then just many get sick...with corona symptoms. I recommend reading the history of microwave sickness since 1950: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Electromagnetic_Hypersensitivity.pdf You can also blame everything on Corona now. Microwave radiation kills 100 times more people than corona! In Germany died in 2019 350 000 people from heart problems and 250 000 from cancer 1.3 million were treated in hospital for cancer. It is scientifically PROVEN that this radiation causes cancer and heart problems. In third place is dementia with 50 000 And all this only in 1 year! More and more children die from gene defects.
  23. @whatthefoxhat I notice the change in many intelligent and also spiritual people I have known for a long time. But these do not notice it themselves. For 2 years I feel this radiation and protect myself from it, I have felt the brain manipulation of the wifi directly and also its effects (at work, at home we never had wifi, that was my luck, also that we have no direct neighbors) . It is to despair that no one reacts to it!!! In addition, I measure with 3 measuring devices for 2 years, it comes more and more to it, some routers radiate more like a transmission mast in the city from 10m distance, and people put that in the apartment, and become sick and manipulated! p.s. if the hypothalamus is destroyed by the WLAN/WIFI (this takes a while) then there is no return for these people! The hypothalamus is an important device also the pineal gland is destroyed. Read you times frontal brain syndrome through...exactly that happens with the brain, that one sees already everywhere in the society above all the children are affected.
  24. @whatthefoxhatThe problem is that this brain manipulation, which is already very advanced, as well as the fears and worries caused by it, bring people to the vaccination in the first place! One should not underestimate brain manipulation, which runs already eternally by television and radio! And since cell phone and smartphone even more exactly and better. Therefore we are now there where we are now. But the new frequencies will connect you to the AI and separate you from the divine, this happens unnoticed! And the quantum computer technology accelerates this, and this already runs!
  25. The mind manipulation by Wlan/WLAN has already done a good job.Because the CIA/NSA etc. has already well tested in the 70s and 80s (project Pandora and others) from the year 2000 it was unleashed on the masses and now after 20 years almost everyone is already under this psychotronic. And deal with side wars scenes. Why does no one else react to it? Slowly I have the feeling that a brain block has been built into the topic, or the addiction has already taken over so much that everyone fades out the topic. Read the book "Enslaved Brains - Versklavte Gehirne" by Heiner Gehring, especially the chapter about mind control and frequencies. Everyone is talking only about Corona, that is so intentional! So that you do not really deal with this topic. This whole show is designed for these frequencies, the implants e.g. the transhumanist revolution. The quantum computers...the frequencies are the foreman for a very long time but nobody wants to deal with it. Do you notice that, how you want to click further so that you do not occupy yourselves with Wlan/wifi and smartphone and addiction and psychotronics thereby? The Mind Control is already perfect now. The vaccines are also suitable to be controlled by frequencies. IT IS ABOUT FREQUENCIES and you do not perceive it, unfortunately :-(
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