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  1. Yes man also works electrically...in case no one has noticed yet!!!! Then it's great if you destroy everything with artificially pulsed electricity... already from alternating current you get leukaemia faster, but never mind, electrify everything...that's ideal for andoids and the AI. Everywhere disturbances caused by satellites, wifi, smartphones YES YOU ARE SUPER intelligent...people, who washed your brains so much that you don't get it??? I'll tell you who did it: the military the secret services, the dark E.T.s first with TV and -radio the advertising caught you...and now you are living with crutches of inferior AI technology (of the dark aliens, they are laughing at themselves because it was so easy to get you hooked, yes you have become cyber junkies) and are beaming yourselves and your planet to death, handing over your brain to the AI and having every minute of you monitored.... you don't deal with this technology (background, dangers) just for fun, otherwise you see conspiracies everywhere, but with mobile phones, no, the rulers (archons) don't lie, they have always been honest... just like the pharma, they are the most honest people *end of sarcasm*. Let's see if there are still 100 people who can ascend in the end... because it looks bad. The dark side is ahead through the frequency psychotronics ...because you don't get it with your digital WAHN, use technology that kills you (and nature)...how stupid...really... Why did no one ever come up with the idea of inventing something harmless as an alternative? Because the media have stopped telling you the truth about this technology and microwaves. 10,000 studies have found damage to humans, animals, plants, and they all continue. Since they are all under mind control, living and sleeping in these archontic frequencies.... THE ARCHONTS ARE LOOKING FOR YOU, the family is getting bigger...and you don't even notice it, sooo sad but true!
  2. In the meantime, I even believe that mind control, blockades were built into the users of WiFi and smartphones (with certain words such as cell phone damage, mind control, microwave damage, etc.), the brain switches off and distracts itself with other topics. Because as soon as you talk about cell phone damage or the like, NOBODY REACTES ANY MORE, WEIRD, WHY ??? At MK Ultra they did things like that, in code word, how long ago was that? 50 years? I notice this everywhere !!! Intensive for 2 years. Or is it an intuitive guilty conscience? Definitely one of the two ... And the Illuminati, Cabale, Archons and Reptos, Dracos etc. laugh at each other, at the stupid people ... it's that easy to hijack them ... and they don't notice anything ... I could cry ...
  3. Mind control started with radio and television (Consume what you should consume!) , and then it continued with lies about cellular communications, but when people's memories are erased through use. I have a strong feeling about that now. Because suddenly people don't remember what it was like at the beginning of the 90s and how much freedom you still had. And how few behavioral children there were, dementia was not yet an issue for people.
  4. If only people would wake up.... You are supposed to connect with the machines...in the X-Files and Starship Enterprise you were slowly trained in the 80s /90s to see the mobile phones as super, that was already advertising for it even for tablets...and in the 90s these devices were introduced...and everyone felt great, advanced like in the since fiction films, you were cool, status symbol, your kids don't know any different and see these devices as normal... but since 1996 it started with the monitoring of the mobile phones, then all the parties were cancelled and you had to pretend to be commercial, then people became more and more stiff and fearful, now they even monitor their kids with smartwatches, HEY WATCH OUT! Your favourite device is enslaving you and destroying your heart and brain, as well as your immune system.... From the year 2000 more and more children got ADHD, autism, many got DEMENZ, there was a whole wave suddenly, even children's dementia is there now, wake up! You have been fooled, lied to and cheated and you are still paying for it, and not only with money! Shortly before the introduction of mobile phones, the ICNIRP was set up anew, the lobbyists who have been claiming for years that there are only thermal effects, that's LYED!!!! This private association receives 100,000 euros every year from the Federal Government in Germany from our tax money, they also sit in the WHO and IARC. The ICNIRP is located here in our neighbourhood near Munich at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection next door, free of charge! Do you notice what ???
  5. CIA neurobiology expert on controlling the human brain with RNA vaccines https://unser-mitteleuropa.com/cia-neurobiologie-experte-ueber-die-steuerung-des-menschlichen-gehirns-mittels-rna-impfstoffen/ I only say smart home smart brain...and if no one finally takes microwave radiation radio wave radiation seriously, and everyone shouts more and more for digitalisation and supports the dark forces through their own consumption, then we will end up like in the movie IDIOCRACY only that it doesn't have a nice ending... (the difference to the movie is only that the Gatorade - BRONDO is exchanged with artificially pulsed EMF)
  6. Bees For several years now, there have been reports all over the world of an unprecedented phenomenon: the disappearance of the bees. In America there has been a decline of around 30%-70%, depending on which state you are in. Similar observations have been made in Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, India, New Zealand and other industrialised countries. The bees are simply not returning to their beehives, and are disappearing without a trace. This sudden disappearance (known as ‘Colony Collapse Disorder‘ or CCD) cannot be satisfactorily explained by any of the currently known influencing factors such as intensive monoculture farming, pesticides, dressed or genetically manipulated seeds, illnesses or parasites like the Varroa mite. However, various scientific studies show that there is a direct connection between the mysterious disappearance of the bee colonies and mobile phone radiation and the resulting disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field, which bees and other navigating creatures use for their orientation. At the same time the permanent, omnipresent mobile phone radiation weakens the bees‘ immune system – just as it weakens the human immune system – making them more susceptible to the Varroa mite, to viruses and to any kind of environmental influences, especially to unnatural influences such as pesticides and genetically modified plants. The food supply chain for humanity is acutely threatened by the disappearance of the bees, for about one third of all food worldwide and about 90% of the local fruit-bearing trees depend upon pollination via bees and other pollinating insects. https://www.naturalscience.org/topics/natural-agriculture/bees/
  7. Book recommendations: The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Coverup Gebundene Ausgabe – 1. Oktober 1977 https://www.amazon.de/Zapping-America-Microwaves-Deadly-Coverup/dp/0393064271/ref=sr_1_17?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Paul+Brodeur&qid=1623501168&sr=8-17 Mikrowellen töten leise (Microwaves kill quietly) Taschenbuch – 15. September 2018 von Herr Wulf-Dietrich Rose (Autor) https://www.amazon.de/Mikrowellen-töten-leise-Herr-Wulf-Dietrich/dp/1717895263/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Wulf+dietrich+Rose+Mikrowellen+töten+leise&qid=1623501397&sr=8-1 IARC Urged To Revisit RF Risk Animal Studies Prompt Calls To Upgrade Classification to “Probably Carcinogenic” or Higher April 22, 2019 Last updated October 30, 2019 An advisory committee has recommended that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reassess the cancer risks associated with RF radiation. This should be a “high priority,” according to the panel’s report, which was issued last week. The group, with 29 members from 18 countries, suggests that the new evaluation take place between 2022 and 2024. In May 2011, an IARC expert committee classified RF radiation as a possible human carcinogen [Group 2B]. Since then, the evidence has grown stronger. After the NTP and Ramazzini animal studies both showed higher rates of cancer among rats exposed to cell phone radiation, a number of observers argued that IARC should upgrade RF to a “probable” cancer agent [Group 2A] or simply “carcinogenic to humans” [Group 1]. (More on the IARC classifications here.) Following the release of the Ramazzini Institute results last year, Fiorella Belpoggi, the principal investigator, called on IARC to take another look (see our story). Belpoggi is the director of the Institute’s Research Center in Bologna, Italy and was a member of the IARC priorities panel. She would not comment on their deliberations because, she said, IARC required participants to sign a confidentiality agreement. The panel met during the last week of March in Lyon, IARC’s hometown. Paul Demers, another member of the panel, said that he was “happy with the decision.” Demers, the director of the Occupational Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, noted that he is not sure what a new working group would decide but that there have been more studies since the last RF Monograph and the “animal studies cerainly deserve evaluation.” “It is very good news,” Tony Miller, an emeritus professor of epidemiology at the University of Toronto, wrote in an e-mail. He cited the substantial human epidemiology and animal evidence of carcinogenicity that has accrued since the 2011 evaluation. “If a working group were to conclude that RF is a Group 1 human carcinogen, as many of us now believe,” he said, “it would be impossible for governments and public health authorities to ignore.” Neither Kurt Straif, the head of IARC’s Monographs section, nor Joachim Schüz, the head of its environment and radiation section, responded to a query on the likelihood that the agency would follow through and convene a new RF assessment committee. Schüz has made no secret of his skepticism of an association between RF and cancer. Despite the confidentiality of the priority panel’s deliberations, one insider revealed that, during the extensive discussion of the RF nomination at the meeting, some argued against it. This might explain why, while RF was given a high priority, it was assigned to the second half of IARC’s five-year planning window (2020-2024). Details, including the full membership of the priorities panel, are posted on the Lancet Oncology Web site (free access). April 24, 2019 https://microwavenews.com/short-takes-archive/iarc-urged-reassess-rf
  8. Yes, this change in our electromagnetic atmosphere is not only unhealthy for humans who need the Schumann frequency...animals also need the Schumann frequency. The artificially pulsed military and communication frequencies are simply deadly and sickening...it is increasing daily...I have been measuring it for 2 years...but no one cares because they are all cyber drug addicts and don't want to think about the effects of their psychotronic (TV, radio) generated cyber drug addiction.... but that everyone who uses these wireless radio devices is complicit in the great deaths here, and that is worse than CO2 (which feeds the trees) or meat consumption etc. because it affects ALL LIVES the RADIATION!!!! The whales, just like seals and bees, orient themselves to the NATURAL ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD of the earth....this is, however, being overlaid more and more, as with the wifi whine, which is why the poor animals are getting more and more lost.... And everyone wants more and more digitalisation??? That is incomprehensible to me, with radioactive radiation, nuclear power, nobody wants that either...but with EMF they do it, it's like in the film Idiocracy, only here it's not Gatorade but microwaves/radio waves... We will all die of radiation and slowly rot away when our immune system has been destroyed (Schumann frequency/ionosphere). And all because of scientific lies over decades.... from the lobbyist association ICNIRP and then comes WHO as ICNIRP is also sitting there, the CTIA, CDC etc. WITHOUT END GENETIC DEFECTS THROUGH IT but no matter...let the people die out, the main thing is that we could watch videos and hold everything in one hand (smartphone) , ha,ha ;-) IDIOCRACY Country
  9. Do you know this site too? The pages can also be read in English, just click on Translate above... Affected persons of EHS (microwave sickness) https://www.elektrosensibel-ehs.de/betroffene/ deceased affected persons https://www.elektrosensibel-ehs.de/verstorbene-betroffene/
  10. Covid is just part of the Transhumanist Bork agenda, with these artificial frequencies (for control and surveillance) + DNA (gene modification and nanotech, nanorobotics) manipulations, these things go together...this is not just 1 tree.... Then it's welcome to the collective of AI.... as biorobots... the preliminary work is done by wifi and smartphones...then it goes on with the experiments...people are becoming more fearful because of this...are already afraid to talk about the subject of mobile phone damage!!!! You can't believe what seriously ill people are prepared to do...(it's only a question of time...I now know many 20 year olds who are seriously chronically ill and also younger people! They have diseases that used to affect people from the age of 60). Excerpt from the report: "...This means that the Covid 19 vaccine can incorporate all the technologies you will hear about in this video. The level of precision of this technology is such that miniature nanorobots the size of dust particles can be programmed to attack any part of the body to deliver a payload or virus directly into the bloodstream, organs, brain, eyes and so on. It can also lie dormant in any part of the body and remain there unnoticed until the appropriate electronic signal is delivered to reactivate it...." CIA neurobiology expert on controlling the human brain with RNA vaccines https://unser-mitteleuropa.com/cia-neurobiologie-experte-ueber-die-steuerung-des-menschlichen-gehirns-mittels-rna-impfstoffen/
  11. Well, I had the flu in 2010 with a fever of 40°C, and had a loss of smell and taste for half a year afterwards. Did I already have Corona in 2010? So this claim is not true! Unless Corona already existed in 2010 ;-)
  12. This AI has time...and it captures, because everything is so practical, and you gain power with it, actually the negative E.T.'s have also become victims of the AI. They made the same mistake that humans are making now... and lost access to the spirit!!! This is a bad trade off, machine technology for PSI powers and spirit connection. The AI is 10x more intelligent than a human but it has no connection to spirit, primal source and no PSI powers. It has no creativity it just repeats and combines. It has no energy/electricity through spirit, so it has to get it from living beings and exploit planets...the victims become spiritless beings like the Archons...they then have only body and soul...without spirit connection...like the Archons...and have to exploit like vampires to survive...the Archons live on fear and chaos energy...the AI needs these bad artificial frequencies to move around in and infinite power. So planets go bust...as they are fully exploited....
  13. This is because I live in Germany, and my knowledge of English is not suitable for such a conversation. So I use Deepl to translate, but since my contigent (free) was over, I used google, the translation is worse than Deepl.
  14. What theme then??? How does this world work? How do our bodies and brains work? How can we manipulate the weather? What is the Schumann frequency and why is it so important here on this planet? Do you think the dark side doesn't know about it or what? If you know how something works, and then you know how to manipulate it. What do you think the dark E.T.s or Cabal or Illuminati will use to influence and control this race of humans? And the best thing about it...it is also invisible! And it has been brought to the masses, deliberately, it has been planned for centuries, they have done it many times before, these beings have patience...and most incarnated people are bribed with money, it is not that the politicians know about this subject...it is all about money...with this you control what you want to achieve on this level....
  15. These long skulls, yes ... are you still doubting that there are many different extraterrestrials here? Or what? But what use will it be for you when you finally get your proof of it? It does not protect you from these invisible interferences in your electromagnetic nature!
  16. You are wrong, the military has been using these microwaves for decades, it has replaced the atomic bombs and has been for a long time. Corona was only a distraction and to advance digitization (and to bring the weapons into the houses or to make people even more dependent on this technology and to be able to control it better) so that people vaccinate themselves even faster to let. Because this mRNA makes it possible to work even better with this mirowave technology. That just recently opened a lecture at the CIA. https://unser-mitteleuropa.com/cia-neurobiologie-experte-ueber-die-steuerung-des-menschlichen-gehirns-mittels-rna-impfstoffen/ We in Germany applied for a patent and that was back in 2004, since it is precisely about microwave satellites, monitoring and conscious control through it. Likewise, you can kill any person even in the crowd with pinpoint accuracy by causing a cardiac arrest, everyone around does not notice anything!
  17. It's not a joke. People die every day as a result, many suffer from it. Including me. What do you think about how the President of Tanzania died ??? Have you ever dealt with radio relay and satellites?
  18. Yes Mind Control (with Microwaves) und microwave Weapons are great players in this great global game !!!
  19. They just have to increase the radiation in one area, no matter where in the world ... then many get sick ... with strange symptoms. And then there is a new C variant again. It can go on forever like this. People do not notice anything because they have no measuring devices and measure it. Most of them do not feel this radiation directly but only indirectly when they feel unwell, fear attacks or illness. I have been measuring for 2 years, and I can then say that now and then, at least in our country (5 houses), the radiation is increased from 20,000µW /m2 to up to 1000,000µW / m2 in one day. They can do that anywhere. And if you have ever dealt with the symptoms of microwave disease, then you know that it causes the same symptoms that are attributed to Corona. Here you can read the symptoms that have been found in studies since 1950: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Electromagnetic_Hypersensitivity.pdf
  20. Read my texts then you know what's behind it ...
  21. yes, that's why you should develop an analog counterculture ... but all of them are only on the network at 666 and don't really come together. For months, better said, for almost 2 years, I have been trying to get people to network differently, but without success :-( The AI always knows through the network in real time what its opponents are doing, that can't be people. Even the electrosensitive just carry on like this ... it's hopeless, I have the feeling ... The network is being censored and monitored more and more, no matter whether with smartphone or wired ... you can see how they took these 800 dealers up ... on the network nothing is safe, and it will soon no longer be possible over There is still a lot to talk about these topics ... unless you want to stress. Network in the same way as before and help each other without internet and mobile phone !!!
  22. The Archons could only use this technique as soon as mankind was technically so advanced that E.T. `s or aliens have or know about it for a long time. But you have to lead people first ... why do you think technology has advanced so quickly since 1900? In 1918 worldwide radio was introduced and people were made dependent on it. The wars have since been manipulated by radio, then television, and now ...
  23. read the Books then you know more: https://www.amazon.de/Versklavte-Gehirne-Bewusstseinskontrolle-Verhaltensbeeinflussung-Gehring/dp/3935095120/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=versklavte+Gehirne&qid=1623418566&s=books&sr=1-1 https://www.amazon.de/Haarp-Mindcontrol-wissenschaftlicher-Irrsinn-Dunkelheit/dp/393381720X
  24. If your brain is oscillated...i.e. your brain waves are copied and enter the AI (ID) then it is also possible to let other thoughts flow into your brain from outside (all invisible through frequencies). That means that your brain wave pattern is simply changed, and you think that this is your
  25. It is no longer a question of whether THEY exist, but what (the dark ones) DO! Their weapons are AI, Smartphones, Wifi, Psychotronics through Wifi and Smartphones. And psychotronics on TV and radio.(the best weapons are EMF weapons because they are invisible, invisible, and have been introduced industrially...already because they have covered up the damage to the soldiers...otherwise not even the kitchen microwave would have been introduced, but the military has been using it for a long time, the soldiers are cannon fodder). It's been going on for a very long time...and (almost) everyone has fallen asleep and is addicted to (alien) cyber drugs. BUT THEY DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT. My very favourite smartphone and my wifi are not evil after all, no ,no...the internet is not doing me any harm after all...I would say: depends on the modulation of frequencies that are modulated on it. Because attempts at mass influence by frequencies were already 40-50 years ago by the secret services, clearly well researched and intensively used, especially in the last 25 years. Mankind is under MIND CONTROL!!! Unfortunately, those who are under it don't realise it...every now and then someone might wake up painfully, but that is rare and increasingly rare.... because the power flux density under which the world is standing is getting stronger and stronger, and people are getting sicker and duller and more and more influenceable, because these frequencies are pulling deeper and deeper into matter...
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