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  1. This was also supported by the Rockefeller Foundation since 1952. Read the long text:
  2. VERY BRISANT ARTICLE from 1994 on the CURRENT situation planned long ago. Long text, but worth reading if you want to know where we are right now.
  3. VERY BRISANT ARTICLE from 1994 on the CURRENT situation planned long ago. Long text, but worth reading if you want to know where we are right now.)
  4. VERY BRISANT ARTICLE from 1994 on the CURRENT situation planned long ago. Long text, but worth reading if you want to know where we are right now.
  5. New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny By C.B. Baker 1994 It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." -- Major I. Chernishev, Russian army[1] VERY EXPLOSIV INFORMATION!!! I would like to point out that WLAN, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, Smart TV etc. contain the ELF 10 Hz (Woodpecker) frequency!!!! Now it called Corona Pandemic Take the time to read EVERYTHING. Everything was planed long time ago...(Note Gabriela 2021) From Youth Action Newsletter In his September 21, 1992 speech to the United Nations, President George Bush announced that foreign troops, would occupy America and train for a New World Order Army. He stated: "Nations should develop and train military units for possible U.N. peacekeeping operations............................ If multinational units are to work together, they must train together..... Effective multinational action will also require coordinated command & control and inter-operability of both equipment and communications." ". WE MUST CHANGE OUR NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS if we are to change our international relations..... THE UNITED STATES IS PREPARING TO MAKE AVAILABLE OUR BASES AND FACILITIES FOR MULTI-NATION TRAINING AND FIELD EXERCISES. One such base, with facilities is Fort Dix, N.J." President Bill Clinton has continued and expanded George Bush's surrender-America policy. As a result, increasing numbers of foreign troops, including Russian Spetsnaz, along with vast amounts of foreign military equipment are now entering the United States to serve as a U.N. OCCUPATION force. On May 3, 1994, President Clinton signed an Executive Order Presidential Decision Directive (originally numbered PPD-13, later changed to PPD-25) that places U.S. troops under U.N. command and abolished the law limiting the number of U.S. troops that can be committed to the U.N. without approval of Congress. PPD-25 also created special funding for U.N. peacekeeping and occupation forces, that permits an UNLIMITED drain upon the U.S. Treasury. American Tax payers will be forced to pay any amount demanded by the U.N. occupation forces. The Judas attitude of the Administration is symbolized in an article written by Bill Clinton's very close friend, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, titled: "The Birth of the Global Nation." Talbott strongly attacked American national sovereignty, stating: "NATIONAL AS WE KNOW IT WILL BE OBSOLETE: ALL STATES WILL RECOGNIZE A SINGLE, GLOBAL" (666) "AUTHORITY," (7\20/92 Time Magazine). Acting under U.N. occupation orders, U.S. military and national guard forces are now being trained to attack civilians in this country. In Alaska, contingents of Russian military OCCUPATION FORCES are reported to have already landed. State and Federal forces, have begun house-to- house surveys, looking for gun collectors and checking attitudes for possible patriotic resistance. A number of citizens have already been illegally detained. The 10\14\94 WASHINGTON TIMES reported that U.S. Marines in California had to fill out a "Combat Arms Survey" that asked 39 questions about attitude to determine if AMERICAN MARINES WERE WILLING TO SERVE THE NEW WORLD ORDER TRAITORS AND FIGHT AGAINST THEIR OWN FELLOW CITIZENS. Marines were asked to give their attitudes on the treason statement: "I am a United Nations fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and EVERY Nation's way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their service." The last item on the survey asked the Marines' attitude about the statement: "I WOULD FIRE UPON U.S. CITIZENS, WHO REFUSED OR RESIST CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS BANNED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT." As more Russian and United Nations occupation troops enter the United States, the White House is expecting strong resistance from loyal Americans. To QUIETLY suppress these patriotic fighters, President Clinton is getting help from the old Soviet KGB. Moscow is now supplying Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno with a whole new class of weapons, that will be specifically TARGETED AGAINST AMERICAN CIVILIANS. The controlled U.S. media has labeled these so-called "NON-LETHAL WEAPONS." A close inspection of the facts about these new anti- civilian devices, reveals that they are SOVIET PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS, which are very dangerous and they can also be extremely lethal. The 3\1\93 issue of Time Magazine reported: "American and Russians are discovering common interest...MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Former KGB General George Kotov has told American visitors about Russian (KGB) research into 'acoustic psycho-correction.' The process involves transmitting commands into the subconscious of targeted victims through static or white-noise bands. The Jan. 11-17, 1993 issue of DEFENSE NEWS reported that U.S. political and military officials are obtaining Soviet mind-control technology. The Soviet KGB "capability, demonstrated in a series of laboratory experiments dating back to the mid-1970's, could be used to suppress riots, CONTROL DISSIDENTS, demoralize or disable opposing forces and enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams, sources say." "Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions. Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute. Moreover, decades of KGB research and investment of untold millions of rubles in the process has produced THE ABILITY TO ALTER BEHAVIOR ON WILLING AND UNWILLING SUBJECTS, the experts add." One of the KGB's psychotronic systems was being sold for as little as $80,000. A scientific analysis published by an affiliate of the Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy stated: "...It has become possible to probe and correct psychic contents of human beings DESPITE THEIR WILL AND CONSCIOUSNESS, by instrumental means...Results having been achieved...can be used with inhumane purposes of manipulating psyche." To raise hard currency, and promote the U.N. New World Order, the Russians have planned a Bilateral Center For Psycho-Technologies where U.S. and Russians authorities can cooperate. Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington "think-tank" tied to the CIA and Federal Government, "is a key U.S. liaison between Russian and U.S. officials." Morris is a long time close associate of Col. John B. Alexander, a leading U.S. expert on psychotronics. ELECTROMAGNETIC TOTALITARIAN CONTROL OVER AMERICA The 4\94 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported that Janet E. Morris and her husband Christopher C. Morris "have been involved in promoting a 'psycho-correction' technology, developed by a Russian scientist, that is INTENDED TO INFLUENCE BY MEANS OF SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES EMBEDDED IN SOUND OR VISUAL IMAGES." In 1993, "the Morrises organized a meeting in which the technology was demonstrated for U.S. scientists and officials by its Russian inventor." Defense news reported that on Dec. 15, 1992, Janet Morris stated that she and the Richmond, Virginia-based International Health-line Corporation "have briefed senior U.S. intelligence and Army officials about the Russian capabilities, which Morris said could include hand- held devices for purposes of special operations, crowd control and anti- personal actions." Morris reported that this particular weapon creates "BONE- CONDUCTING SOUND WAVES that cannot be offset by protective gear These devices appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum, the same frequency range as generated by the sinister U.S. Gwen (Ground Wave Emergency Network) system of transmitters. The 7\93 issue of DEFENSE ELECTRONICS discussed the FBI's use of Soviet KGB psychotronic devices against the Branch Dividians at Waco, Texas. There is strong evidence that such weapons were used. After the Feds launched their mass-murdering, flame-throwing attack, some members of David Koresh's church attempted to flee the burning building, but soon as they got outside, they suddenly turned around and ran back INTO the fire--which demonstrated an extreme mental disorientation of the type created by psychotronic mind control weapons. The few victims who survived the fire were visibly confused and unable to talk coherently or move. Prior to the massacre, the Feds targeted the church building with a night and day acoustical barrage (that included the sounds of dying animals and low frequency sound devices). The Feds also utilized a super- strobe light show (pulsed at ELF frequencies). DEFENSE ELECTRONICS reported that a Richmond, Virginia firm, Psychotechnologies (believed to be closely tied to the CIA and the FBI) has purchased the American rights to the Soviet mind-control devices. DEFENSE ELECTRONICS described a spring, 1993 meeting between Clinton Administration officials and Soviets psychotronics experts, including Dr. Igor Smirnov. Amongst the U.S. agencies represented at the meetings with Smirnov were the FBI, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Advance Research Projects Research Agency (ARPA). Clinton Adiministration officials wanted "to determine whether psycho-correction...programs COULD BE UNDERTAKEN BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. These devices could be used to AFFECT JUDGMENT OR OPINION OF DECISION-makers, KEY PERSONAL OR POPULACES." Clinton Defense officials expressed interest that the KGB psychotronic devices could be used "in non-violently" clearing areas of potential enemies, snipers, ect. (meaning U.S. gun collectors and patriotic militias). Also meeting with the Soviet psychotronic experts, were officials from the giant Trilateral-allied international corporations, such as General Motors and researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health. The 8\22\94 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE reported on a secret Arlington, Virginia meeting between experts from the FBI's Counter-Terrorism Center and Dr. Smirnov, whose work was described in the publication: "...Using electroencephalographs, Smirnov measures brain waves, then uses computers to CREATE A MAP OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS AND VARIOUS HUMAN IMPULSES, such as anger or the sex drive. Then through taped SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, he claims to physically alter the landscape with the power of suggestion." THE NON-LETHAL WEAPONS COVER STORY To cleverly disguise the Federal Government's use of KGB psychotronic devices, a whole series of cover-stories about so-called "non-lethal" have been planted in the American press. Such items as nets, foams, sticky material to snag an attacker, mace- like compounds that immobilize a targeted subject, devices that mimic flashbulbs in order to blind a criminal, bean-bag guns and high-tech sticky goo-shot from a special device to immobilize fleeing criminals: all seem harmless enough and are being publicized in order to generate public support and funding for the HIDDEN globalist non-lethal weapons agenda. This collection of simple, anti-criminal items conceals the dangerous psychotronic weapons which U.S. officials are now acquiring. The very name "non-lethal" is a gross deception. In fact, many Clinton Administration Justice Department officials (in private conversations) do not use the description, "non-lethal", but instead, prefer to describe them as "SOFT-KILL WEAPONS." The 8\2\94 WALL STREET JOURNAL reported: "Military researchers define nonlethality a tad more broadly than a municipal attorney. Last November, for example, (while attending the secret conference on non- lethal weapons) Lawrence Liverpool physicist Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) argued that TINY "NUCLEAR" WEAPONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE NATION'S NON-LETHAL ARSENAL." The 3\23\94 WASHINGTON POST reported: "The Pentagon and the Justice Department have agreed to share state-of-the-art military technology with civilian law enforcement agencies, including exotic 'non- lethal' weapons." "The plan aims to capitalize on a growing confluence of interest between the two departments: With the Pentagon increasingly preoccupied by unconventional, post-Cold War" (U.N. World Army) "missions, such as peacekeeping..., Justice Department officials, see an opportunity to apply the fruits of pentagon" (and Soviet KGB) "research to America's urban battlefields." The newspaper reported that in 1993, Clinton allies in Congress directed the Defense and Justice departments to SHARE NEW MILITARY TECHNOLOGY and identify areas for collaboration on specific projects. THE LONG STANDING TRADITION OF STRICT SEPARATION OF THE U.S. MILITARY FROM POLICE FUNCTIONS IS NOW BEING ABANDONED--as demonstrated by the military equipment used during the Waco Massacre. In addition to the psycho-correction devices obtained from the Soviet KGB, the U.S. Government and Justice Department have obtained a series of other high tech, including electromagnetic pulse devices ("which stimulate a lightning strike)--a high powered generator to destroy electronic circuits; electromagnetic devices that can disable an automobile or truck engine; and holographic projections to deceive an attacker." The WALL STREET JOURNAL reported that the use of a government high-power electromagnetic device against a single fleeing automobile "might stop EVERY car in one or two blocks and also stop EVERY HEART PACEMAKER AS WELL. Such a device would also COOK the driver of the vehicle. "The technology, could be a bit hard on the driver, (and other drivers in the vicinity) says Donna J. Marts, an engineering specialist at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. 'You know, like that poor little potato you put in a microwave oven'." The newspaper described another new "non-lethal" psychotronic weapon now being designed for government anti-civilian usage: A "magnetophosphene" gun THAT WOULD INDUCE A VISUAL EFFECT AKIN TO WHAT HAPPENS 'WHEN A PERSON RECEIVES A BLOW ON THE HEAD AND SEES STARS'." The 4\94 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported: "Federal researchers are no investigating a broad array of non-lethal devices including...LOW- FREQUENCY 'INFRASOUND' GENERATORS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO TRIGGER NAUSEA OR DIARRHEA,...electronics-disrupting pulses of electromagnetic radiation..and biological agents that can chew up crops." To help promote the U.N. global dictatorship, Soviet KGB scientist have recently been working at various U.S. advanced weapons facilities, such as Lawrence Liverpool and Los Alamos Laboratories. In November, 1993, a three day top-secret non-lethal weapons conference took place in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. The meeting was attended by Attorney General Janet Reno, numerous scientist, military weapons experts, intelligence officials from state and local police departments. The main purposes of the meeting was to prepare leading law enforcement officials for the use of psychotronic mind-control weapons. The official program of the conference stated: "Non-lethal defense has emerged as a potent new means of applying force........................... Non-lethal defense is an approach that explores options for attacking targets. including NON-TRADITIONAL FOES" (CODE WORDS FOR GUN COLLECTORS, THE UNORGANIZED MILITIA, AND SO-CALLED CHURCH "CULTS"). Amongst the subjects covered at the conference were "RADIO- FREQUENCY WEAPONS, HIGH POWERED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY, ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY" (used to transmit subliminal voices into a victims head), VOICE SYNTHESIS, and APPLICATION OF EXTREME FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS TO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS." Col. John B. Alexander, Program Manager for Non-Lethal (psychotronic) Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory, served as conference chairman. PSYCHOTRONICS CZAR OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER Alexander first became known to the public through his December, 1980 MILITARY REVIEW article titled, "THE NEW MENTAL BATTLEFIELD." That article clearly described the LETHAL nature of many of the so- called "non-lethal" weapons that are now being targeted against American civilians. Alexander stated: "Psychotronics may be described as the interaction of mind and matter. The possibility for employment as weaponry has been explored. To be more specific, there are weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose LETHAL CAPACITY HAS ALREADY BEEN DEMONSTRATED." Describing Soviet development of psychotronic weapons, Alexander stated: "The ability to...CAUSE DEATH can be transmitted over distances, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent reason." These "weapons would be able to induce illness or death at little or no risk to the operator. The psychotronic weapon would be silent (and) difficult to detect. " He then discussed the Soviet use of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic weapons against humans in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Col. Alexander's knowledge of psychotronic weapons was demonstrated in a 1990 book he co-authored with Janet Morris, and Major Richard Groller, titled THE WARRIORS EDGE. That book described the mind-zapping effects, inside the United States, that have been created by the Soviet Tesla Magnifying ELF Woodpecker transmitters. Alexander demonstrated his close personal ties to the White House by describing his long association with Al Gore, Jr., who is now Vice President of the United States. Alexander made a revealing comment about secret "revolutionary technologies" that are in fact, now being utilized by both the U.S. and Russian governments: "Areas of GREAT POTENTIAL include superconductivity, genetic engineering, macroscopic WEATHER ENGINEERING and psychotronics." Describing the horror created by Soviet psychotronic weapons, "designed to psychically influence others," Alexander stated: "Nikolai Kokolov, an ex-KGB agent, reported a case in which the spinal column of the human subject was fractured psychotronically from a distance." Alexander also described the effects of " 'entraining' the brain waves of two or more individuals." He stated: "The brain-wave oscillations of electronic potentials may act as a harmonic oscillator." Extensive details about Alexander appeared in the Oct-Nov., 1993 NEXUS MAGAZINE article: "Psychic Warfare & Non-Lethal Weapons." Nexus reported that Alexander has worked closely with Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, who SERVE AS HEAD OF THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION. NEXUS reported that Col. Alexander is currently involved in over twenty separate projects at the Los Alamos Laboratories. Alexander's associate, Janet Morris, "confirmed John Alexander's involvement in mind control and psychotronic projects" at the laboratory. Describing some of her written articles, NEXUS reported: "Morris seeks to establish a doctrine for the use of non-lethal weapons by the U.S. in crisis 'AT HOME' " (MEANING USE AGAINST AMERICAN CIVILIANS) " 'or abroad' ...She totally disregards the offensive, LETHAL ASPECTS inherent in some of the weapons in question." Morris suggest areas where these non-lethal weapons can be used "adventurism, insurgency, ethnic violence, terrorism and domestic crime." According to Janet Reno and other Clinton Administration officials, many of the above categories are designed to include Christians, patriots, pro-gun groups, right to life groups, so-called "cults,: and many other civilians. Morris described so-called "Non-Lethal electromagnetic technologies." These technologies are already being directed against American citizens in the GWEN system, in various ELF transmitters inside the U.S.A., and in secret collaboration with the Russians in electromagnetic weather-engineering. NEXUS reported on the U.S. development of "High Powered Microwave (HPM) Projectiles." The U.S. Government has already obtained "a portable microwave weapon." Several U.S. high tech laboratories, with the help of Soviet scientist, are working on very low frequency (VLF) weapons. NEXUS reported that these U.S. high labs, including Col. Alexander Los Alamos Laboratory, are working on "developing high power, VERY LOW FREQUENCY acoustic beam weapons. They are also looking into methods of projecting high frequency acoustic bullets." "Very Low Frequency (VLF) sound (20-35 kHz), or low-frequency radio- frequency modulation CAN CAUSE NAUSEA, VOMITING, AND ABDOMINAL PAINS. Some Very Low Frequency sound generators, in certain frequency ranges, CAN CAUSE DISRUPTION OF HUMAN ORGANS, and at high power levels CAN CRUMBLE MASONARY." Such a system could also be used to create artificial earthquakes. PSYCHOTRONIC UFO ABDUCTIONS The Federal Government has acquired enough high tech psychotronic devices to zap the minds of targeted victims and if necessary even create the APPEARANCE of UFO abductions as an experimental method to conceal a program of injecting tiny computer tracking-chips into targeted subjects. Many of non-lethal weapons projects, in which Col. Alexander is involved, have the technical capability to create the effects of ARTIFICIAL UFO abductions, via holography and electromagnetic mind control techniques. NEXUS reported that Alexander is a member of the secret U.S. Government "Aviary" Group (made up of CIA and defense officials), which has been involved in repeated efforts to plant PHONEY UFO stories, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DISCREDITING ALL SERIOUS PRIVATE CITIZEN UFO RESEARCH. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported that in 1993, Col. John Alexander "organized a meeting on the 'Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma' at which attendees discussed alien abductions," many of which are now being deliberately staged by the government as a propaganda tool to promote the New World Order. The disruption of private UFO research got under way after January, 1953 meeting of the Robertson Panel that was sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency. TRAITORS DISARM U.S.A. & CONVERT TO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS FOR SERVICE IN U.N. WORLD ARMY While the Clinton Administration is slashing American national defense to a pre-pearl Harbor level, the remaining Pentagon budget is being directed towards weapons that will be used by American military forces serving in the U.N. world government army. The 2\7\94 NEWSWEEK stated: "What if U.S. or U.N. forces--and what if the FBI--had an arsenal of tricky, new-tech weapons that could rout a mob, find and subdue a hidden gunman? What if American GLOBOCOPS could keep the peace or fight future wars without killing or injuring civilians? The possibility of a new generation of non-lethal weapons is now attracting serious attention at the Pentagon and, at the Department of Justice as well." NEWSWEEK described how these psychotronics non-lethal weapons will be used: "The United States needs new options to control rogue governments and insurrectionaries without resorting to total war. New- wave military thinkers say that the list of exotic technologies that could be harnessed for non-lethal technologies is already large and growing. It includes lasers, MICROWAVES, SOUND WAVES, STROBE LIGHTS (already used for psychotronic entrainment during the Waco siege), ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSES and Microbes (GERM WARFARE)." The 9\19-25\94 DEFENSE NEWS reported "U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry is expected to launch a new policy that directs the Pentagon to purchase and use non-lethal systems as an option to lethal force." The official Pentagon directive (Draft 7\21\94) states: "Non-lethal weapons are especially suited to operations such as peace-keeping, humanitarian missions and other operations short of war.......................................................... Non-lethal weapons that show significant promise of DUAL-USE BY U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT" (AGAINST AMERICAN CIVILIANS) "as well as by the military services, will receive higher priority than those that do not." Demonstrating plans for NEW Waco-style massacres against U.S. churches, gun-collectors and patriots fighting against the U.N. occupation, the Pentagon directive stated: "The term 'adversary' is used in its broadest sense, including THOSE WHO ARE NOT DECLARED ENEMIES, BUT WHO ARE ENGAGED IN ACTIVITIES WE WISH TO STOP. THIS POLICY DOES NOT PRECLUDE. DOMESTIC USE OF NON-LETHAL WEAPONS BY U.S. MILITARY FORCES IN SUPPORT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT." In March, 1993, the National Institute of Justice [NIJ]--(an office of Janet Reno's Justice Department), issued a report titled: "NIJ Initiative On Less-Than-Lethal Weapons." The Department is now encouraging local and state police organizations to utilize Soviet-KGB psychotronic, electromagnetic and mind control weapons against their local citizenry. Targets for these KGB weapons include "domestic disturbances" meaning that mind-control devices are even to be utilized against family arguments. The reports stated: "Short-term research will be completed TO ADOPT MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES TO USE BY DOMESTIC LAW ENFORCEMENT...including LASER, MICROWAVE, AND ELECTROMAGNETIC" WEAPONS. The Justice Department is preparing to use these non-lethal psychotronic weapons for "search warrent RAIDS." A 1994 Congressional report says that the new H.A.R.R.P. ELF transmitter in Alaska "could allow earth-penetrating tomography over most of the northern hemisphere." Such a capability WOULD PERMIT THE DETECTION AND PRECISE LOCATION OF TUNNELS AND UNDERGROUND SHELTERS," AS WELL AS UNDERGROUND STORAGE SITES FOR GUNS AND AMMUNITION. By utilizing this tomography with high speed computers, the Clinton Administration will be able to rapidly locate and target PRIVATE COLLECTIONS OF BURIED FIREARMS MARKED FOR U.N. OCCUPATION FORCE CONFISCATION. In 1989, FULL DISCLOSURE MAGAZINE published the article, "REMOTE MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY." The magazine reported that Los Alamos National Laboratory "prepared a report for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) setting forth that use of microwave radiation on 'terrorist' could kill them, stun them, or at least modify their behavior by changing their perceptions." C.F.R. - TRILATERAL INSIDERS PREDICTED USE OF PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS AGAINST AMERICA Powerful CFR and Trilateral insiders have long known how electromagnetic weapons can be effected utilized to wage political warfare against America's population. President Lyndon Johnson's Science Adviser, Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald wrote the globalist- promoting 1968 book, UNLESS PEACE COMES, A SCIENTIFIC FORECAST OF NEW WEAPONS. MacDonald described how MAN-MADE CHANGES IN THE ELECTRICAL EARTH-IONOSPHERE CAN BE USED FOR MASS BEHAVIOR CONTROL. He said that low frequency electromagnetic oscillations CAN ATTACK THE LOW FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAIN WAVES IN HUMAN BEINGS. He stated, "Perturbation of the environment (by geophysical warfare) can produced changes in behavioral patterns." Zbigniew Brzezinski, the founding director of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, also served as President Jimmy Carter's National Security Director, where he founded the infamous FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that is designed to implement world government dictatorial rules over the U.S.A. In his 1970 book, BETWEEN TWO AGES, Brezezinski described "weather control" as a "new weapon" that is a "key element of strategy." He added: "Technology will make available, to leaders of major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting SECRET WARFARE, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised," (which explains why the U.S. public and the press was denied access to the recent Los Alamos conference on non-lethal psychotronic weapons). Brzezinski predicted the exact types of electromagnetic psychotronic weapons that the Clinton Adminstration is now obtaining for mass behavior control of U.S. citizens. He stated: "It is possible--and TEMPTING--to exploit, for strategic-political purposes, the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes" (such as those created by the Soviet ELF Woodpecker, the U.S. GWEN tower VLF network and U.S. H.A.R.R.P.-style ELF transmitters) "could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth. In this way, one could develop a system that would SERIOUSLY IMPAIR THE BRAIN PERFORMANCE OF A VERY LARGE POPULATION IN SELECTED REGIONS, OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD." ELECTROMAGNETIC TELEPATHIC INFLUENCE The terrible effects of the KGB psychotronic devices, now being supplied to the Clinton Regime, were publicized in the 1970's. A 1975 issue of the Soviet publication INTERNATIONAL LIFE, discussing electronic mind control developments, stated that atmospheric electricity can be used "TO SUPPRESS THE MENTAL ACTIVITY" of large groups of people. The Soviet journal said that a sonic generator, tuned to an infrasound (below the hearing level) frequency, could CREATE "FEELINGS OF DEPRESSION, FEAR, PANIC, TERROR, AND DESPAIR." In 1977, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) declassified a report describing how vast advances in Soviet psychotronic technology can create THE ULTIMATE BIG BROTHER SOCIETY, BY USING ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL AGAINST POPULATIONS TO IMPLANT IDEAS AND THOUGHTS INTO THE HEADS OF UNSUSPECTING VICTIMS: "SOUNDS AND POSSIBLY EVEN WORDS, WHICH APPEAR TO BE ORIGINATING INTRACRANIALLY (WITHIN ONE'S OWN HEAD), CAN BE INDUCED BY SIGNAL MODIFICATION AT VERY LOW AVERAGE POWER DENSITIES" (VLF & ELF). The DIA report also said that the Soviets discovered that secret microwave radiation can be used to induce in unsuspecting victims: "headache, fatigue, perspiring, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and the lack of concentration." BRAIN ENTRAINMENT WARFARE The results of many years of U.S. psychotronic research, originally DESIGNED FOR THE DEFENSE OF UNITED STATES, are now being directed to the service of the United Nations and against many of the very American taxpayers who helped pay for the research. Ron McRae's 1984 book, MIND WARS, described research in the 1970's at the Stanford Research Institute on the subject of ELF and mind control. "BECAUSE THE HUMAN BRAIN GENERATES ELECTRICAL SIGNALS IN THE SAME ELF FREQUENCIES, SCIENTIST SPECULATE THAT TRANSMITTING STRONG SIGNALS IN THESE FREQUENCIES MIGHT INTERFERE WITH THE NATURAL BRAIN ACTIVITY OF PERSONS IN THE TARGET AREA, PRODUCING EFFECTS RANGING FROM HYPERTENSION TO SUDDEN DEATH." MaRae continued: " Initial results coming out of laboratories in the United States and Canada (show) that certain amplitude and frequency combinations of external electromagnetic radiation in the brain-wave frequency STIMULATING HIGHER-LEVEL NEURONAL STRUCTURES IN THE BRAIN. This electronic stimulation is known to produce mental changes at a distance, including hallucinations in various sensory modalities, particularly auditory." Because the power levels are so low, the brain COULD MISTAKE THE OUTSIDE SIGNAL FOR ITS OWN, MIMIC IT (A PROCESS KNOWN AS BIOELECTIC ENTRAINMENT), AND RESPOND WHEN IT CHANGES." Early Soviet research by Professor Leonid L. Vasiliev, head of the Department of Physiology at the University of Leningrad, appeared in his publication: EXPERIMENTS IN DISTANT INFLUENCE. Ron McRae reported: "Vasiliev and his colleagues were "among the first to show that even very low-level radiation can effect living organisms and cause dizziness, loss of appetite, emotional instability, and hallucinations." Valiliev's research caused him to conclude that "THOUGHTS CAN BE GRAFTED ONTO MICROWAVES IN THE SAME WAY THAT TELEVISION SIGNALS CARRY PICTURES AND SHOULD, opening the possibility if LONG-DISTANCE HYPNOSIS of mind control." PRESENT DAY, U.S.Government use of electromagnetic weapons was described in the Oct-Nov., 94 NEXUS MAGAZINE: "Directed-energy weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a micro-wave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process known as 'Voice Synthesis' which is REMOTE BEAMING OF AUDIO (i.e., VOICES OR OTHER AUDIBLE SIGNALS) DIRECTLY INTO THE BRAIN OF ANY SELECTED HUMAN TARGET. This process is also known within the U.S. Government as "Synthetic Telepathy." This psychotronic weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the November, 1993 Non-Lethal weapons conference. Dr. Robert O. Becker, leading U.S. expert on biomagnetic effects, stated: "All the evidence points very clearly to the fact that animals (including humans) must intercept a NORMAL magnetic field in order to maintain the functional integrity of their central nervous systems. We derive crucial information from the field--information that influences biorhythms, the electrical and chemical properties of the brain, and the growth rate of the organism as a whole. It should be obvious by now that ABNORMAL (electromagnetic) fields CAUSE ACUTE PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS, A MAJOR PREDISPOSING FACTOR TOWARD DISEASE," (2\85 OMNI MAGAZINE). Dr, Becker comments show the extreme danger created by many of the so-called "non-lethal" psychotronic electromagnetic weapons. HAMMER AND SICKLE MIND ZAPPING In addition to the infra-sound Russian device, described in the press, there are other, more destructive psychotronic weapons that are now being secretly supplied to the Clinton Regime. To understand what the globalists are planning to use against American civilians, it is necessary to look at the background on these KGB weapons. In the 1950's, Nikolia Khokhlov, a Soviet KGB agent defected to the West. In 1976, Khokhlov was asked by the U.S. Government to prepare a report on secret Soviet parapsychology centers. He interviewed a number of scientists who had recently left the Soviet Union. The 2\5\83 issue of THE SPECTATOR reported that Khokhlov said: "The Soviet mind control program is run by the KGB with unlimited funds." Khokhlov stated: Soviet psychotronic weapons "ARE ABLE TO JAM SOMEONE'S THINKING IN THE SAME WAY THAT YOU CAN JAM THE SIGNALS COMING IN FROM A RADIO TRANSMITTER. In simple terms, it means that YOU CAN SCRAMBLE ANYONE'S THINKING PROCESS AND CAN PLANT FEAR AND CONFUSION AT WILL IN THAT PERSON." NEXUS MAGAZINE stated: "Reports recently appeared that the FBI deployed the weapon against David Koresh" during the siege at Waco. This type of psychotronic weapon was able to confuse and plant false messages into the targeted victims. Videos of the Branch Dividian compound, made during the siege, showed a small microwave dish (used for TRANSMISSION) setting atop a portable pole, POINTED DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE MAIN BUILDIN IN THE COMPOUND. The Feds appear to have also utilized psychotronic mind-zapping weapons against the Montana-based Church Universal and Triumphant. KGB defector Khokhlov reported that by using these psychotronic weapons, "you can make an enemy to do something TOTALLY CONTRARY TO HIS TRAINING AND HIS LOYALTY TO HIS OWN COUNTRY." Loyal Americans, who are targeted by these psychotronic weapons or by the VLF GWEN tower network, can be MENTALLY SOFTENED-UP, so that they will more willingly SUBMIT TO THE CONTROL OF THE U.N. OCCUPATION FORCES. Khokhlov reported that these KGB devices could turn a senior officer "into a traitor" to his own country. The 1988 book, PSYCHIC WARFARE--FACT OR FICTION, edited by John White, carried several articles by Thomas E. Bearden, leading U.S. expert on Soviet Tesla and psychotronic weapons. In his article titled, "Soviet Psychotronic Weapons, A Condensed Background," Bearden stated: "The psychotronic patterns/effects can be modulated onto electromagnetic signals, even of very low intensity" (such as ELF and VLF), "and still affect living systems because of the KINDLING EFFECTS; i.e. the psychotronic virtual state modulations are stripped off by a living system (IN THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS NEAR THE SURFACE OF THE SKIN) and introduced onto the human nervous system where they begin to superpose coherently as time passes. Such collection eventually reach the quantum threshold and OBSERVABLE PHYSICAL CHANGE RESULTS." "...By modulating psychotronic (PT) signals onto electromagnetic (EM) carriers, visible light squelching can be overcome. The PT modulations are then delivered to the bio-logical (or material) targets through the light--photons go right through other photons without interaction except in the most extreme cases--and ACTIVATE THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS." Soviet physicist, "Victor Adamenko, discovered that acupuncture points form plexuses or groupings, THAT ARE FREQUENTLY SENSITIVE. Further, these plexuses are coordinated with and to specific body locations. BY CHOICE OF FREQUENCY, ONE CAN THEREFORE DETERMINE WHAT PART OF THE TARGET'S BODY IS EFFECTED." White's PSYCHIC WARFARE reported Communist East Bloc discoveries that "telepathy can be amplified like radio waves." "The bulk of recent telepathy research in the U.S.S.R. has been concerned with the transmission of emotional or behavioral impulses and the study of physiological response to PK exercises etc. By the early 1970's CIA agents in the field reported that the Soviets were able to influence telepathically the behavior of people, alter their emotions or health, and even kill at long distance." The 1983 book, THE MIND RACE, by Russell Targ and Keith Harary reported that leading Soviet psychotronics expert, Professor I.M. Kogan "argues that if psychic phenomena are to be explained at all, it will have to be through low-frequency electromagnetic principles." Targ and Harary reported: "Experiments that feature INDUCING PAIN OR BEHAVIORAL MANIPULATION AT A DISTANCE HAVE BEEN THE DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTIC OF ALMOST ALL OFFICIAL SOVIET PSI RESEARCH SINCE THE 1920's." Describing Soviet research, Targ and Harary reported: "An 18 KHz oscillator was modulated with different types of stochastic (random) noise. The output of the generator was brought near the patient's heads, apparently causing the to have 'mystical or religious types of experiences.' In other experiments, IT WAS FOUND THAT HEART ATTACKS COULD BE INDUCED in susceptible rats, and relief from hypoxia obtained in rats suffering from oxygen deprivation." Martin Ebon's 1983 book, PSYCHIC WARFARE, stated: "Efforts to monitor human brain activity, by means of some form of super- telepathy, should be seen in the context of just such technological means as microwave techniques offer today........................................................................... Certain aspects of psychotronics, those concerned with extremely low levels of energy, electromagnetism, photons, bioplasma, and similar categories, are the electro-biological equivalent of communications and interception techniques that utilize advanced electronic technology." Ebon also reported that THE ROCKEFEELERS'S HAVE BEEN FINANCING PSYCHOTRONIC MIND CONTROL RESEARCH since the 1950's. SATANIC 666 SOVIET ZAPPING DEVICES Because of the 1991 breakup of the old U.S.S.R., much new information about the Soviet mind zapping weapons program has appeared. The 2\94 FATE MAGAZINE carried extensive details about the different types of psychotronic devices (many of which are now being secretly supplied to the Clinton U.N. Occupation Regime): "In 1991, an article entitled 'Once More About Psychic Weapon's' was published in the UGOLOG UKRAINI newspaper by A.V. Kalinets-Bryukhanov (K.B.)." He reported that "he had participated in the development of one of the most classified projects of the Soviet State Committee for Sciences and Technologies." K.B. was "involved in secret research into the effects of the operation of electromagnetic pulse fields. He studied various effects of the exertion of force upon cellular structures and subcellular formations." Other work involved "the development of an electronic device to direct remote influence upon the biological environment, using microwave radiation, with subsequent corrections of biophysical parameters of living organisms." "Test on animal brains demonstrated that when cellular transformation resulted from fields of especially destructive forces, manifestations of paranormal abilities, like clairvoyance, became possible." The KGB "researchers located phrenological zones of the skull, responsible for motivating various actions of the research subjects. ...These experiments helped Soviet scientist find THE MOST EFFECTIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE FIELD OPERATING CONDITIONS TO REPRODUCE CEREBRAL TISSUE THAT WOULD CREATE THE PLANNED PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTIC." K.B. described KGB experiments upon certain Soviet soldiers, who had exhibited characteristics of fear and cowardliness during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After being zapped by psychotronic mind- control DEVICES, these former cowards SUDDENLY HAD A 180 DEGREE CHANGE IN THEIR OUTLOOK. They were turned into supe- rcourageous heroes, who subsequently, repeatedly risked their lives in battle. "Having observed the brain as a receiving and transmitting device, the researchers had discovered certain wavelengths. Using them, IT IS POSSIBLE, TO INFLUENCE VARIOUS SECTIONS OF THE BRAIN DIRECTLY, REPRODUCE CEREBRAL TISSUE, AND THEN PROVOKE UNUSUAL CHANGES IN THE QUALITIES OF INDIVIDUAL PSYCHES. THEN ONE CAN PROGRAM ANYTHING INTO THE BRAINS OF EXPERIMENTAL SUBJECTS." FATE MAGAZINE also reported on a fall, 1991 article by Emil Fedorovich Bachurin, that was published in two issues of the MOLODAYA GVARDIA MAGAZINE: "The information demonstrates the kinds of weapons that fall under the heading of 'psychotronic weapons'." Bachurin described the psychotronic devices as "dreadful." A human being becomes a silent cog in a hellish machine of all-devouring fear. AN INDIVIDUAL'S BRAIN CAN BE SUPPRESSED, ACTIVITIES CURTAINED, and such an individual WILL SUBMIT TO ANY WISH OF THE OPERATOR. ...Bachurin list several types of 'psi-oruzhiye': "The first, most effective, well known, destructive type, tortures the victim and then kills him. It is based on INFRASONIC RADIATION" (very similar to the so-called "non lethal" psychotronic devices now being pushed by the Justice Department)--"7 hertz ELF in frequency. The human brain and peripheral nervous system cannot withstand such directed radiation. ...The secret of putting it to proper use is finding the right screening emitter..." "Application of directed, high power microwave and ultrasound radiation is the principle between the second type of psi-weapons. Although these are two separate concepts, each one affects the nervous system equally effectively: humans lose sleep. Insomnia wrecks a human being and such weapons can be made portable." "The third type of psi-oruzhiye involves several systems: chronal emitters, chronal guns, pyramid sets, and some cavity structures. The destructive effect here is achieved by creation of chronal beams, consisting of tiny particles--chronos, or time carriers. Such beams are all-penetrating, and their velocity allows the beams to disperse in space instantaneously." "After a volley from a chronal gun, the human aura is torn to pieces, and the victim's bioenergy defense is gone. Should the energy circle around an individual's head (halo or nimbus) be hit, the mental abilities of the targeted person will be affected. Such weapon's do not kill, but do maim the psyche. Prolonged exposure to bullets from such weapons systems can affect the urinary system, sexual organs, the cranial brain, and the spinal cord. Leukemia and malignant brain tumors are the result." "The forth type, and by far the most dangerous for human targets,...is the psi-generator. It is also known as a psi-amplifier, and psi-data unit. And generators they truly are. What is being generated is electromagnetic radiation that conforms to brain frequencies" (such as the 10 hertz ELF signals generated by the Russian Woodpecker system of Tesla Magnifying Transmitters). "Such radiation, when directed at the target, can be used to suggest and transmit anything, any feeling--love, hate, euphoria, anger, anguish, and suicidal thoughts. The psi- generators can be used for remote transmission." "Creators of such generators designed to shield the operator's brain. If hit directly, the victim loses his will power, and should the person be excited or think intensely about something at the time of the attack, the victims suffer cerebral thrombosis." E.L.F PSYCHOTRONIC FOR THE U.N. OCCUPATION FORCES The June-July, 1989 issue of the West German scientist publication, RAUM & ZEIT carried an article by Dr. W. Volkrodt, titled: "Can Human Beings Be manipulated By ELF Waves." The article stated: "The technical principal of receivers for electromagnetic waves is fully analogous with biological information and communications systems. If several thousand of the hundreds of billions of nerve cells in our brain resonate with man-made centimeter waves, the carrier frequency has to be suppressed when the signal is passed on to the synapses." "To overcome cell membranes, living organisms use electrochemical processes involving sodium and potassium ions. This suppresses the carrier frequency in the high-frequency range just as the demodulation circuit does in man-made receivers. What remains is the signal impressed on the carrier frequency, e.g. in the low frequency ELF range. This is also the frequency range at which our own nervous system normally works." "Using these frequencies, the nerve fibers convey pain sensations, the feeling of hungry, tiredness, nausea, and signals on the sense of balance to points in the brain which invoke these stages in a awake consciousness." "IF INTERFERENCE SIGNALS ARE SUPERIMPOSE ON THE NATURAL SIGNALS GENERATED BY THE BODY, E.G. BY USING ARTIFICIALLY CREATED CENTIMETER WAVES AS A CARRIER, THE BRAIN COULD BE PRESENTED WITH SIMULATED STATES THAT WE CONSCIOUSLY PERCEIVE, BUT WHICH DO NOT REALITY" "A state of disturbed sense of balance, which seems to us to be real, is enough to stop people from being able to run or make them feel dizzy even when they are lying down." "IN A 'PSYCHOTRONIC WAR' USING MICROWAVES MODULATED USING ELF WAVES, it would no longer be necessary to kill whole armies by inducing cardiac or respiratory irregular signals. The enemy can simply be incapacitated by disturbing their states of balance or CONFUSING THE ABILITY TO THINK LOGICALLY........................................................................................ The manipulation of human beings, by means of ELF waves is relatively easy to perform." Predicting the use of so-called "non-lethal" psychotronic weapons to support the U.N. occupation of America, the 1988 article stated:<BR "Government authorities and the military would have to overcome no insurmountable difficulties to modulate carrier frequencies with ELF signals in existing centimeter radio-relay links. AN ARMY OF OCCUPATION COULD THEN MANIPULATE A NATION'S ABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS IN CONFUSING POLITICAL SITUATIONS OR DISABLE UNDESIRABLE ACTIVITIES" (the militias of loyal American resistance forces). "ELF-modulated microwave transmitters employed in this way could also serve to obviate the use of force" (non-lethal weapons). "AN ENTIRE NATION CAN BE GRADUALLY SUBJUGATED PSYCHICALLY by the means of long-term radiation using ELF- modulated centimeter waves...................... Once any kind of DESIRE TO DEFEND OR CAPACITY TO RESIST HAS BEEN DISPELLED, political activities by negotiation are sufficient to incorporate into one's power a nation subjugated in this way." GWEN TOWER VLF NETWORK FOR SOFTENING-UP THE PATRIOTIC RESISTANCE The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was begun in the 1980's by the U.S. Government. The system was allegedly designed for the purpose of maintaining defense communications in case of a nuclear war. However, the entire network is highly vulnerable to destruction from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by a high- altitude nuclear explosion, according to Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., (co- author of THE BODY ELECTRIC and author of CROSSCURRENTS: THE PERILS OF ELECTROPOLLUTION). After the 9\93 YOUTH ACTION NEWS report, "Weather war Deluge Over America" exposed the role of the GWEN system in electromagnetic weather-engineering, the Government suddenly announced that it was temporarily curtailing construction for a one year moratorium that just ended. The present 58 tower GWEN system is still functioning and cannot be turned off or dismantled without specific legislation from Congress. The GWEN towers transmit electromagnetic waves in the VLF range between 150 and 175 Khz. Dr. Becker reported, "The VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground waves-- electromagnetic fields that hug the ground--rather than radiating into the atmosphere. The signals drop off with distance, and a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles." Unlike the thousands-of-miles long range ELF waves, the higher frequency VLF waves transmitted by the GWEN system have a limited range of only a few hundred miles. The GWEN towers will play a key role in Clinton's Regime's U.N. mind control operations because they have the ability to SELECTIVELY zap SPECIFIC geographic locations, while leaving other areas unaffected. In this way, the population in selected regions of the nation can be mentally softened-up. Expected resistance to U.N. occupation forces, from the militias of loyal Americans, can be significantly reduced by having GWEN system in targeted areas transmit specific psychotronic signals that encourage depression and SUBMISSION. In CROSSCURRENTS, Dr, Becker stated: "GWEN is a superb systems,in combination with cyclotron resonance" (the type of system utilized in the new H.A.R.R.P. ELF transmitters), "FOR PRODUCING BEHAVIORAL ALTERATIONS IN THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore, IF ONE WISHED TO RESONATE A SPECIFIC ION IN LIVING THINGS IN A SPECIFIC LOCALITY, one would require A SPECIFIC FREQUENCY FOR THAT LOCATION. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be 'TAILORED TO THE GEOMAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH IN EACH AREA." Prior to the construction of the GWEN system, the government conducted experiments on the use of GWEN-type Very Low Frequency transmissions. Walter H. Bowart's famous 1978 book, OPERATION MIND CONTROL described how federal-funded scientist studied "the effects of Very Low Frequency (VLF) as an instrument of war. Research revealed that there is a natural wave guide between the ionosphere and the earth which could be used to propagate very-low- frequency radiation and guide it to selected locations on the earth. Studies showed that low-frequency sound subtly affected the electrical behavior of the brain." "The alpha-wave frequency of the human brain is eight to twelve hertz (cycles per second). The ionospheric wave guide oscillates at eight hertz, making it a good harmonic carrier of low-frequency sound (LFS) waves. These are such long waves that they are virtually impossible to detect. Pentagon reports apply LFS to DEMOBILIZING THE PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY OF A CIVILIAN POPULATION in time of war." Dr. Frank Barnaby, Director of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, stated: 'If methods could be devised to produce greater field strengths of such low-frequency oscillations,...by artificial means, then it might become possible to IMPAIR THE PERFORMANCE OF A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE IN SELECTED REGIONS OVER EXTENDED PERIODS.'" In his earlier 1980 article, "The New Mental Battlefield," the Federal Government's "non-lethal" psychotronics weapons tsar, Col. John B. Alexander wrote: "Mind-altering techniques, designed to impact on an opponent are well-advanced. Researchers suggest that CERTAIN LOW FREQUENCY EMISSIONS POSSESS PSYCHOACTIVE CHARACTERISTICS. THESE (ELF & VLF) TRANSMISSIONS CAN BE USED TO INDUCED DEPRESSION OR IRRITABILITY IN A TARGET POPULATION." SPACE SHUTTLE WEATHER-ENGINEERING AND MIND ZAPPING In addition to the electromagnetic weather-engineering created by the Russian Woodpecker, U.S. H.A.R.R.P.-like ionospheric-heating ELF transmitters, and the GWEN tower network of VLF transmitters, the U.S. Government is now utilizing space vehicles to help fine-tune current weather-engineering methods. The Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 1994 DEFENSE NEWS reported that the U.S. Air force has a master space plan for "weather control". "Advances in technology" have resulted in weather modification being made a part of the Air Force's planning. DEFENSE NEWS reported that details on the weather-control plan are "classified and will not be released Air Force officials said." U.S. space shuttles are already being utilized for space-based weather- engineering and mind control actions against the American populations. An associated Press report carried in the 9\11\94 EVANSVILLE COURIER stated that on Sept 10, 1994, the space shuttle Discovery utilized a powerful green laser directed at key sections of North America and other parts of the globe. Pulses from the shuttle's laser "bounced off thick, high clouds over a tropical storm in the first atmospheric study of its kind. Ground controllers directed the lasers at tropical storm Debby in the Caribbean as the shuttle soared 160 miles overhead." The $25 million laser machine is flying for the first time in space. Similar devices have flown for years on planes." PROOF THAT THE SPACE SHUTTLE LASER WAS UTILIZED FOR WEATHER ENGINEERING AND MIND ZAPPING, CAME FROM THE SPECIFIC FREQUENCY EMPLOYED BY THE LASER. DEFENSE NEWS stated: "During a checkout of the laser machine, PULSES BEGAN EMANATING FROM THE DISCOVERY AT A RATE OF TEN PER SECOND AS THE SHUTTLE FLEW OVER MANITOBA, CANADA. THE LASERS CONTINUED FIRING AS DISCOVERY CUT ACROSS WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, AND THE NORTHEAST, HEADING OUT OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN NEAR MARYLAND, and down toward the Caribbean, and passed eastern Brazil and the South Atlantic........................... Each pulse was just the width of a finger when leaving Discovery, but COVERED THE AREA EQUIVALENT TO THREE FOOTBALL FIELDS BY THE TIME IT REACHED EARTH." The 10\3\94 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE reported that the Discovery mission also involved two Lockheed Electra aircraft which, during the period Sept. 16-17, flew over part of Discovery's orbit, each firing its own on-board laser at the earth, "PULSED AT 10 HERTZ, through quartz windows" on the aircraft. Discovery and the two aircraft operated "simultaneously from different altitudes over the same spot on earth." The 10 pulses per second (10 hertz--cycles per second) is IN THE EXACT SAME PRIMARY ELF FREQUENCY THAT HAS BEEN TRANSMITTED FOR MANY YEARS BY THE SOVIET WOODPECKER TESLA-MAGNIFYING-TRANSMITTERS. The ten pulses per second ELF waves have been utilized for weatherwar attacks against America since July 4, 1976. Further, the space shuttle's and aircrafts' 10 CYCLES PER SECOND ELF FREQUENCY IS IN THE HUMAN BRAIN'S ALPHA WAVE RANGE AND HAS BEEN SPECIFICALLY UTILIZED FOR MIND ZAPPING FOR MANY YEARS. In July, 1972, President Lyndon Johnson's former science adviser, Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald testified before the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment. Commenting on the discoveries in low-frequency research, Dr. MacDonald stated: ". The basic notion there, was to create within the cavity between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the earth, this neutral cavity, TO CREATE WAVES, ELECTRICAL WAVES, THAT WOULD BE TUNED TO THE BRAINWAVES. The natural electrical rhythm of most mammalian brains, including man, IS ABOUT 10 CYCLES (HERTZ) PER SECOND, and there are indications that if you tune in at this frequency, that is, these low frequencies of about 10 cycles per second, YOU CAN PRODUCE CHANGES IN BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS OR IN RESPONSES." The book, THE BODY ELECTRIC, by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden contained important research discoveries that related to the simultaneous space shuttle-aircraft use of three lasers firing at a 10 hertz frequency: "Hypnotist often use a STROBE LIGHT, FLASHING AT ALPHA WAVE FREQUENCIES to ease the glide into trance. It seems that for over thirty years, the Communist bloc nations have been using an ELF wave form to do the same thing undetectable and perhaps more effectively." In 1983, leading expert on biomagnetic research, Ross Adey "organized a public meeting at the Loma Linda VA hospital and released photos and information concerning a Russian Lida machine. ...This was a small transmitter that emitted 10 HERTZ WAVE FOR TRANQUILIZATION AND ENHANCEMENT OF SUGGESTIBILITY." The space shuttle 10 hertz laser zapping of America fulfills part of END TIMES BIBLICAL PROPHECY. Revelations 13 states: "And I beheld another beast coming UP OUT OF THE EARTH" (Like a rocket), and it had two horns (the two accompanying aircraft, each firing their own lasers) like a lamb and he spake like a dragon. ..And he doeth great wonders, so that he MAKETH FIRE COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN ON EARTH IN THE SIGHT OF MEN." (the ELF laser zapping) Unfortunately, Baker had no idea in 1994 that WLAN/WIFI (ELF 10 Hz Woodpecker frequency) would be introduced in every area of life. What do you think what the cabal has probably thought there??? We now call this CORONA Pandemic (Note Gabriela 2021)
  6. YOU SHALL LIVE MINDLESSLY IN A VIRTUAL COPY. Connected to the AI. Biorobot! You don't look it...you still look very normal. By using it, you agree to the AI with your free will. No one can save you if you join voluntarily. You have allowed yourself to be seduced by advertising etc. The oh so great smartphone and wifi. When you realise the mistake it is too late. HELL IS WHEN YOU ARE CLOSED, mindless, the poor souls who realise this too late. MAKE A DRAFT PEOPLE, throw out the AI devices. It's not just the vaccination, that's part of it, yes for better merging with AI. The transhumanists have screwed you with these alien techniques. How deep are you already in it? With your RADIO devices that you use every day? WATCH OUT!!!
  7. More and more people have the Havana Syndrome.... we are all exposed to this permanent radiation, one more the other less, it is just called differently like burnout, fatigue, long covid, MS, mental states of emergency, etc. The selected YoungLeader politicians also have smartphones and Wi-Fi and are certainly well bugged after such a WEF etc. meeting. They are certainly well bugged after such a WEF etc. meeting, possibly even by Smartdust, i.e. nanoparticles that can be handed over with a handshake. The rest is done by the frequencies with the AI. They are lured with money and fame. The best protection against the spread (even with shedding) of nanobots in the body or against the multiplication of this artificial intelligence in the body, is to protect yourself from EMF radiation and to avoid it. This radiation works together with the nanobots. So do not use Wi-Fi devices and smartphones, shield yourself also with clothes and your apartment/house. This blocks the multiplication of these wretched particles. The radiation that these aliens are spreading everywhere through Wi-Fi devices, satellites etc. is the atmosphere of the AI, so that it feels comfortable and can replicate faster. You should be aware of that!!! Anyone who uses wireless devices is helping the AI and its aliens spread their dominion. They have worked with INTENTION to get everyone addicted to these devices, now that almost everyone is addicted, they are tightening the reins. Because they KNOW that everyone is addicted and of course they take advantage of it! The control of consciousness (already without these nanobots through vaccination) of these frequencies is also not to be underestimated, this is not harmless and works subtly and unnoticed, just look around in the world! YOU SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO THE AI (swarm consciousness) and that with all means, do not connect with these fuck devices! THESE ARE ALIEN TECHNIQUES TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY!!! And they have already come very, very far people, don't join them!!! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  8. The best protection against the spread (even with shedding) of nanobots in the body or against the multiplication of this artificial intelligence in the body, is to protect yourself from EMF radiation and to avoid it. This radiation works together with the nanobots. So do not use Wi-Fi devices and smartphones, shield yourself also with clothes and your apartment/house. This blocks the multiplication of these wretched particles. The radiation that these aliens are spreading everywhere through Wi-Fi devices, satellites etc. is the atmosphere of the AI, so that it feels comfortable and can replicate faster. You should be aware of that!!! Anyone who uses wireless devices is helping the AI and its aliens spread their dominion. They have worked with INTENTION to get everyone addicted to these devices, now that almost everyone is addicted, they are tightening the reins. Because they KNOW that everyone is addicted and of course they take advantage of it! The control of consciousness (already without these nanobots through vaccination) of these frequencies is also not to be underestimated, this is not harmless and works subtly and unnoticed, just look around in the world! YOU SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO THE AI (swarm consciousness) and that with all means, do not connect with these fuck devices! THESE ARE ALIEN TECHNIQUES TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY!!! And they have already come very, very far people, don't join them!!! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  9. #PfizerLeak raises explosive questions Do vaccinations contain graphene oxide, a means of merging man and machine? Interview with former Pfizer employee reveals list of agents and vaccination patent. Graphene oxide is a compound used in Elon Musk's and Bill Gates' research to develop artificial intelligence. Karen Kingston in interview/Picture: Twitter Published: 03.09.2021 - 09:05 Uhr By Editor (jb) In his analysis of the hashtag #PfizerLeak that has gone viral, Stew Peters interviewed Karen Kingston, former employee of the pharmaceutical company Pifzer, on his show Stew Peters.tv. Kingston explains that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines contain the ingredient "graphene oxide", a metallic gel that is supposed to link the human body with digital technologies, a step towards linking biology and the internet, and transhumanism, which is promoted especially by bigwigs like the World Economic Forum [Free World reported]. In the interview, Kingston responded to the question of whether graphene oxide was in the vaccines: "That is 100 per cent true and irrefutable. I can elaborate: It is important to know that all mRNA vaccines contain what are called PEGylated lipids nanoparticles. If you look at the Moderna patent, you will see there that they list lipid nanoparticles as an ingredient...You can also find that in the Phase 3 studies, at Moderna as well as Pfizer...Here is the essential point when it comes to the patent. It is 193 pages plus appendices and I have searched it for graphene oxide. It is nicth mentioned in the patent because it is a trade secret...Trade secrets need not be disclosed to the public." This component of the vaccine is highly explosive, as it will lay the foundation for a new transhumanism: "Graphenoxod is the main ingredient in hydrogel, the liquid template for artificial intelligence (AI) that will serve Elon Musk and Bill Gates' research for a human-machine connection." Kingston acknowledges that identifying and linking such information is difficult. She has particular expertise in intellectual property and legal analysis, she says. She does this for doctors as well as pharmaceutical companies and consumers, she says. She also writes scientific articles and conducts clinical analyses, corona-transition reported. When asked by Peters if it was true that there was graphene oxide in the gene ampoules "The interesting thing about graphene oxide is that it is four thousand times stronger than titanium and can withstand a temperature of more than 900 degrees. So they've taken this very unstable single helix (RNA) and made it indestructible. The polyethylene glycol lipids (PEG), are made by a company called Sinopeg, which is based in China. Now if you look at Pfizer's emergency marketing authorisation application, there are four lipids listed there," Kingston said. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) https://www.freiewelt.net/nachricht/enthalten-impfungen-graphenoxid-ein-mittel-um-mensch-und-maschine-zu-verschmelzen-10086176/
  10. When the Corona delusion comes to an end, the survivors will find themselves in a psychotronic controlled transhumanist prison. Through their voluntary decision for these devices (smartphone, wifi, smart watch etc.) and their use, not only the MSM have infiltrated frequencies inside, in the radio you can send something in everywhere and modulate and monitor and and and the purest brainwashing happens in the invisible, and no one gets it. But the destruction of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland is the worst story about wireless devices. Now, with quantum computers, it's even better and faster. You have to limit or protect yourself in this respect. Because you don't feel such an influence directly. You can read about what the transhumanist front is doing here, they are already installing 6G, i.e. IoH (Internet of Human). This is happening on the side, alongside people's preoccupation with Corona! DARPA is also involved!!! 6G – Closer than you think, August 12, 2021 https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/6G-Closer-than-you-think.pdf
  11. The best thing is to stop using these military devices (smart devices) and protect yourself from wifi radiation, because this is the trigger for many mental illnesses and can also bring back treated illnesses such as PTSD. Only WLAN alone, because it has a very strong effect on the alpha waves in the brain with the artificial 10 Hz (ELF) pulsation, which is also ideal for consciousness control.
  12. But of course it is suicide for humanity if everyone also voluntarily contributes to suicide through the USE of military equipment (smartphone, wifi etc.). Who developed these devices? Who used and tested them first? Also the frequencies? And this already in the 1970s!!! Most people die mainly from exposure to radio waves...that's why Corona could be raised in this way...the test trials, which are invisible, are not noticed by people. They just get sick...and then they have Corona, great!!! What do you think they do with all those satellites that are up there and getting more every day??? Watching birds or what??? You can irradiate cities with them (Satellites) ...and then there will be increased corona outbreaks again. The vaccinations are part of the GEN experiment...that's how you do genetic engineering chemistry + radiation, but even just radiation changes genes. Due to the personal use of these transmitters (smartphones, wireless routers), most people already don't have the best health and immune system. But as a solution there are the machines or the 6G implants ala Neuralink, great!
  13. This can also be due to RADIO (smartphone, wifi use), here in our country some young people have already died, simply from cardiac arrest or heart attack between 30-40 years of age. AND THAT WAS ALREADY BEFORE CORONA. Numerous studies have already proven that radio attacks the heart and the hypothalamus/pineal gland. But this has been concealed and lied about for 20 years and honest scientists have been beaten up. These graphene oxides may even accelerate the whole thing, as radio already makes the blood more viscous!
  14. When the Corona delusion comes to an end, the survivors will find themselves in a psychotronic controlled transhumanist prison. Through their voluntary decision for these devices (smartphone, wifi, smart watch etc.) and their use, not only the MSM have infiltrated frequencies inside, in the radio you can send something in everywhere and modulate and monitor and and and the purest brainwashing happens in the invisible, and no one gets it. But the destruction of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland is the worst story about wireless devices. Now, with quantum computers, it's even better and faster. You have to limit or protect yourself in this respect. Because you don't feel such an influence directly. You can read about what the transhumanist front is doing here, they are already installing 6G, i.e. IoH (Internet of Human). This is happening on the side, alongside people's preoccupation with Corona! DARPA is also involved!!! 6G – Closer than you think, August 12, 2021 https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/6G-Closer-than-you-think.pdf
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