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  1. Notice how Harris is on a diplomatic mission overseas, when Joe makes a bigger fool of himself no mud will stick. Welcome madam president Harris, USA will follow Australia revoke gun laws and no fighting back.
  2. This brave woman has revealed what the future is for the unvaccinated and truth seekers, the media has reported that she has mental health problems and we must disregarded her testimony. This subject was brought up on Talkradio with James Whale who gleefully revealed that anyone who has a opinion against the vaccine and lockdowns could be sectioned and the very process of sectioning a person is that they are considered a danger to themselves and the public and are lawfully sedated while under going assessment. Pause, now that’s one way of legally vaccinating people without mandating it, he stated, Whales co-presenter suggested using the old Nightingale hospitals. Have they just revealed the future.
  3. Doctor in Ireland speaks about working on the front line please note comes in 3 parts please watch it will be banned soon.
  4. On GMTV this morning full discussion “would you I unfriend a anti-vaccer or unvaccinated person from your social media” . Actively promoting discrimination, they would not dare say this about religion, race or sexual orientation.
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