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  1. a nice piss take of the old 80's drug warnings on the back of LPs
  2. Piping in, second post, so hello again to one and all. I didn't, never, and refused to wear a mask in my local supermarket back in England until I was barred for punching the security guard who came at me with a bottle of disinfectant spray shouting "Mask". The fucking goon was from "Kingdom Security" who are basically ex-army, cops and broke students walking around in stab proof vests handing out littering fines for local authorities. I have a history with these cunts, despise them to a man, it was no surprise they were employed to intimidate old ladies and the like into complying. On the other hand, I have a close friend here in Germany who is an ICU nurse, she and her colleagues tested themselves last week after another day of being forced to wear the masks all day for their blood nitrogen/oxygen levels and constantly getting headaches; they found they are slow poisoning themselves on a daily basis. Curiously, German uber gobshite Jens Spahn, who is one of Merkals cronies, and his husband are heavily invested in making the masks, and profiteering from all of this. Or not so curiously.
  3. Moin, Englishman living (Trapped) and working in Deutschland. No time for bullshitters, the mental insects who follow government directives, and just aerseholes in general who prefer to be part of a herd.
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