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  1. I would. If this is true then the Lock Step document would look like a child's bedtime story. The only thing you find is this been referenced from blog to blog. That is why I said it looks fake. Another example is the fact that David Icke is convinced that there is no virus based on an analysis by Dr. Kaufmann. Dr. Kaufmann showed that he does not understand how the PCR actually works when he tried to explain the human chromosome 8 sequence being part of the procedure. Such misunderstandings can be a great source of unintentional misinformation that undermines the expose of the actual scam.
  2. On the other hand I bet she is definitely vaccinated ... :-)
  3. The contents of the note are not to be found in the Lock Step document.
  4. I thought you were unvaccinated...
  5. If you have followed my replies you would have seen that I am not talking about the actual Lock Step document. User shabbirss posted the attached note. This is what I referred to as a probably fake document. Does anyone have a link to that note?
  6. Although the lock step document is very relevant with our current situation the note is not mentioned in the document. Not even close. Spreading disinformation is a common tactic and nobody should fall for that. He should provide a link or a reference to where he found that note, otherwise you should consider it 100% fake.
  7. Instead of waiting until the 25th of June, he can just tell us where he found that note. The net is already full of disinformation.
  8. This looks 100% fake. Any link or reference to back it up?
  9. Sorry for the huge text size, I just inserted a hyperlink..
  10. Explosive, Unearthed Video Shows Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses.Explosive, Unearthed Video Shows Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses
  11. Exactly. People were shouting: "Congrats, you've cracked down on real crime"... They are a bunch of brain dead zombies following orders blindly.
  12. Woman gets arrested in the island of Rhodes, Greece because she was singing! (and its against covid regulations...) http://www.tiktok.com/@dimitra.in.greek.islands/video/6968522945480199430
  13. UK is the second country with the highest vaccination percentage per 100 population but at the same time I see that UK has been the number one in protests against the vaccine. (and kudos for that!) How is this possible? p.s. Malta is holding the title of the Vacci-Nation... https://www.statista.com/statistics/1196071/covid-19-vaccination-rate-in-europe-by-country/
  14. Spanish Flu 1918 experiment proves that the current virology science is absolutely clueless ! Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza Jama network abstract Only the above experiment literally destroys the current medical fascism! Please share, everybody should know.
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