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  1. Check out this nasty stasi C*nt. This poor bloke was just standing there talking before this happened Of course all in the name of public safety
  2. https://www.facebook.com/therealrukshan/videos/214963697209629 Live streaming protest - see the cops ARE the aggressors
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCIWfRmZ-Ww More from the Melbourne protest. Remember the pricks in the govt and bureaucracies have lost nothing during these lockdowns
  4. Melbourne now taking no shit. Live streaming. The protesters (CFMEU) now blocking off the Westgate https://www.facebook.com/therealrukshan/videos/572417687290324/
  5. A great summation of yesterday's police brutality by the Victorian Police stasi. Apologies for posting so much but this really needs to go viral and global. The lying Oz MSM have already shown sympathy for the VicPol thugs and labelled the protesters as the ones who attacked and caused injury by cherry picking the vids where the protesters were trapped in the culvert by police on both sides
  6. Here is a close up of the elderly woman getting sprayed after being knocked down
  7. Aussie Cossack outlining the absurdity in Sydney of special spaces you can or cannot go into
  8. Here is the vid of the Real Real Big Men of VicPol stasi, knocking over and pepper spraying an elderly woman who was just simply walking posing no threat. Make sure this goes viral in case it gets removed by Twatter
  9. It's thanks to people like yourself bringing it almost real time to the rest of the world that we in the northern hemisphere know about it as the msm will barely report on it as you know My heart goes out to the people standing up and making themselves heard Cheers, would really appreciate some help in sending that link viral
  10. Congrats to the Melbourne protesters and those in other capital cities, despite the intimidation by Vicpol stasi and the shutdown of the public transport system leading into and out of Melb CBD, they outsmarted the Vicpol stasi and took their protest from the inner suburb of Richmond. When The cops arrived they were looking for a fight and tried to block the freedom fighters only to have the lines broken. The really good thing was they took the protest across 2 inner suburbs with much support from the locals. Of course, the IstandwithDan# moronic scumbags took to twitter venting their bile and the pro Dan lying MSM (but I repeat myself) now cherry picking images of the protests getting violent when it was the VicPol stasi were the ones who started the fight. There were a couple of idiots but that's what you get when tensions run high. Until the VicPol stasi arriver it was completely peaceful. However, there is talk that a couple of planted professional agitators (Dan's people) were there to start some violence as they did in the previous CBD protest. For those who missed the live stream here is the video https://www.facebook.com/TopherField/videos/598737031502075
  11. https://www.facebook.com/TopherField/videos/598737031502075 Live streaming Melbourne protest
  12. NSW pigs arresting people from paying tributes to their deceased loved ones in one of Sydney's largest cemetery because saving lives FMD. How low can these c**nts go
  13. More police bastardry in Melbourne. This time the MSM is caught out lying. Yes it is Rebel News but verified by a number of non-aligned participants. They were targeting this protest leader Nick Patterson
  14. This lady is a Canadian academic (yes I know) but she delivers a powerful message to her employers on refusing the mandatory jab. It's just under 5 minutes but well worth the watch .
  15. Yep, this bitch senator Jacquie Lambie, a complete kook from Tasmania has just let the cat out of the bag. This is what the Australian political class want to do with those who refuse the Covid Vax SHOOT THEM! "Lock Stock and Barrel" change my mind
  16. Australia 2021 as it is - A send up Scott Morrison's "Where the hell are ya" ad when he was boss of Tourism Australia about 15 years ago https://rumble.com/embed/vjj3ov/?pub=4
  17. Check this out and post it as much as possible. This guy is having a breakdown after being kept in quarantine for 11 days. This is in the dictator ruled state of Victoria where the unvaccinated threatened with permanent lockdown as mentioned above https://vidmax.com/video/207091-aussie-who-is-vaccinated-and-tested-negative-9-times-uploads-video-from-covid-concentration-camp-people-locked-into-rooms-for-over-300-hours-guards-threaten-to-gas-them
  18. This guy Aussie Cossack confronts the NSW stasi on a daily basis. Now they play revenge by searching his apartment without a warrant for firearms just to intimidate. The draconian public health laws in NSW allow this to occur Here is the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvHQZAl53Ug&t=1566s
  19. And this totalitarian asshole. The same tyrant who wants his citizens to wear a mask when drinking a beer or glass of wine. None other than the premier of Victoria Dicktator Dan. Now he wants medical apartheid no less https://youtu.be/ZGQo5a_KL3g
  20. Take a look at the very worst PM Australia has had to endure. A gutless coward abrogating all responsibility, destroyed hundreds of thousands of live with children of all ages being a significant number of that. A real POS
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