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  1. And did that coward Summo (referred to sometimes as Prime Minister come out and condemn) Nah, he's got better things to do like condemning all NSW residents for not wearing masks or supporting WA psychopath McGowan's draconian non-sensical apartheid lockouts. And do not expect anything from the local marxist scum referred to as chief minister.


    If anything Covid has done is revealed from what pieces of human garbage we have now as political masters. Note NOT leaders. We have no stinking leadership in this country

  2. 6 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

    Apartheid goes live in Qld in two days, and alarmimgly some people appear to be in favour it. Mad fucking days ahead, but i won't foget anyone in my vicinity who supports this. My mrs announced she was pregnant today, timing is awful, especially as we won't be allowed in a hospital, and will probably have to have a home birth with no medical back up if shit goes down. However it just makes me more determined and focussed to beat this bollocks. Fuck this gaff Qld, you won't break me.



    The new QLD CHO is an insane piece of work. Gerrard is his name and is just as mad as Jeanette Young. Apparently, he had a brother who died from the Hong Kong flu years ago and is on a personal crusade to eradicate every virus on the planet. Yeah, a real model of reason and science NOT


  3. Victoria is now in full Dan Andrews control. His pandemic legislation passed 20 - 18 in the upper house. May we thank lower than life grubs, Fiona Patton (Ex skanky ho reason party), Andrew Meddick (animal justice party and nut job commie  idealogue who just loves lockdowns), Samantha Ratnam (Greens what else could you expect) and the newest dirtbag Rod Barton (Transport matters party) who wanted to show off to the world he's a real, real big man in negotiating a brokered deal with Andrews. Problem is for this fuckwit is where his legislation amendments will amount to shit when the dictator enacts his new powers. And this moron didn't notice the 300,000 plus people who marched against the bill last Saturday.



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