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  1. My response to said arsehole Barton


    "Congratulations Rod, you just handed over unprecedented absolute power to Dan Andrews. If you think he hasn’t worked out how to circumvent your provisions you are at best naïve and at worst truly ignorant. Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the premier’s behaviour over the past 2 years and over 1,000,000 Victorians who marched against the bill over the last two Saturdays.


    Thanks Rod for condemning a significant number of your fellow Victorians to financial ruin via lockdowns, mental health damage and tearing families apart due to draconian public health orders. You will go down in history with your other 3 colleagues for all the wrong reasons


    Have a good life"

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  2. Victoria is now in full Dan Andrews control. His pandemic legislation passed 20 - 18 in the upper house. May we thank lower than life grubs, Fiona Patton (Ex skanky ho reason party), Andrew Meddick (animal justice party and nut job commie  idealogue who just loves lockdowns), Samantha Ratnam (Greens what else could you expect) and the newest dirtbag Rod Barton (Transport matters party) who wanted to show off to the world he's a real, real big man in negotiating a brokered deal with Andrews. Problem is for this fuckwit is where his legislation amendments will amount to shit when the dictator enacts his new powers. And this moron didn't notice the 300,000 plus people who marched against the bill last Saturday.



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  3. What's happening in the Northern territory - Folks this is the stolen generation in real time. Michael Gunner should go down in history as one of the most vile totalitarian racists this country has ever seen. Wipe the indigenous via vaccines or starved. Manufactured bio-warfare on a level not seen in this country.


    And get this, his comment that it doesn't matter if your fully vaccinated, if you don't endorse this mandated murder you are as far as this piece of shit is concerned, an anti-vaxxer. This prick like all of the other psychopaths governing the Australian states is demonstrates what is totally fucked with the OZ political scene ATM


    And don't forget that this is all happening under the watch of that great gutless slime ball Scott Morrison AKA Scummo

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  4. A great interview with a Vic Police officer who has spoken out against the actions of her colleagues. Sadly she is about to resign Krystle Mitchell. It is 90mins and I do not agree with everything she says and she does defend the cops from a minority of plants who start the fights but she abhors the smearing of all protesters (those who have lost their jobs, financially ruined and mental health issue of friends and family) as right-wing neo nazi ratbag rebels). She gives the background on how the Vic Pol has changed since March 2020 to be the governments personal army



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  5. One of the issues from what I've been told is a lot of cops have resigned as this is not what they signed up for. The numbers are dwindling BUT the recruiting standards have been lowered in order to rush through any newbies. Problem is, is some cases the physical is way down and worst of all, in the past where some applicants would fail the psychological tests are now being accepted hence some of disgraceful being perpetrated. This can only escalate

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  6. Yeah, forgot to mention the cathedral's Jane Halton sister in law relationship. She was part of Event201 that was exposed about their tactics of putting out the messaging plan for the 2020 pandemic back in October 2019. BTW she is Australian bureaucratic royalty having existed in the government most of her life with family connections on her side going back decades. Must have a very large collection of photographs.

  7. "No idea who this is, but would love 3 x 3 minute rounds with him. What a fucker."


    Only the POS that is setting the rules for how the people of Victoria are expected to live their existence


    Oh and he also closed down a successful food business by having a bogus health inspector planting a slug in the kitchen herb garden and attributed that to the phony death of an elderly patient in a age care facility that said business served. See link iCook Foods founder Ian Cook claims no evidence was used to destroy his business | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site


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