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  1. Check out this crazy deranged pro-govt pro-vax bitch in Canberra las weekend
  2. Australian Federal Police refuse to protect child from sonic weapon. Aussie Cossack
  3. Footage of the Canberra protest march - Thousands and thousands (up to 100,000 I reckon) but the MSM will report as hundreds and hundreds
  4. This from Ottawa, going full Melbourne. For the crime of get this, honking his car horn
  5. And did that coward Summo (referred to sometimes as Prime Minister come out and condemn) Nah, he's got better things to do like condemning all NSW residents for not wearing masks or supporting WA psychopath McGowan's draconian non-sensical apartheid lockouts. And do not expect anything from the local marxist scum referred to as chief minister. If anything Covid has done is revealed from what pieces of human garbage we have now as political masters. Note NOT leaders. We have no stinking leadership in this country
  6. Australian Federal Police scum. This time in Canberra. Watch the real, real big man push a woman over from the back. A real fucking hero!
  7. Yes I know it's Avi however, he's been threatened with two years jail unless he takes down a filming of police brutality from May last year
  8. Re: above post I must mention Overseen, supported and endorsed by the PM Scumbag Morrison. This prick chose not only to not intervene despite the occurring economic and human mental health devastation but as we now know openly sided with Andrews and kept shoveling money to support these crimes against humanity
  9. A brilliant expose by Melbourne film maker and resident Topher Field This does go for 1 hour 40 minutes but if you have the time, this documentary sums up exactly what happened in Melbourne for the last two years and highlights the treachery and outright malevolence, lying and gross incompetence of Dan Andrews and his quislings
  10. Police in Victoria again show their assholiness over Novak Djokovic supporters. This whole affair has shown awhat a complete clusterfuck situation brought about by Dan Andrews, Scott Morrison and a sector of the MSM and their idiot supporters. A
  11. I suspect some of them are not cops but "authorised Covid officers" - Same scum, different rank
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