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  1. Its good vs evil. As long you as you see the evil going on currently, and you on the right side :)
  2. ofc you are correct , I just tend to use faith/religion interchangeably
  3. I'm concentrating on recruiting a team of around 12-16 in Manchester to go maskless shopping, or persuading everyone in the store drop what they are doing to de-mask and do a conga line up and down the aisles. Or at worst just march through the store with signs. But I will be there with a megaphone to lead. Might just be a 3-4 person jobby. Lets see.
  4. I became a follower of Christianity when I was at my lowest about a year ago, up on the precipice with no other hope left. It is when I truly ran out of all hope that I became a believer in Christ and have found comfort there since. A lot of the doctors / truth seekers I happen to be following are also Christian (. i.e. Dr Tenpenny, Dolores, Carrie Madej. ). That, in my mind, is no coincidence. It is not because of them I became a believer, but something I noticed after I turned to Christianity. In my mind the evil vs good is so prominent that I cannot currently accept any other explanation.
  5. U not religious Morpheus? Always thought you were for some reason.
  6. Anyone around Manchester up for a maskless shop / in-store maskless congo march or general meet up -- PM me. I will be on megaphone, like a boss. Just need to recruit a like-minded team. Please PM me guys. No fear.
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