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  1. Sorry to hear this Observed; what does one do in a situation like yours; rock - hard place. I just did a search on ddg for cleansing the body of mRNA and it came up with quite a lot; this one included https://stateofthenation.co/?p=51924 All the best
  2. And I didn’t mean this as a personal attack on @- TZC - , just in general; and being a tad touchy yesterday. I guess it’s just part of human nature to be judgemental and to often lump everyone in together. Ah well; onward and upward.
  3. Thanks for your great reply :). Imho, it depends on what your (esoteric) beliefs are as to what the outcome will be. Im with Icke all the way on his beliefs; always felt the same way. So lifting ones consciousness is key to me; the way to a better world while in this present ‘experience’. But not sitting on my arse letting the dickheads dictate to me; keep your self respect; try and keep your energy high - not bloody easy in these times as most here know. Some people can give the finger to this bs easier than others; I’ve no ties and don’t rely on having to answer to a boss; my heart goes out to those who do have those. Not easy trying to stick to one’s principles with family, or having to work to survive. Your words I bolded are spot on imo; Icke put out a great vid pertaining to that recently. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gVKJAVwqsSYk/ Convid is a means to an end; getting the ‘vax’ into everyone to achieve their genocidal delusions; I know it will be ok; not sure when but it will be; and meanwhile, a chance to learn and ‘grow’; jmo. I wish you and yours well; Kia kaha (stay strong), and remember, they’re just a pack of drongos trying it on; nothing to fear whatsoever; that’s what they feed on; don’t feed the drongos
  4. Really excellent vid Tucker Carlson tonight with the absolute truth with the ‘vaccine’ and full hospital narrative. Still crapping on how convid is real though - manufactured in a lab in Wuhan - and his guest, someone called Clay Travis saying how convid is here to stay; fuckwit. https://davidicke.com/2021/09/25/cult-mega-agent-george-soros-funding-district-attorneys-across-america-agreeing-outrageous-plea-deals-with-child-abusers-and-rapists-while-his-open-society-open-border-operation-leads-the-cult/
  5. Its bad enough laymen thinking convid is real; when medical ‘professionals’ do, they have no credibility at all, with me anyway.
  6. Thanks for that The comments are a bit shit though; wish people would stop generalising; there are good and bad in every walk of life.
  7. I get the impression you don’t like this person mate
  8. Hi Brad. This picture is from today's new article in the Herald. Jacinda's fake jab! The lid is still on the syringe and the nurse is holding the syringe incorrectly. The plunger is down, that's how they come out of the packet. We need to share this. I'm a health professional and I use these syringes every day.
  9. Comedy gold this thread. You’re a master manipulator ‘Rob’, and they fall for it every time; very soon you and odds will be besties, especially now that you and ts have broken up; which is a shame, especially as you started off the way you are now with odds. Ah well, all part of your agenda hey?
  10. How judgmental of you; how do you know what anyone here is doing? Not everyone broadcasts their actions. And how do you judge by statements made here if they’re ‘superior’? Everyone has their own way and it’s nobodies business what that is; if you don’t agree, fine. Your statement was a good example of why humans will never coalesce; denigrating, judging those who you have interpreted maybe wrongly. Fucking humans; fair get up my fucking nose often
  11. No, they want to genocide the population; if people - especially here - haven’t got that by now, well
  12. As soon as I see someone supporting the utter bullshit that is convid 19, they lose most of their credence with me. Its so in your face that it’s utter crap and only the means to their nefarious end - which they will not achieve by the way. His collation of info is pretty shit in this case, which would lead me to believe that he’s pretty shit all round; not that I know the guys stuff, and it’s jmo.
  13. I don’t think it’s ‘immaterial’ at all; it’s the lie that started this whole shitshow and it needs to be seen to be a lie. I have absolutely no fear of anything; it’s just a ride; we are consciousness experiencing this time; boogie on.
  14. No, I will never believe in convid 19, it’s highly illogical to think it exists if one researches thoroughly. What happened to the flu when convid appeared? Gone That alone should be a major clue. Anything to do with Fauci and the rest of the shower of dolts who have foisted this shitfuckery on us is smoke and mirrors; backtracking; obfuscation ad nauseum - and it’s working a treat on the sheep, though I have to say, more are seeing the bs slowly but surely. They would never release anything into the atmosphere like that; those halfwits breathe the same air as us plebs do. I’ve no idea what afflicted you all. If others want to believe in the convid, it’s none of my business, but really?
  15. I got to the 30 something minute mark of that video and shut it down. They talk of convid 19 being released from the Wuhan lab ; ffs, there is no convid 19 so those jokers have lost any cred; with me anyway; geez.
  16. I think it’s up to the individual what they call people or post. Im with David on this; he is a clown and a fool; he is a mere puppet doing his masters bidding; he too is expendable; he’s a clown and a fool not to know that. I for one will not give any of these dickheads any power by thinking they’re ‘dangerous’ or any other description that makes them ‘powerful’. Theyre fuckwits. And they will not win.
  17. Thanks for posting these skitz; and the one above about the young lady. Absolutely horrific. I’m convinced that these psychopathic monsters are goading we the people to insurrection by carrying out these atrocities; then they can go full martial law. They best be careful what they wish for. And though violence is not my way, sometimes it may be the only way to counter these brutal beings.
  18. Not my way, but good for you and others
  19. Good old JP. Beware of the Tyrant Variant https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/beware-of-the-tyrant-variant/
  20. What are Fauci et al going to say/do about this? FDA Votes 16-2 AGAINST Widespread Covid-19 Booster Shots https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/fda-votes-16-2-against-widespread-covid-19-booster-shots/ Top FDA Scientists Write Letter to Lancet Warning Against Fauci’s Booster Shots https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/top-fda-scientists-write-letter-to-lancet-warning-against-faucis-booster-shots/
  21. It doesn’t matter what any of them say; as long as we stand our ground, stay positive (not easy all the time). They are not making sense; and I agree with Icke when he says they’re getting desperate; which is leading to more senseless rhetoric; they’re cutting their own throats; more and more are seeing this; it’ll take time but we’ll get there.
  22. I disagree; as soon as I saw this, I thought those few in the front were the only ones ‘attacking’; plants. As much as I sometimes think these violent police etc need a good seeing to, ultimately I know it’s not going to do any good. Violence begets more violence yadda yadda; army called in; with one sided media reporting fuelling the normies, they will be cheering the police and army on; harsher penalties; harsher retribution. We WILL come through this, to a better place; but we need to raise our consciousness/vibration; not sink it in the muck like those doing the violence, whoever they may be. This is jmo; I respect those who have a different one; it’s none of my business.
  23. Inverted world : NZer of the year; my god
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