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  1. Seems to, but to some here, everyone is co. I guess one just goes with one’s own feelings and let it be.
  2. Appears that way; it’s pretty preposterous, but what isn’t at the moment?
  3. I hear what you’re saying; re the bbc interview, Max reckons O’Looneys just ‘woken up’ earlier in the year, so that’s that one. His Trump thing is pathetic; got a bit more waking up to do - imo; and yes, seperate from convid. Also in that interview I posted, it sounds like he believes convid is real, whereas with Max he doesn’t. I dont know why he won’t name the mp. He is being extremely fear mongerey, it’s as though he actually knows for certain it’s going to happen, all those deaths shortly; we’ll see. He did send Max the letter from rt which Max reads out, and it’s also in the notes, but... After having time to think about the Stew Peters interview I feel a bit hmm, but again, we’ll see.
  4. Geez, get a load of this; wtaf? Alberta Chief Health Officer: “We’re Counting Sick People Who Decline Covid Tests as Covid-Positive” https://www.infowars.com/posts/alberta-chief-health-officer-were-counting-sick-people-who-decline-covid-tests-as-covid-positive/
  5. For all those banging on about John O’Looney being controlled opposition , perhaps if you watch Max’s latest video you may change your mind - or not. https://odysee.com/@thecrowhouse:2/Warfare-From-Within-Australia-Is-Being-Overrun:5
  6. I wonder why that is re your first paragraph? Post just above yours from HAARPING-On is quite different; and so much ‘official’ data as well.
  7. Ok, just seen the clip; not going to watch it though, can’t stand to even look at it let alone listen to it. And I don’t believe that many have been jabbed at all; they lie in their teeth. Heard something about that dickwad John Key wading in on the shit, is that right?
  8. I don’t know mate, how do you get this stuff out there so more people can see it; it’s so bloody frustrating; those msm maggots are conscienceless pricks. Good that you and others are saving all this stuff; has that repulsive bitch said anything about this at all?
  9. Vaccine injured and friends and family attack Prime Minister https://www.infonews.co.nz/news.cfm?id=122780 This is NZ. A couple of the comments "80% of NZ'ers vaccinated but only 284,000 followers on the Unite against Covid 19 page - yeah right" "Where are all the deleted comments from side effect sufferers and their families who have been killed by the shots?? How dare you casually delete their stories. Their blood is on your hands."
  10. What ‘level’ are you in over there? In NZ where I am it’s level 2 and masks are required in shops and other places I’m not sure about, as I take as little notice of the msm as possible; I don’t go anywhere unless it’s necessary so it doesn’t affect me too much. But even though they’re not ‘mandatory’ elsewhere, there’s huge swathes of idiots wearing them everywhere, even in cars. In supermarkets I go to, so far I’m the only one without a mask (it really galls me that have to pretend I have an exemption ), so sheepism is rife here.
  11. DuckDuckGo jumping on the ‘carbon negative’ bandwagon; prats. Great for Privacy, Great for the Environment: DuckDuckGo Is Now Carbon Negative https://spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-goes-carbon-negative/?s=pr-hp
  12. And; oh surprise surprise. So, the jabbed in lockdown over winter, and the unjabbed free; yeah right. Immunisation Expert Warns That Fake Vaccinated People are the Real Threat and Dangerous to Others https://davidicke.com/2021/09/26/immunisation-expert-warns-that-fake-vaccinated-people-are-the-real-threat-and-dangerous-to-others/
  13. Goodo; you say and do and presume all you want; same here - except for the presume bit.
  14. Thanks but no thanks; I can think for myself, and choose what I believe; don’t believe in following the herd. But by all means, you go for your life; as I said, none of my business what you believe or think, and I certainly wouldn’t have the cheek to try and tell you what to do or believe. Boogie on
  15. I don’t give a shit what he is; none of my business. Giving orders Zig? Bit elitist of you.
  16. That doesn’t really wash; it means that huge numbers in the ‘truth’ movement are co, including many medical and scientific people who believe convid is real while going hard out to get this shitshow stopped. Imo, many just spout co because they themselves are doing fa and want to look intelligent and all seeing. Anyone with a modicum of commonsense will not be ‘conned’ by the real bullshit artists. Carlson gets huge amounts of the truth out there to a huge audience - and not just convid crap, which is okay in my book. I wonder how many who criticise him have watched him. I like the guy and think he’s genuine; you and others don’t, good for you.
  17. What he was saying on the vid was truth, except for convid being real. He often calls things how they are, the only msm guy who does. Did you even watch it? You sound like a lot of the ‘conspiracy theorists’ here; everyone is controlled opposition; there’s one or two here that are probably just that, the ones who are always calling out a lot of people for being co; gets really tedious. However, your opinion, none of my business.
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