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  1. As Icke says; the power of non compliance.
  2. Thanks mate; good article, good site; bookmarked.
  3. Arrogant count; @campanar is quite right imo. In Max Igans last but one video he bangs on about babies being born with teeth, with dark eyes, being able to sit up, talk and do other things at a very early age; this has been happening for ever, so why attribute it solely to the vax. Your sarcasm and apparent belittling of campanar is crap imo.
  4. What a prat you are if you think we here don’t know you for what you are, most of us anyway. Go away with your bs; it won’t work, we will overcome you tools.
  5. What unmitigated bs; there are many on here who laugh at the vaxxed when they pass or get side effects; there are some who actually wish they’d all hurry up and die. Some here are pretty brutal; and look what you wrote Morpheus; very compassionate of you ; if you’re gonna be mean to me, I’ll be mean to you Posts like those above can be seen by many who just lurk here and don’t join or post; they would know it’s bs as well.
  6. What are you getting at BRO? At least he’s not oh I don’t know, perhaps languishing at some flash beach suburb, getting mummy to run around after him so he doesn’t have to make the effort to make a stand and not wear a mask; perhaps.
  7. And again; ‘key facts’; more promotion that convid exists; though of course minimalising it so that it’s acceptable to some of the so called ‘awake’. Never fear though, it’s not about whether it’s real or not anymore ; of course it bloody is; it’s what started this whole shitshow in the first place; the huge lie that that needs to be shown to be just that; ffs.
  8. Just looks like another masked dickhead to me.
  9. I couldn’t see any ‘manipulation’ in that video - or numerous others by Carlson; looked like the facts to me - as I hope ‘many others’ here can see. And im sure they’re eye openers to many not ‘here’. I realise some things are staged, but I’ve seen nothing on that Aussie guy’s two videos I’ve watched - and applauded - or Carlson’s, that I believe to be staged. People are going to be ‘frightened’ of one thing or another whatever goes on; way of the world. Some ‘conspiracy theorists’ are just straight out paranoid. Go and have a walk in the woods/forest; listen to the birds.
  10. Look at the bigger picture ffs; your complete hard on for Jews is bloody obsessive.
  11. Thanks for that; he’s hit the nail on the head. Kudos to him; and fuck those that cry controlled opposition re Carlson etc; they’re getting the truth out to many. They appear to believe convid is real - even some here do; it’s when so called ‘medical professionals’ do is when I think wtf! and turn off. That Malone prick is more like co in my book; uber arsehole.
  12. Bit of power’s gone to the unintelligent morons head. I don’t do twatter, what are the comments like skitz, I can’t see them. Yesterday I went to two supermarkets and for the first time, in each one, an old bat told me I had to wear a mask; I was not in a good mood yesterday so I told them to mind their own fucking business. I have been refused entry to two businesses so far, who would not accept my exemption. Was pleasantly surprised yesterday in a shop; some staff weren’t wearing masks First time I haven’t been the only one without a mask. Didnt take long indeed; and I think people are getting bloody fed up with staying at these levels - especially folks in Auks. So when they see people without a mask I think it makes them really resentful. Fuck them; if they had any guts or brains they’d not wear masks also.
  13. Two of the best videos re the bs I’ve seen, imo. ‘The real cause of Covid-19’ – not a virus https://davidicke.com/2021/09/28/the-real-cause-of-covid-19-not-a-virus/ Social media is the new electronic Auschwitz concentration camp of the 21st century https://davidicke.com/2021/09/28/social-media-is-the-new-electronic-auschwitz-concentration-camps-of-the-21st-century/
  14. Of course he is; that was in reply to why he was on the bbc or whatever a while ago; he still believed all the msm crap. I don’t know; maybe it’s just a huge overload for him all at once; the realising of what he’s discovered while doing his job, and then finding out all the rest. The main thing is that he has reached a huge number of people with his experience; that’s got to have opened some eyes.
  15. I agree with you, until your last paragraph.
  16. Would you please provide definitive proof of your above statements; thank you.
  17. I have no idea why he didn’t name the mp; I don’t think it’s ‘woo’ at all; not that fussed really as it was probably a waste of time anyway. I got the impression O’Looney (geez that name) thought he had wasted his time with the mp as he didn’t seem that interested; and of course, if he’s one of the ones in on it, he has.
  18. Again, it’s certainly not about saving lives, just the opposite; it’s about pure control leading to genocide leading to their nwo; which ain’t gonna happen.
  19. Not if it pisses you off when these dicks think convid is real.
  20. Your last paragraph; I tend to agree; he’s starting to sound a bit like the oracle :).
  21. Considering there is no virus, and that the bs is just a means to an end (genocide, nwo, blah blah), your statement is moot :).
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