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  1. Finally happened; Dave thinks he’s the great white hope.




    Watched him get more and more smug each day as he rattles on about ‘Ive been doing this for thirty ONE years’; ‘Told you so; I was right’, blah blah; no humility, just pomposity now; another one bites the dust, like the rat leaving the sinking ship Igan, with his whinging excuses; after telling his sycophantic followers to stay strong and hold the line.


    He was in no ‘danger’ from anyone, he’s small beer.

    Now living the life of plenty while his ‘fellow Aussies’ are being stamped on by the tyrants.

    And his brainless followers wishing him all the best meanwhile; smacks of the idiots who believe the ‘government ‘ about this bullshit convid and all the rest, meekly locking down, wearing masks and being jabbed and all the while thinking their ‘leaders’ are so great and wise 🙄

    Fuck you Igan you cowardly sot.


    Good luck to the many true blue Aussie battlers who are fighting the good fight on the front lines.


    Used to respect Icke but just another with feet of clay; just goes to show, humans are, well, humans; an arrogant, ignorant, destructive not nice species.

  2. 3 hours ago, Gremmels said:

    oh please, I see countless figures on this thread/forum “denigrated” but because it was the wife of someone you look up to, you get your panties in a twist. Get over it.

    I never said you in particular are suffering however there are countless people right now who are losing their livelihoods and everything they have because they don’t want to take the fake vaccine. The others are being coerced into taking it. So to deny that there are people suffering right now and the world isn’t in turmoil is pretty ridiculous.


    and if you aren’t, then good for you.


    to flaunt ones wealth and rub it in everyone’s face during these times is in bad taste and a testament to his character.


    also to put Jeff berwick on the same level spiritually as David Icke is laughable. One gloats about their wealth and embraces materialism every chance they. While David, although I don’t agree with everything he does, lives a modest lifestyle and isn’t building bunkers for himself.


    it’s easy for Jeff berwick to say “it’s just a ride, dude” in his armed bunker while millions of people around him are losing the jobs and don’t have a way to feed their families. 

    With all of that said, I do think there is hope because those who have no choice but to stay and fight and that don’t have to luxury to scurry off to a bunker with their millionaire friend. 


    My ‘panties’ are firmly straight; no twisting going on here.


    Hmm, I must have missed the bit that said I ‘looked up’ to Jeff.


    ’Spirituality’ comes in all modes; one doesn’t actually have to be a saint to be ‘spiritual’.


    People ‘suffer’ through ignorance - the ignorance of being asleep unfortunately - and through choice.


     I can’t recall Jeff ever saying ‘it’s just a ride dude’; I do remember the excellent  Bill Hicks said something to that effect though.


    It doesn’t matter if one’s a millionaire or dirt poor, we’re all here doing our thing; a pity we have to castigate those who we perceive are ‘different’, when in reality we are all part of the ‘big electron’; it doesn’t punish, it doesn’t reward, it doesn’t judge at all, it just is and so are we, for a while...(from the also excellent George Carlin).




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  3. 31 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    I see both sides of it. On one hand it’s disappointing that he scurried off like a rat abandoning a sinking ship, leaving those who aren’t able to do so stay in the draconian hell-hole. Especially when David and others are staying put.


    but I also try to see it from his point of view. He’s old, he’s getting harassed by the pigs who are just itching to silence him or lock him up, he’s afraid. He saw a chance to escape and took it.


    im honestly more disgusted by Jeff berwick who gloats about the bunker he’s building.  
    him constantly flaunting his wealth during these times is so off-putting.


    yeah yeah, you and your ugly mexican gold-digging wife are going to be living it up in your underground bunker while the brutal NWO crushes us lowly peasants. His smug laughing doesn’t help either. 

    this is someone who claims to be spiritual and meditate 4 hours a day?

    fuck you 


    i understand he can’t save everyone. And yeah it’s nice he’s helping max Igan I guess.


    the issue is him rubbing it in our faces that he’s going to be fine with his riches while the rest of us suffer.


    Why denigrate Jeff’s wife like that? Geez.


    At least Jeff has never pretended to be anything other than who he is.


    And imo, he knows the score about our existence here, it’s the same as Ickes beliefs, and mine; experiencing this particular ‘world’, then move on to another experience.


    I’m not ‘suffering’ and I don’t intend to; no matter what. We are each in charge of our own ‘feelings’; no one can make you feel any emotion you choose not to feel; only if you’re pretty weak and don’t take responsibility for yourself.


    Its just a ride.


  4. 2 hours ago, - TZC - said:


    I don't really think my Max rant had any place here honestly but I did it anyway. He went to Mexico. Truthfully I'm going a bit mad with all this and I know I shouldn't be letting somebody elses decisions that have nothing to do with me, affect me.


    I don't know the guy so why am I getting so upset could be a valid question. I've been listening to him for years and thinking much like others no doubt that I'm not alone in all this would be the answer I guess, but as far as your question am I jealous NO. I promise that. That is what's so egregious to me. I assumed he was like me. And he's proven different that's why I'm pissed off. He sees that he can't travel soon without complying and his answer is to skip off before they catch him  but everyone else is in the same position there, and hardly anyone has the opportunity he did. That's just a bad example in my mind.


    I guess it could be framed as your heroes letting you down and typing that out isn't comfortable. I can't prove I wouldn't skip the area given the chance to avoid either getting locked in place or forcing vaccination but I can tell you I would not- - and that's without any thousands of followers listening to my news/advice.


    I agree with you one hundred per cent.


    Whats age got to do with it? Look at Icke, no spring chicken.


    Imo he’s a coward; but never fear, I’m in the minority thinking that; looking at the comments on his video - which I didn’t watch, and never will again - the majority go along with his cowardice.


    Hold the line indeed.


    And in l’kech my arse; I don’t want to be another one of him.


    In fairness to Igan, where he was living before he did a runner was not his place; he was offered a home there some time ago.

    So all the wildlife will be safe and well with their humans :).

  5. 1 hour ago, atenea said:

    I don't feel 'uncomfortable' per se, but I don't connect to most people, and I see them as "children". Mind you! children have all my respect, as they are pure. But people... I don't know... it seems people degenerate as they grow, they forget themselves.


    Yes, the ‘no connection’.


    People are brought up in this system in a way so they do forget; the lies, the subterfuge etc etc is all part of the plan to make us forget; ergo, if we’re not aware of this, yes, we do forget ourselves.


    Funnily enough, I just watched a video from David’s home page this morning about that very thing; pays to be reminded :).



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  6. 7 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

    I have to say I feel pretty much the same about Max Igan. Watching his latest video from Mexico it seems he has let fear dictate. All his 'explanations' just sounded like a guy who knows he has given into fear trying to justify it cognitively. Yes, we all have to act on our instincts and do what is right for us, but it does seem like he got the wobblies. 


    I’m  out of reactions; I don’t know what his reasoning is; but whatever, he’s still a rat imo.

  7. 2 hours ago, Athenry04 said:


    I literally have no fucking idea how he got out of QLD, the border is closed, and he'd defo have to sucumb to some form of testing or jab to get out officially.  Unless he received some sort of threat from the dibble/authorities, I don't get his 'hold the line' talk, and then fucking off when he got the chance. He was a voice of hope for many, and if he sold out to escape, then he's a twat. Let's see if the story behind his 'escape' comes out.

    Australia is fucked, violently in every orifice.


    Amen to everything you wrote.


    I can only surmise that Berwick got him out somehow; he’s loaded and we know money can buy just about anything.


    What amazed me was the encouraging comments on that vid though; ‘good for you Max’, ‘stay safe Max’ blah blah, when they’re the poor saps left behind while their idol will be sipping margaritas and smoking cigars with Jeff.


    So much for the ‘awake’; they still have their tIn idols 🙄


    Just read your reply to another poster re this.


    Max hasn’t been ‘threatened’ at all; unlike the ‘ordinary’ battlers that have been beaten, imprisoned, harassed etc.


    So people can make all the excuses they like for him; he’s still done a runner and living the high life while the battlers are in a living hell.

  8. 2 hours ago, - TZC - said:

    I had a moment where I wondered why I was mocking Max here but you explained it succinctly. I'll watch the video now. I'm just a guy that cringes at 50% of my posts due to excessive alcohol intake certainly nobody who expects others to follow, but if Max really had a backbone he'd be going nowhere am I wrong? I won't be going anywhere, and what will come will come.


    I wish you wouldn’t ‘cringe’ at any of your posts mate; say what you feel; we all should be able to do that, alcohol on board or sober, without comeback; in a perfect world hey?🙃


    I agree with you re Igan; but I didn’t watch his video and I won’t be watching anymore; imo, he’s not worth it now.

    He’ll be living the high life with Berwick now - and if you’ve watched Berwicks vids, you’ll know he certainly does that.

    Which bothers me not at all - talking about Berwick here, not Igan.


    Berwick makes no apologies for what he is/does; he gets the news out there but doesn’t pretend to be the ‘all knowing messiah’.


    I’ll be going nowhere either; I’ll stand with my fellow ‘dissidents’ til the end.


    Just to update re Max Igan; he certainly did go off to Jeff Berwicks hacienda.


    Im wondering how he left the country without being jabbed; but Berwick is always going on about his private planes etc so maybe Igan was ‘smuggled’ out.


    Imo he’s a rat leaving a sinking ship; he was never in any ‘danger’ of anything.


    All those Aussie battlers protesting - and not protesting, just minding their own business  - being beaten and abused; those who dont have rich mates to help them get away, putting themselves in the front line, while Igan just banged away in front of a camera in his safe space exhorting said battlers to do this and that.


    The comments under the video surprised me as most of the ones I read were in support of him leaving; but there you go, you put someone on a pedestal, they can do no wrong.


    I know many here will also support him for this, and for their own reasons and that’s all good too; it’s a funny old life.


    Sorry to derail the thread, not.



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  10. 10 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    It would be quite pleasant to get back to business of covid peaps. Lots of derailing going in at the moment. Not everyone, just some. Just my opinion and you all can tell me to shut the fuck up!


    Anyway health bosses now pushing for plan B immediately here in U.K. won’t post a link as it’s on all the usual shite newspaper sites.


    ‘Derailing’ goes on in this thread quite often and I’ve not seen it being pulled up.


    Why would someone have the temerity to tell you stfu when you are stating your opinion; as far as I know, everyone here is entitled to their opinion, no?

  11. 11 hours ago, Looney tune said:

    Just checked back, the post was at skiz but followed inks take so my bad your post wasn't at ink. Mine wasn't a group but just one individual that had likes when calling me 77th. He even quoted art of war book, no thy enemy, all tho that blew up because he clearly knew nothing about me and I think he thinks I'm a person of colour cos I pulled a racist line up he used. In reality he didn't realise I'm as white as milky bar kid. It was a mere point out when he did the line from the book I thought I'd school him as he clearly didn't take the said book in properly. He never realised Id been around before he actually joined up on the site. 

    Honestly tho, I don't think skiz is a bully. 


    Good for you, free speech, entitlement to own opinion, that’s what it’s all about.

  12. 17 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    thats what happens when you start championing noobies.

    they end up thinking they are gods gift to forum postings 🤣


    Conversely the ‘oldies’ dont think they’re ‘god’s gift to forum postings’ at all.


    And honestly, I don’t see how your remarks pertain to my post at all; never mind, not important.


    I will always ‘champion’ the underdog - be it human or animal - if I think they’re being done down, attacked; do not care what anybody may think.


    You have a good day and enjoy your life, the way it is.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Sheepy said:

    I enjoy Skitso posts all that was really said was don't bother trying to psychoanalyse me. Which amused me no end, I am not sure how that makes a poster violent. Probably just getting a reaction.




    The cognitive functions of some here are a bit poor 😬

  14. Just now, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    It is but we know that it is populated also by spooks and influencers from 77 and suchlike. It pays to be circumspect.


    Fuck a bunch of ‘influencers’ and so called ‘77’; let them say what they like too, it’s easy enough to see through them eventually.


    Imo it would be better to be ‘circumspect’ until you’re pretty sure a poster is one of those tools.

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    Ive no idea why it happened, telling us why would be a good start.


    It was a fantastic forum with, as you say ink, so much info - and so many excellent posters that don’t seem to have come here unfortunately.


    Just yesterday I was going through screenshots I’d taken of posts from the old forum; where’s Spock and Blythe just to name a couple; intelligent thinking posters imo.



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  16. 7 minutes ago, Roscommon said:


    Well said, this scaring off potentialy decent people/posters just because they are new to the forum is getting tiresome.

    I know we have to be weary of Brigade 77 types, but everyone deserves a chance,with innocent until proven guilty being the default position in my opinion.

    Too many bullies in society these days, we could be doing without them on here, we're better than that.....supposedly!


    Amen to that!


    Makes it look cliquey here with that carry on - and sometimes it does feel cliquey imo; and again imo, the more new posters the better!


    Gets a bit stale sometimes, and people start believing their own press; just saying.


    And thanks for the input; bloody good 👍

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  17. 1 minute ago, Ween Dwijler said:

    Thanks, appreciate that. I found skizorat quite aggressive, indeed. But, I can understand that after a nearly 2 years rant of over 3.9K postings the frustration got the better of her/him.


    Lol, that’s not my take of ‘it’, but no matter; box on mate, all good 👍

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  18. 1 hour ago, Ween Dwijler said:

    Sorry, it was not meant to tell anyone what to do. Just trying to point out that by stopping the support to them, those little tyrants will have no longer any power over us. Everybody is free to decide whatever they think is right to do.


    I think most of us got the gist of what you were saying; bugger apologising for that post she made.


    This forum is still pretty much free speech as far as I know.

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