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  1. DI doesn’t give a shit about the ‘cabal’; he knows they can’t ‘hurt’ him; I’m with him. That’s faith; this is an experience, just a ride, imo. Its fear that causes people to believe they are vulnerable; and fear of ‘death’ is worst of all, though I suppose that depends on your esoterical beliefs. I don’t give a rats about ‘dying’, ergo, fuck them.
  2. And all this is surmising; NO ONE knows what is what ‘spiritually/esoterically. Did ‘god/jesus’ come down and let you know what you’re saying here is ‘truth’? And if anyone believes the bible/koran and all other similar works of fiction are real and not man made constructs/bullshit, then the education system must be real too Believe whatever makes you comfortable/feel good but believing you are the ‘oracle’ with the truth of the matter is bloody egotistical. But then there’s a lot of that here.
  3. Protect the babies FROM Joe Biden; utter cunt.
  4. Thats for sure! I meant to say in my post that we all go through cycles here, those of us who know what’s really going on; some days are good, some not so good; at times it’s hard to keep the energy up when you’re surrounded by tyranny, evil and idiocy. And @- TZC -, sorry mate, you’re not a dickhead; was the shit on my liver talking.
  5. He said on his latest video - dated 17th I think - that he was leaving his motel that night; he also said he would have some news for ‘us’ soon, something like that. Yeah, that video in your link. Tbh I don’t t care where he is; just thought the secrecy and drama was infantile; plus he gets on my wick a lot of the time lol. And Im in f...ed off with the whole crapfest mode at the moment, so feeling a tad picky; another day tomorrow; onward and upward.
  6. Who’s trashing who? Just saying. And you don’t have to have ‘made it’ to be trashed; you’re a dickhead. Look, I trashed you and I’m pretty sure you haven’t made it. Get a bit tired of Johnny come latelys who think they’re so important, while some - who have been mercilessly ridiculed and trashed for years - have remained true to themselves, and who don’t bang on and on about ‘you should do this, or you’ve got to do that’; just carry on as usual without the drama. As I said, who knows what Igans doing, except playing secret squirrel 🐿; is it really necessary? Any dick can ‘orate’ (orate, really?). By the way, I thought the moon was a balloon
  7. No one knows what he’s doing; it’s all ‘hush hush’; he’s very important you know so it has to be hush hush so the ‘authorities can’t ‘get him’. Jeff Berwick appeared to drop a couple of hints maybe; he mentioned helping people get to Mexico, and he seems to think Max is ok so who knows? No one for certain. Meanwhile, DI is in his flat where everyone knows where it is, getting the good word out, as he’s been doing for the past thirty odd years, not bothered about ‘the authorities. And @Athenry04
  8. I was going to reply to your post but now I can’t think of anything to say; except maybe I hope those ‘witnesses’ get vaxxed - or maybe they already are I hope the lady is strong and does ok
  9. Yes, I thought that as well with Jeff’s video. If Igan does go to Mexico, he’s a rat leaving a sinking ship imo. Sitting there telling people to do this and do that tucked away there in the wops; and yes I know he’s been to a couple of rally’s, big deal. And yes I know it’s none of my business what he does, but he’s put himself out there by what he does. My gold standard for people who do this type of thing is good old Icke; does his thing, doesn’t care what people say, walks the talk, has self respect and above all, no fear And ‘the wops’ doesn’t mean a certain race of people; where I come from, it means way out in the sticks, in the country, far away.
  10. You and GeoffB are just a couple of time wasting ignorant shills; fuck off and go and get vaxxed - and take dr Cornwallis or whatever it is with you. I really really hope no one else replies to your shit because you are just trying to provoke; the best remedy for trolls is to totally ignore.
  11. I wondered that myself; sinking ships anyone?
  12. As @ateneasaid; twin flames, soul groups etc. I don’t know about you lot, but I’m not too fond of humans; I feel extremely uncomfortable around 99.9% of them; I feel I don’t fit in/belong here; so when I meet someone with whom I have an instant deep rapport it’s excellent. Only happened three times and they came and went. Conversely; have you come across those with whom you feel a great antipathy towards?
  13. Do you ever read any of the articles on Ickes homepage, or watch the videos? Or the screeds of material many many others put out about this bs? Go and do your own research instead of demanding explanations from others. Hells bells
  14. Just watched; I think that’s the first time I’ve seen him chatting with someone else, so maybe that’s why he’s ‘different’. There was some contradiction; he was asked what the end game was; he replied, depopulation; then he went on to say ‘they’ want people sexually active by eight, producing children by twelve and dead by thirty. If they want depopulation, why would they want humans reproducing? He also said ‘they’ want people to be gender neutral; how could they be sexually active and reproducing if they’re gender neutral; anyway, he was quite contradictory in that part imo, starting just after 11 mins.
  15. Hehe. In his last - solo - vid, I think he said something about he’d let us know what was going on soon; I can’t imagine the so called elite are very worried about him though. Watch this space folks. I wasn’t going to watch that vid you mentioned but I’m intrigued now, so will. Sounds a bit odd.
  16. Some, due to idiocy; many due to laziness and complacency; many due to peer pressure; takes all sorts; humans are fools on the whole.
  17. Max Igan - so important he’s gone ‘undercover’ lol. What a showboater. And he needs a sense of humour implant; rarely smiles, never heard him laugh; doom and gloom personified. Whereas old Ickey sits in his little flat churning out the good stuff, laughing at the so called ‘elite’ a great deal of the time, never giving way to fear; my kind of ‘conspiracy’ theorist ; with more real fore knowledge of things than so many of the Johnny come latelys; and always knowing we will prevail; jmo of course.
  18. Always someone to rain on your parade Just jiving ; as I said, they won’t win through.
  19. For sure! We’ll get the pos in the end
  20. As Icke says; the power of non compliance.
  21. Thanks mate; good article, good site; bookmarked.
  22. Arrogant count; @campanar is quite right imo. In Max Igans last but one video he bangs on about babies being born with teeth, with dark eyes, being able to sit up, talk and do other things at a very early age; this has been happening for ever, so why attribute it solely to the vax. Your sarcasm and apparent belittling of campanar is crap imo.
  23. What a prat you are if you think we here don’t know you for what you are, most of us anyway. Go away with your bs; it won’t work, we will overcome you tools.
  24. What unmitigated bs; there are many on here who laugh at the vaxxed when they pass or get side effects; there are some who actually wish they’d all hurry up and die. Some here are pretty brutal; and look what you wrote Morpheus; very compassionate of you ; if you’re gonna be mean to me, I’ll be mean to you Posts like those above can be seen by many who just lurk here and don’t join or post; they would know it’s bs as well.
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