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  1. Perhaps protests in and of themselves aren’t the answer to the main problem, but as they are getting bigger and bigger, perhaps people - especially those who know it’s bs - but are hesitant to do anything about it because they feel they’re in a minority, or other reasons, can see the movement growing and will start to come around; especially as the governments are getting more draconian each week. Critical mass is needed, lots of it lol; and so every bit helps; gather more and more to the cause. It would be good though to get thousands to do what xr did; just need the sheer weight of numbers.
  2. Nice. Excellent wording. Gym Bans People “Who Received the Experimental Covid Vaccine” https://www.infowars.com/posts/gym-bans-people-who-received-the-experimental-covid-vaccine/
  3. Jeff Berwicks latest; plenty of (black - am I allowed to say that? too fucking bad ) humour; laugh out loud, I did anyway); and the opening from the Simpsons, spot on. Couple of pics from it as well. https://www.bitchute.com/video/aKQRt0YLHZyR/
  4. I suppose it’s not easy in some ways to give up something like that, in the way of communicating with people, but you sure don’t need the crap - and the control of the fb etc gestapo. Social media is insidious; it hooks you and then reels you in; same with ‘smartphones’. I often look at people who have their face or ear glued to their devices and wonder how they got along in life before these things. For the younger ones it’s a way of life - unfortunately, but I’ve watched the older ones gradually get just as hooked, really older ones hehe. Ah well, it’s the way of this world I guess; who knows what’s in the future.
  5. Shit, is that so? Im not in your neck of the woods - nowhere near as bad ; NZ; as elsewhere - and I avoid people as much as possible - just because being around a lot of people gets to me, and definitely no social media, so that’s something I would not have thought. Now I’m depressed . Nah, not really , though if that’s the case I dont know what’s going to happen. These knobs picked the right time time to pull this shit; with most of the masses eyes and ears attached to some sort of device
  6. The reason is that the masses have not got a clue about what’s really going on, ergo, they still want the crumbs the knobs throw them no matter what; there is no serious reasoning going on.
  7. Christ, you just dont know what to believe; the bs is coming thicker and faster than ever; the trick is to keep your head on straight and don’t let the knobs get you down.
  8. Always laugh at the fuckers; never give them any negative energy; that’s what keeps them going; idiots.
  9. It sure does breach just about every human right etc out there; but most of the judiciary will be in the pockets of the dickwads. There are quite a few cases been/being taken to court aren’t there? Im hoping football crowds being what they are (no negative connotations here ) they won’t be pushed around, and will show their displeasure in a way that will help our cause.
  10. No, it’s a fucking smurf convention
  11. If this comes about, there’ll either be a mass scramble to get jabbed, or mass riots; hope it’s the latter. The agenda is so blatant. Unvaccinated Football Fans to be Banned From Matches in UK https://www.infowars.com/posts/unvaccinated-football-fans-to-be-banned-from-matches-in-uk/
  12. Imo, I reckon they do this as pure provocation, trying to incite the crowd to violence. Generally they pick on harmless looking people; I’ve not seen them pick on a 6ft tall well built chap. Pure provocation; get the crowd to attack them and you can bet the msm would be all over it like maggots on shit.
  13. Personally, I don’t believe any of their stats whatsoever; I mean the lies these ‘people’ tell are so humungous, why believe this stuff? (Not having a go at you Mr H)
  14. Apologies if previously posted. Too late mate; so many are so brainwashed now, they’re not going to take any notice. Government Advisor Admits Masks Are Just “Comfort Blankets” That Do Virtually Nothing https://www.infowars.com/author/12/
  15. And so it starts... They’ll have this lot going after them next thing.
  16. Geez, that’ll make them even more ‘heroic’, because the masses won’t see how absolutely crazy it is. So if a nurse has convid and is nursing convid patients, how does that work; just a perpetual round of convid. Then the nurses will go home to their families spreading convid all the way.
  17. What ‘confuses’ me is the fact that all these sports events are allowed all over the world in the midst of a ‘deadly pandemic’ No sex, no cheering, masks on the podium and eating alone… welcome to the Joyless Games! Updated Tokyo 2020 rulebook highlights extreme restrictions on athletes due to ‘Covid’ https://davidicke.com/2021/07/18/no-sex-no-cheering-masks-on-the-podium-and-eating-alone-welcome-to-the-joyless-games-updated-tokyo-2020-rulebook-highlights-extreme-restrictions-on-athletes-due-to-covid/
  18. Except anyone from the medical profession; that is just plain odd.
  19. You got that right! And what’s mind boggling is that so many accept and go along with it. Its like a skit from the Two Ronnie’s or similar.
  20. Lol, not too sure about the ‘back door’ bit , but yeah, good point.
  21. Yep, have to say that’s always grated on my nerves; early wokeism lol.
  22. Yes, in line with this; hello clown world “Woke” Pregnant Man Emojis Could Be Introduced This Year https://www.infowars.com/posts/woke-pregnant-man-emojis-could-be-introduced-this-year/
  23. For bloody sure! And who knows who got which jab; the poison or the saline. And now this; these bitches are nothing more than brain dead murderers; fuck this makes me fume! Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches ‘Covid Vaccine’ Trials for Pregnant Women – and the pregnant women that take part are suffering from extreme levels of insanity and irresponsibly for their unborn children https://davidicke.com/2021/07/18/experts-warn-of-huge-risk-as-moderna-launches-covid-vaccine-trials-for-pregnant-women-and-the-pregnant-women-that-take-part-are-suffering-from-extreme-levels-of-insanity-and-ir/
  24. ABC Report on Delta Variant Dragged & Ratioed on YouTube https://www.infowars.com/posts/abc-report-on-delta-variant-dragged-ratioed-on-youtube/
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