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  1. Thanks for posting these skitz; and the one above about the young lady. Absolutely horrific. I’m convinced that these psychopathic monsters are goading we the people to insurrection by carrying out these atrocities; then they can go full martial law. They best be careful what they wish for. And though violence is not my way, sometimes it may be the only way to counter these brutal beings.
  2. Not my way, but good for you and others
  3. Good old JP. Beware of the Tyrant Variant https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/beware-of-the-tyrant-variant/
  4. What are Fauci et al going to say/do about this? FDA Votes 16-2 AGAINST Widespread Covid-19 Booster Shots https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/fda-votes-16-2-against-widespread-covid-19-booster-shots/ Top FDA Scientists Write Letter to Lancet Warning Against Fauci’s Booster Shots https://davidicke.com/2021/09/18/top-fda-scientists-write-letter-to-lancet-warning-against-faucis-booster-shots/
  5. It doesn’t matter what any of them say; as long as we stand our ground, stay positive (not easy all the time). They are not making sense; and I agree with Icke when he says they’re getting desperate; which is leading to more senseless rhetoric; they’re cutting their own throats; more and more are seeing this; it’ll take time but we’ll get there.
  6. I disagree; as soon as I saw this, I thought those few in the front were the only ones ‘attacking’; plants. As much as I sometimes think these violent police etc need a good seeing to, ultimately I know it’s not going to do any good. Violence begets more violence yadda yadda; army called in; with one sided media reporting fuelling the normies, they will be cheering the police and army on; harsher penalties; harsher retribution. We WILL come through this, to a better place; but we need to raise our consciousness/vibration; not sink it in the muck like those doing the violence, whoever they may be. This is jmo; I respect those who have a different one; it’s none of my business.
  7. Inverted world : NZer of the year; my god
  8. What about other ‘moist’ areas
  9. You have become exceedingly tedious.
  10. That could definitely happen; you’d have to try and keep second guessing them. Try and be one step ahead; first sign of forced shitfuckery and I’m off.
  11. Why go for a ‘quick chop’? If I opt out, I’ll be off to some remote country place and expire nicely in nature; I’d not give them the satisfaction of my passing on; my final choice.
  12. Just don’t download the app or whatever; don’t t update your phone.
  13. I don’t know whether to or Video: CNN Weirdos Angry About Football Fans Cheering And Breathing Too Hard https://www.infowars.com/posts/video-cnn-weirdos-angry-about-football-fans-cheering-and-breathing-too-hard/
  14. Ten memes to get you through the day; they’re all great, but number 10 https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/06/17-covid-skeptic-memes-to-get-you-through-the-day-part-10/
  15. Yep, msm spinning the bs as they are every where else. The faces on a lot of the people today; so glum and even resentful looking. I got a few ‘why aren’t you wearing a f...ing mask’ looks too. Weve had it relatively easy here, nothing like most other places, until this latest lockdown. It was a lot like not much was going on, and we got complacent; and for the many who think this is real, it was a shock. I get the feeling though that a lot have a feeling somethings not right, but the bs is so ingrained in them it’s f...ing with their thought processes; I dunno Kiwis are generally an outdoorsy lot; lots of sport, going to parks, doing the coffee thing so yeah, the lockdown would hurt; especially in Auckland where the *gasp* dreaded lurgy is ‘rampant’ and they’ve been on hard lockdown for a while. It was just seeing all those masks when they’re not generally mandatory at level 2. There are of course more people getting it day by day but not enough; it’s anyones guess really what’s going to happen; though I know that in the end it will come round right; just a matter of when.
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