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  1. Out of likes; didn’t spot that; well done
  2. Not strictly convid but leading on. Excellent short piece telling it straight. ‘Covid’ hoax lockdowns are only the start – ‘climate change’ hoax lockdowns are next. The common theme? Lockdowns. Control. Fascism. https://davidicke.com/2021/06/23/covid-hoax-lockdowns-are-only-the-start-climate-change-hoax-lockdowns-are-next-the-common-theme-lockdowns-control-fascism-it-doesnt-end-unless-we-end-it/
  3. Depends on your point of view; or how you’re feeling at a particular point in time. This whole crapfest - starting even before the bs virus - seems designed to play majorly with any thinking persons emotions; up, down, round and round; all part of it. The negative energy on this planet now must be a total black miasma.
  4. Yet this today; it’s hard to keep up with the bs; all part of the agenda though; keep the peasants heads spinning. England Set to Drop Face Mask Rules After Huge Economic Impact Revealed https://www.infowars.com/posts/england-set-to-drop-face-mask-rules-after-huge-economic-impact-revealed/
  5. Time for a laugh; on Ickes home page New seatbelt for mask-wearers
  6. A turn up for the books; bit disconcerting though; aren’t they all supposed to belong to the dreaded cabal lol. Give that man a beer Left Goes Berserk Over Australian Billionaire Distributing Anti-COVID Vaccine Flyers Across Nation https://www.infowars.com/posts/left-goes-berserk-over-australian-billionaire-distributing-anti-covid-vaccine-flyers-across-nation/
  7. The headline says it all really. “Athlete Who Recovered From ‘Covid’ (confirmed by a test not testing for the ‘virus’) Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Triggers Myocarditis. Mother says no one warned her of the dangers – then do some research of your own and stop believing what you are, or are not, told. Blaming psychopaths and idiots only goes so far and then a mirror awaits. And it’s nothing to do with ‘acquired immunity’ and everything to do with what’s in the fake ‘vaccine’” https://davidicke.com/2021/06/22/athlete-who-recovered-f
  8. Perhaps you should simmer down a bit, or not, no matter. From what I’ve read here, most are saying those going along with this nonsense are doing it voluntarily - without doing research; without taking any notice of those with different opinions - and therefore deserve what they may experience from ‘vaccinations’ etc. Some are pretty angry because their compliance is to the detriment of those who know it’s a charade to sinister ends; they are entitled to feel anyway they choose, just as you are. They are nothing like those implementing this grand hoax, at all. Be r
  9. Yeah I’m the same; tried spreading the word, but I’m not into being anybody’s whipping boy anymore. Still do small things without interacting with humans; my local launderette has taken their ‘sign in and stop the virus’ book away now. Every time I went there I’d write in large letters, there is no virus, do not believe them, do your own research. Dont know though if that’s why they took it away. i write all over virus propaganda when I’m out. And yeah; that’s what I meant in an earlier post about helpless beings, human or otherwise re the kids and lots of eld
  10. You presume much - which is okay, if it helps you; no worries here. Said my piece, without being presumptuous I hope. Mind your step when you climb off your high horse; sorry couldn’t resist; no malice intended
  11. They have only been coerced because maybe they’re too lazy to find the truth; or else they want to go down the pub, or travel, or some such stuff; lazy and self serving; crazy. Never mind; that’s how it goes.
  12. Not misunderstood anything; I take it how I read it. Again, the humans taking the jab are doing so voluntarily; animals cannot volunteer or otherwise as to participating in experiments/torture; so it’ll have to be B. Why would you think I’d care if you’d want to trust me, or be anywhere near me; frankly, I’d rather you weren’t; it’s beings like you that make me wonder why I came to this realm; no offence, just saying. The only ‘agenda’ I have is one of love and caring and empathy for those beings that cannot speak or stick up for themselves; human or otherwi
  13. Do’nt be terrified; playing into their hands; it’ll all come out in the wash.
  14. I think micro chipping animals is great; it has enabled huge amounts of pets and owners to be reunited; good one. If humans want to be chipped, let them.
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