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  1. Some are saying Trump is arresting many corrupt people, but at least one question needs to be answered --- why did he roll out the jabs as fast as he was able to do?
  2. https://humanracesurvivalresistance.wordpress.com/2021/01/12/god-led-me-to-simon-parkes-video-yesterday-and-later-on-to-steven-bennuns-video-which-is-talking-about-simon-parkes-video-so-it-seems-like-it-is-true-because-both-of-the/ Simon Parkes has been saying there are all of these aliens and all these wondrous technologies. Doesn't this seem suspicious? Why is it only now do the white hats choose to act? Also, who are the white hats? How do we know this is not a well orchestrated dialectic? How do we know what the white hats vision for earth is not what had been planned? Am I being too paranoid here?
  3. https://humanracesurvivalresistance.wordpress.com/2021/01/12/god-led-me-to-simon-parkes-video-yesterday-and-later-on-to-steven-bennuns-video-which-is-talking-about-simon-parkes-video-so-it-seems-like-it-is-true-because-both-of-the/ What is going on? Is Trump and the white hats not what we think are?
  4. Those who believe they are part of the NWO elite should look at this. The NWO is not only targeting the regular folks, but also you.
  5. I've been living with a jabbed for half of a month now. I am getting rashes and starting to have frequent hiccups. I suspect some spike proteins may have gotten into the food I ate. As for the rashes, I suspect it is herpes that others have been reporting.
  6. Some are saying the jabbed spread herpes to the unjabbed. Also, blood clots seem to be a symptom of the shedding.
  7. Where can you find this treatment?Much appreciated.
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