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  1. I am not a European and I have read this thread with interest. There is no doubt that you Europeans are experiencing some major changes. You are being colonized. And maybe this is a sort of karma after you (historically) set out around the world colonizing others and in some cases seriously damaging indigenous people. Maybe this is some of your own medicine. I don't expect this to be a popular view, but I live in what was once a colony and I have first hand evidence of what the English and French colonizers did to the First Nations people. Hand in hand with their churches, the colonizers genocided children and ripped up the social fabric of the established people. Maybe you are getting some idea of how that feels. Good luck with it as the First Nations people of North America didn't do well in the face of the blue-eyed enemy.
  2. I thought we were all sons annd daughters of God.
  3. Actually, the term holocaust was first coined/used by the Jews around 300 BCE when it was used to describe animal sacrifice by burning their aniimal offerings completely. (pg. 68; From Yahweh to Zion by Laurent Guyenot)
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