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  1. It shows shadow behind the moon, shadow behind the sun... and Venus and other planets just looks like cymatic plates... I have thought a lot about universe the last six months... and I feel in my heart that this is actually true. The world looks more like the classic depiction of a tree trunk, world disc in the middle and a glass vault being the sky. Anyone have more information about this?
  2. As the title says, with all the rushing of establishing the New World Order, why didn't the Illuminati complete it sooner, for example 500 years ago? Wasn't the technology already there to roll out at that time? It should have been in my opinion, since DUMBS seems to already have existed then (entrances through mountain tops etc) and ET ships was reported in ancient cave art and buildings etc. Any ideas?
  3. Hi! Im started learning about the Annunaki and ancient history in January, and now ended up with... a global conspiracy from another dimension!? I've watched a lot of Clark's video content, also have the book "Nibiru, enslavement etc..." but haven't read it yet. Sure, I'm up for a deep discussion about Gerald's stuff! I'm also curious as to how the roles are divided in the world's areas today.
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