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  1. +1 And when people become bewildered and confused, their primal instinct emerges to destroy everything around them, because it's the only weapon they/we have. Goal achieved. Sadly this is the way it has always been
  2. I have a prediction. Maybe it could happen, and maybe a different way. A website may appear with pictures of anyone involved in looting, vandalism, robbery, murder, etc with the date and location, and anybody who recognizes them can anonymously confirm who they are
  3. It's a case of the have's and have nots, due to the looting of society by the big corporations and government/media suppression. There is alot more going on than some fictional identity issue The looters stole and trashed 40 x $100,000+ cars out of 1 dealer. They knew they had tracking devices in them too, so they didn't take them far. I can't count how many cop cars they have trashed and incinerated I noticed too they go for the lottery tickets too. In a recent video they are going for bed linen and other essentials
  4. Question regarding autopsy reports In the following video (at 3:18) showing a report, it says "Press Release Report". So there's separate reports ? One for them and one for the public ?
  5. Give them a break dammit they have been on their feet all day and night Seriously, shoes are quite a popular item because the quality is so crap and the $ markup is very high. If i was looting i'd go for shoes too. Not because they are good but because shoes are so damned ugly now. All they gay colours, silly patterns, awful cheap quality that falls apart so quickly.... whoever designed all that crap needs to be sacked
  6. That's what i thought too, but then i thought they are waiting until the last of the resources so they can become more stable in the times of crisis. I don't know, it's just a thought i've had before edit: Note that empires fall and others rise
  7. Their actions tell us, just like it told you. They know that we know, yet they verbally stay silent. Pure evil
  8. I've always thought the idea behind multiculturalism was because of economic growth. It's the same as the womens rights movement which was about getting more females into work so the male wasn't always the sole breadwinner. Both are coming to an end and i don't see what comes next for growth except failure for humanity to understand that growth will not last forever. To me the whole concept of money and growth can only survive for so long until it inevitably causes chaos and death edit: and that brings me back to one of the reasons for this covid bullshit... to try and restart the global economy
  9. I can't speak for anyone else but i am not in fear of them, but in helplessness, mainly because i am just getting too old to stand up for myself and my security weakens as time goes by. The biggest driver of suicide is helplessness against tyranny, which is why many suicides go either unreported or diluted in the media because of what it will expose
  10. We are being indoctrinated to the next level of control. The majority of sheeple will beg for it, as we are seeing now. Order out of chaos
  11. All those fools playing their puppet roles on the world stage of lunacy. Dumbarses the lot of em
  12. No point getting angry about it. Will only support the criminal system in the end
  13. Every time i hear a reporter say the word "peaceful" i can't help to think of slapping them in the face and explaining there doesn't have to be physical violence to not be peace
  14. Not just that, but also the cheapest. In Aus we are overloaded with insecure work through labourhire agencies. In this place you have no guaranteed work or pay. Many are lucky to get a shift or two for the week. Government will not acknowledge it is a huge problem here, yet feed us bullshit in the media about job growth and congratulate themselves on it. Little do the public realize that most of this so-called job creating has been recycled positions or extensions to existing positions (contracts). They are absolute liars and the public is too fucking stupid to see what's going on Today it was announced Aus is officially in recession. It has been shit already though before this fake pandemic. Next month is supposed to be even more dire as the quarterly stats arrive
  15. Yeah and the situation just keeps getting worse day by day. I just can't see people having any rights left as people "progress" and keep supporting the current system
  16. The same can be said for the home. Living in sealed compartments for excessive amounts of time leads to the buildup of CO2 which can reduce concentration and focus
  17. That may be the case now but money can't be divided equally and there will never be a job for everyone. The current situation of the world proves it Money is the ultimate control mechanism of modern societies and keeps the majority in an underclass of perpetual slavery to consume for crap that we don't need. True prosperity is a world without money. Kind of like Star Trek
  18. https://davidicke.com/2020/06/03/tucker-carlson-protestors/ Watch the video from 33:00 to 36:25 - The shooting and death stats according to the former NYPD commissioner - The chicago shootings were real, hence the communications blackout
  19. I can see it happening very soon... Mandatory tracking devices in cars Mandatory stop devices in cars Remote controlled bollards and fences at major junctions Higher and more sturdy cameras to monitor every location The digital economy to shut down anyone in an unauthorized zone Penalties with a social credit system Anti-government speech forced into re-education camps etc
  20. Either that girl has no mathematical skills whatsoever, or it's baiting to incite violence. I suspect the latter
  21. "As peaceful protests turn to violent riots, government officials finally admit the protests are being hijacked by organized groups from out of state with the purpose to cause destruction and chaos." https://davidicke.com/2020/05/31/us-brink-martial-law-officials-implement-contact-tracing-methods-track-rioters/ Just want to point out a couple of simple reasons for protesters/rioters/looters who come from out of state 1. People are less likely to commit such acts in their local neighbourhood, in fear of being recognized, or a tactic to not be recognized 2. It is inevitable that this sort of stuff happens in such a situation. Pointing out a group, or groups, or a location is also inevitable
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