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  1. Maybe so, but those references solve nothing. It's like adding fuel to the fire
  2. The world will always be at odds, but we must make some kind of effort to make it better for everyone instead of being just slaves to the hierarchy which thinks it knows best. Then nobody can say we didn't try. Order and hierarchy is just an illusion... it is chaos in itself. Labels, institutions, laws, regulations, cultures... whatever they create are symptoms of the disease and will continue to do so. True freedom is life without money or possessions of crap we don't need whilst raping the planet of precious resources for our own slavery As much as i'd like to dream of the humble life without this shit, it won't come by free will. So yeah, fuck it, let this motherfucker burn as we speak out. The majority will get what is coming to them for being dumbarses... natural consequences will guarantee it
  3. This case is being treated differently. If they said it was covid even the so-called peaceful protesters would be looting right now
  4. Yeah that's what i mean. Your explanation is better. Thanks
  5. That's upto the person. I don't feel attachments to any group, nor do i want to. I believe people should always experience different situations to better their knowledge. Yet most people can't do that because they are too busy being programmed into groups
  6. I do not claim to be part of a group, governments do. I am just me, trying to survive in this institution
  7. Absolute garbage More bullshit. Plenty of people have multiple pets that live together
  8. Oh yeah and the same applies to what cuntry someone lives in I am NOT a cuntry or nationality. It's just a place. Don't refer to me as one. Governments do that for our slavery, to claim ownership of us
  9. White is not a race, it's a colour Black is not a race, it's a colour Brown, yellow, red, are colours too, nothing more
  10. That's what i am saying. Too many people refer to it as an appearance problem when it's not. Colour vs colour vs colour... it's just so dumb
  11. Already did. Now you want to play games No more replies to you, troll
  12. All the same as in human. Appearance means nothing.. it's just an image and doesn't define a person True. Though we all have the ability to not discriminate
  13. Don't fall for it. He knows what he is doing
  14. It's not hard to see you are purposely mixing the wrong words together so it can't be rationally followed. Therefore you are a troll
  15. I wouldn't shoot someone just because they have a different skin colour. Another person might though, because they are brainwashed
  16. That's just silly. I never treat someone different because of their appearance. Sure, i can have thoughts about a look, but when it comes to speaking to or interacting with someone, they get the same as everyone else would
  17. It's not avoidance or favouritism. It's about treating everyone equally
  18. So ? we are not defined by that crap. It's fucking childish division like the fuckwits of the world want us to think and act. Don't fall for it
  19. We are all human regardless of appearance
  20. No, the media did say he had healthy lungs and no symptoms
  21. There is only 1 race. The human race. Defining other people by colour as separate is for brainwashed dumb fucks
  22. All of this time and energy destroying property.... damn, what a wasted opportunity
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