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  1. That's the idea. I love getting people all riled up. Those who put up their wall of ignorance and start hurling nonsensical ridicule have already proven their unwillingness to cooperate and can get fucked. Those who are willing to listen will get heard
  2. That's a cop-out. The message needs to get out there and it ain't gonna happen by staying silent
  3. Truth hurts them hey. Not willing to learn, suffer the consequences Solution is education. Most are uneducated I'm not a dictator. I force nothing. It's everyones choice if they are of their own will
  4. Btw, you are sounding like a sympathizer for the guilty. Fuck that shit, get off your knees
  5. Of course, i know better than the brainwashed. Just being honest I've said before, we can only try. Those who don't try deserve everything they get
  6. Because they have been brainwashed Is that directed at me or everyone ? If it was for me, i already do and i only try to help in the most logical way... to denounce this shit way of life If for everyone, it's upto them to educate themselves
  7. Anybody who feels that way is uneducated. There are other harmless ways of taking out ones frustration
  8. Maybe they wanted a new one. Maybe one of them shat his pants in there
  9. No, forum is still broken. No new forum as we were told
  10. We need a #CowsLivesMatter It's so cruel the way they get treated and slaughtered
  11. The cabal and their institutions don't want an educated society, just a programmed obedient one
  12. They can with the military using real bullets. But they didn't because it would have started a civil war. Instead they let it happen because it's good for business aka our slavery
  13. A new movie just came out about using frequencies to control people The Last Days of American Crime (2020) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1552211/ In the not-too-distant future, as a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts.
  14. They call it a moment of silence to keep the sheeple silent. Psychological warfare
  15. Problem with that is governments declared themselves to own all land, so it will be illegal and they will force people back to the control grid
  16. They bring up some very good points. If anything was to be trashed it should be only government and media. Yeah all a wasted opportunity
  17. Ok but alot of people would skim past your intentions and repeat those references, keeping the majority stuck in an endless loop of propaganda. That's my point and in my point of view i'd rather take the step of eliminating such references and calling out those who use it. Upto you though... it's your choice
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