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  1. Let them censor. Move to somewhere else and stop supporting them. Build new communities free from their bullshit Most importantly.... stop supporting them !! tell them to fuck off, we don't need them
  2. It's the 10th in oz. I suppose it will be the 11th when the update occurs. Still going ahead or do pigs really fly ?
  3. Imaginary freedoms. But more free than "lockdown"
  4. Funny you say that, because i was thinking about this over the last couple of days. That usually happens to us all. Most peoples lives are purposely kept so busy that their mind is clouded and cannot fully focus on what's going on. It takes years of experience to accurately predict the results
  5. Tom George is an idiot. Just tell him to fuck off
  6. Celebrity politics. Another idiot at the helm
  7. Yet the dna database grows. Just one of the goals
  8. That dumb bitch needs her 5 senses removed because clearly none of them work
  9. I got some takeaway for dinner last night. Not going to mention where but they had tables arranged for spacing and a notice to scan a qr code with your phone for giving personal details. I never did it and i was never asked to. It's good to see there are some places who know the whole thing is bullshit
  10. It always will be when the minority rule and make silly decisions
  11. Prepare for wave 2 starting in china again.... going unreported in the media. Forced vaccinations ahead
  12. Ok let there be a rule that there are minimum rules. You will go there knowing this and you serve or help others if you wish to but never force anyone to do anything. Most rules are consequences of other rules... the more you make, the worse it gets. Whoever doesn't understand balance shall be evicted
  13. Everybody should be allowed the freedom and opportunity to live their own self-sustaining lifestyle, away from this slave system we live in. In such a utopia, you would not have money, you would live off the land and sea, have only the basic needs, and not be subject to anything else is there such a place ? no, we are not allowed. The closest we can do is go solo in some remote coastal area or on a small island
  14. Not everyone has the means or capability to do that Without welfare you will be getting mugged on the street and your house broken into. Take your pick
  15. That's easy. Colour vs colour phobia created by propaganda idiocy. It doesn't really exist unless you let it exist. It's for the uneducated and programmed If you believe in colour vs colour, you will have division. It's that simple ps: anyone who does believe it, go fuck yourself
  16. Today i went back to yesterday to try and remember something
  17. Yep. Most doesn't even realize where money comes from. If you tell most people a bank just enters numbers into a computer they wouldn't believe it
  18. There's a flaw in that statement, which leads to another flaw in societies construct. The problem is, jobs. There is not enough for everyone to have one. And because we all abide by money, those who can't get a job will be left in poverty, with the most severe cases being homelessness. Politicians and corporates don't care though, the only thing they care about is rules and the bottom line
  19. My understanding of time travel can only happen in 2 places 1. The mind 2. Light If i could go back i'd do alot of things different and be there to witness certain events. Not going to go into much detail though
  20. I'm taking a little timeout myself. There's only so much bullshit one can listen to. Good thing music is here for everyone
  21. Who remembers The Dam Busters ? It's a war movie. They never put it on tv anymore because the dogs name is N*****
  22. What gets me though are puns. We know puns are words that can have 2 meanings, but the problem is one meaning can be what it's really about, whereas the other meaning can be a deflection, therefore people don't realize they are conforming to the real meaning
  23. Not necessarily occult but some words can sound unusual even if you don't know the origins. Other times words are joined and people don't even realize it Just some thoughts... Christmas = Christ Mass Holiday = Holy Day Easter = From the east ? Santa = Satan Evil = Live backwards Devil = Lived Backwards God = Dog Backwards Hello = Hell with an o on the end Birthday = Only happens once
  24. It's amazing what people power can do. Unfortunately it's going down the wrong way
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