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  1. Yes it's pretty amazing what can be done with computers and software these days Anything to make a sale. People are so gullible
  2. In oz they have been hyping up the numbers so they can blame economic problems on it. Now they are downplaying the numbers to get things running again by not considering those who don't get "tested", because apparently it's only a problem when verifications happen
  3. Not seen because don't exist. Please improve your logic / thinking
  4. It depends. What is the difference between a pessimist and a realist ? Pessimism is the action of what is dictated to us. Therefore the dictators are the pessimists because they do negative things in the name of power and money Realists on the other hand describe what the pessimists have done. Be careful though, it is very easy to get both confused
  5. Like the other muppets, he enforces masks but rarely wears one. Do as i say, not as i do
  6. I wish that were true. History says otherwise. It will happen eventually... it must. Life on this planet is unsustainable and will be forced to change
  7. Sometimes when i have dinner i will sit with the family and watch it because that's when dinner usually is. I won't go out of my way to watch it though unless it's something i need to know what's happening. The sad fact is we need to watch it sometimes so we can call out their propaganda or we would be none the wiser A thing which really pisses me off is the repetitive and misleading headlines. We have to hear the headlines 3 fucken times and then get a recap on it. They can take their hammer and shove it up their arses
  8. I saw an article somewhere saying coronavirus is 'stubborn', like it has a personality lol
  9. I have never had any blocked from posting messages but i do get the blocked message by cloudflare. The only way in for me is to use an incognito window in chrome
  10. Correct. I can tell you everything you hear that is supposed to be good about this place is bullshit. It's all politicians, media, and business propaganda. It's like a contest to see who can be the biggest and best liars about an image. There are no jobs here either, another myth. Multicultural, mostly crap, many have their groupies. Not much to see here, entertainment lacks. If you can think of a rule or regulation, then australia wins the prize. Don't bother coming here, you will hate it and you have been warned
  11. Err sorry should have posted the link. International it says on the main page but even then it's not clear https://www.9news.com.au
  12. Same in shithole Aus Prime Minister says no travel without vaccine
  13. Better late than never. Good to have categories back too but these black and white emoticons suck
  14. I heard some logic has prevailed. Good news Question time.. when will we see categories back ? this long list of threads is bothersome
  15. The new shit forum is a go-ahead. I'm outta here !
  16. Yeah and 1km over the limit is "speeding". Bad driver, we will now take your moneys. Then when too many people are following the rules, they make them "tougher", all in the name of safety !! very easy to sell that line. The whole thing is a legalized robbery That is ok, most people know about it
  17. Maybe so, but with good security practices, admin accounts can be restricted to ip ranges and also have a fallback
  18. A few weeks ago i posted a good link on how to secure this platform. Why not rebuild it from scratch and simply "secure" it ? or is that not good enough ?
  19. One of the goals of governments is to keep the 99% at 99% by taxing us to death. Then they spend some of that money on their own self-interests and claim poor, and that they don't have enough for poor people
  20. If it's as bad as you say, i won't be hanging around. High quality and effort or not at all in my books
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