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  1. They opened a portal to hell. Its no coincidence it all kicked off yesterday after Boris wedding then the launch of World of warcraft Burning crusade. I think they have made a connection to this world and sent energy out thro the pentagram to the capitols. There is something seriously wrong. Video on youtube told me some young boy was stabbed but survived. I saw the real video 20 mins before and 6 was stabbing him to death. Get ready to rise the fight is coming. They will send luciferin's army hence the code name inside the vaccine. We all know the virus was the mark of the beast.  

  2. I hope everyone who clicked is doing alright this is some heavy information to process which Is truly disturbing. I have also just come across someone's testimony exposing the Hollywood elite only confirming information from the orion lines sites but I would suggest everyone to visit the website and digest that information before I provide more evidence supporting this claim. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will answer the best I can

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